2021-01-18 18:07

OPINION | India's Covid-19 Vaccination Drive is Momentous Occasion in Field of Modern Medicine 7Ul世界播



After BC and AD, January 16, 2021, perhaps marks the new age PC (Post Covid) era. As over three lakh healthcare workers and frontline warriors got inoculated on Saturday in the first round, let us make no mistake this is perhaps as momentous an occasion as any in the field of modern medicine and perhaps our lives. When the legendary Late Dr Christian Bernard successfully undertook the first heart transplant, it revolutionized modern medicine like no other. But this is perhaps even bigger in the scope and context of the number of lives it is going to touch. 7Ul世界播


Ultimately, this fight is going to touch 7 billion lives. Across 7 continents, 200 countries and thousands of languages, Covid has affected the life of each and every individual and so the fight is going to be to the last man standing. 7Ul世界播


Credit, therefore, must be given to each and every scientist and healthcare worker involved. Covid afflicted more people than all the world wars combined, and without the efforts of all soldiers involved, it would have been lost long back. Credit in no small measure is also hugely due to the authorities facilitating this fight. Covid has been an extraordinary crisis that no government could have imagined and so could not have planned for. Given the circumstances, the financial, mental and sheer human impact of the crisis, and so the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, has also been crucial in these unprecedented times. 7Ul世界播

因此,必须给予参与其中的每一位科学家和医护人员以荣誉。科维德遭受的痛苦比所有世界大战的总和还要多,如果没有所有相关士兵的努力,它早就失传了。信贷在很大程度上也要归功于当局为这场斗争提供了便利。Covid一直是一场非同寻常的危机,任何政府都无法想象,因此也无法计划。考虑到这种情况,这场危机对金融、精神和人类的影响,以及总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)的领导,在这个史无前例的时代也是至关重要的。7Ul世界播

It is no mean feat to achieve a credible, safe and effective vaccine in such record times with such large doses. This vaccine will not only enable us to lead normal lives once again but will also enable India to take her rightful centrestage in the world. For those of us long accustomed to western miracles and advances in medicine, our scientists have achieved nothing short of the extraordinary and will enable Modi to further India's policy of “Sarve Santu Niramyah”. 7Ul世界播

要在如此创纪录的时间内以如此大的剂量获得可信、安全和有效的疫苗,绝非易事。这种疫苗不仅将使我们能够再次过上正常的生活,而且还将使印度能够在世界上占据其应有的中心舞台。对于我们这些长期习惯于西方奇迹和医学进步的人来说,我们的科学家取得了非凡的成就,这将使莫迪能够进一步推行印度的“Sarve Santu Niramyah”政策。7Ul世界播

This is especially credible given our propensity to indulge in skepticism and politics over every single issue. If producing a vaccine was a herculean task of unimaginable proportions, convincing a population battered by petty political statements has been an even bigger task. It is perhaps a testament to the leadership of the PM and people`s belief in him which has allowed the government to overcome hurdles and culminated in the smooth rollout. 7Ul世界播


The light at the end of the tunnel is visible now and life as we knew it might perhaps return in the near future. But the memories of this war shall remain forever and of those who fought it with their all. In a deeply divided, polarized, competitive world, even though people were under lockdown, humanity for a brief period became one. Those who had been forgotten in the neverending hustle and bustle were remembered, the simple pleasures of life, of nature became visible once more. And may we never forget to give them the space and the importance they deserve. 7Ul世界播


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