被解雇的NUS Don曾公开讨论过师生关系

2020-10-20 21:24

Sacked NUS don had openly discussed teacher-student relationships L8D世界播

被解雇的NUS Don曾公开讨论过师生关系L8D世界播


NUS fired Dr Jeremy Fernando after investigating complaints that he engaged in sexual misconduct with two students. L8D世界播


SINGAPORE - Former Tembusu College don Jeremy Fernando, who was fired amid sexual misconduct allegations, had openly discussed the idea of sexual relationships between teachers and students. L8D世界播

新加坡-前坦布苏学院(Tembusu College)唐·杰里米·费尔南多(Don Jeremy Fernando)因性行为不当指控而被解雇,他曾公开讨论师生之间发生性关系的想法。L8D世界播

In a paper thatwas part of his 2017 book Why Hasn't JB Already Disappeared, he wrote that "insemination" can be a part of teaching and could open up students and teachers to possibilities. L8D世界播


In the paper, titled Teach Me Tonight,read by The Straits Times, the academic wrote: "Teaching involves dissemination, spreading, growing, germination, trimming, cutting, pruning - quite possibly, insemination. L8D世界播

在《海峡时报》阅读的这篇题为《今夜教我》(Teach Me Tonight)的论文中,这位学者写道:“教学包括传播、传播、生长、萌发、修剪、切割、修剪-很有可能是人工授精。L8D世界播

"Thus perhaps... to teach, if by teaching one is opening one's students and oneself to possibilities... even if one is taking all care to say no, to teach is to always already f*** one's student; insofar as one is always also being f***ed by her, him, them. L8D世界播


"And, a categorical dismissal of the potential relationality between a student and a teacher - even if this relationship extends to a sexual nature - is to make teaching a mere profession." L8D世界播


Dr Fernando was a fellow at Tembusu College when the academic book was published in 2017. L8D世界播

这本学术书籍于2017年出版时,费尔南多博士是坦布苏学院(Tembusu College)的研究员。L8D世界播

He taught cross-disciplinary modules at the National University Singapore (NUS), primarily focusing on philosophy and literature. The "JB" in the book's title refers to French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. L8D世界播

他在新加坡国立大学(NUS)教授跨学科模块,主要专注于哲学和文学。书名中的“JB”指的是法国哲学家让·鲍德里亚(Jean Baudrillard)。L8D世界播

In the paper, which begins with Dr Fernando discussing sex-for-grades scandals, he argues that teaching and learning take place in the bodies of the students and teachers, and that love is the condition of learning. L8D世界播


He adds that teaching does not always entail sex, and discernment is a mark of intelligence. However, the ability to make this choice only comes after being open to the possibility. L8D世界播


The paper was highlighted by a former student of Dr Fernando who, along with other former students, told ST that the student community has been outraged and "disgusted" by the allegations, given that the former teaching staff member was friendly and openly supported gender rights. L8D世界播


The former student, who declined to be named, said that in hindsight, there were warning signs. L8D世界播


"He used to enjoy discussing moral lines such as paedophilia and student-teacher relations," said the undergraduate in his early 20s, adding that the article Teach Me Tonightespecially "provokes suspicion (with regard to) his morals". L8D世界播


Another former student, 21, who also declined to be named, said: "It feels like the college and especially the seniorsare going through a collective trauma of feeling betrayed. His very persona seemed to go against all notions of toxic masculinity... To find out that he wasn't who he claimed to be all this while was distressing." L8D世界播


She said he formed close friendships with some students who liked his philosophical way of teaching and talking. "Because people in the humanities are usually more liberal, it was easy to believe that he is an open and accepting person." L8D世界播


Several former students recalled that he had even helmed and crafted a compulsory module on respect and consent for students at the university after then NUS undergraduate Monica Baey went public with her experience of being a survivor of voyeurism in 2018. L8D世界播

几名以前的学生回忆说,在2018年NUS本科生莫妮卡·贝伊(Monica Baey)公开了她作为偷窥狂幸存者的经历后,他甚至指导并起草了一个关于尊重和同意该大学学生的必修模块。L8D世界播

Ms Baey was filmed in a Eusoff Hall shower by 23-year-old fellow student Nicholas Lim in November 2018. She later took to social media to express her anger when she felt that NUS did not punish him adequately. L8D世界播

2018年11月,23岁的同学尼古拉斯·林(Nicholas Lim)在尤索夫大厅(Eusoff Hall)的一次淋浴中拍摄了贝伊女士。后来,当她觉得NUS没有对他进行充分的惩罚时,她在社交媒体上表达了自己的愤怒。L8D世界播

Following the public outcry, NUS and other universities made changes to strengthen their disciplinary frameworks against those who commit sexual offences on campus and shore up support for victims of such offences. L8D世界播


On Sunday (Oct 18), it emerged that NUS had fired Dr Fernando after investigating complaints that he engaged in sexual misconduct with two students. L8D世界播


While ST understands that a police report has not been filed, the two undergraduate women, who wished neither to be named nor to reveal their ages, reported the issue to the college. L8D世界播


One of the women alleged that Dr Fernando made non-consensual sexual advances, such as kissing and groping her, and performed oral sex while she was drunk. L8D世界播


The other woman said he allegedly tried touching her and kissing her. He later told her not to tell anyone, and that if she did not keep it a secret, he would lose his job. L8D世界播


Dr Fernando did not respond to queries from ST. L8D世界播


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