HSA警告减肥产品Mone Macha Cocoa存在严重的健康风险

2020-10-14 15:21

HSA warns against weight-loss product Mone Macha Cocoa over serious health risks tI1世界播

HSA警告减肥产品Mone Macha Cocoa存在严重的健康风险tI1世界播


The product was sold on e-commerce platforms such as Carousell and Qoo10, and social media platforms such as Facebook. tI1世界播


SINGAPORE - Slimming product Mone Macha Cocoa, which comes in the form of a chewable tablet, has been found to contain a banned substance that increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. tI1世界播

新加坡-减肥产品Mone Macha Cocoa以咀嚼片的形式出现,被发现含有一种违禁物质,会增加心脏病发作和中风的风险。tI1世界播

Sibutramine, which was previously a prescription-only weight-loss medicine in Singapore, was banned in 2010 because of its adverse health effects, which could also include insomnia, hallucinations and the hearing of voices. tI1世界播


The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said on Wednesday (Oct 14) that the public should not purchase or consume Mone Macha Cocoa, adding that all sellers and suppliers must stop selling the product immediately. tI1世界播

健康科学管理局(HSA)周三(10月14日)表示,公众不应购买或消费Mone Macha Cocoa,并补充说,所有卖家和供应商必须立即停止销售该产品。tI1世界播

According to HSA, a member of the public had reported that he experienced extreme thirst and rapid heartbeat after consuming the product. tI1世界播


Another consumer raised suspicions to the HSA that the product might contain potent ingredients after he saw its claims to "decrease fat absorption" and "increase fat metabolism". tI1世界播


The HSA tested the product and detected sibutramine. tI1世界播


The product was sold on e-commerce platforms such as Carousell, Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. tI1世界播


The HSA has issued warnings to the sellers of Mone Macha Cocoa, and directed the respective website administrators to remove the affected listings. tI1世界播

HSA已向Mone Macha Cocoa的卖家发出警告,并指示各自的网站管理员删除受影响的列表。tI1世界播

Consumers are advised to stop taking these products immediately and to consult a doctor if they are feeling unwell or are concerned about their health. tI1世界播


The HSA said the public should be wary of health products that carry exaggerated claims. tI1世界播


"There is no quick and easy way to lose weight. Weight control should be achieved through a combination of balanced diet and appropriate exercise," the authority added. tI1世界播


Sellers and suppliers of products with banned and harmful ingredients will be prosecuted. If convicted, they may be jailed for up to two years or fined up to $10,000 or both. tI1世界播


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