Maddock Films驳斥向SSR支付17亿卢比的指控

2020-11-23 14:27

Maddock Films Refutes Claims of Paying Rs 17 Crore to SSR qjq世界播

Maddock Films驳斥向SSR支付17亿卢比的指控qjq世界播

The Enforcement Directorate (ED), one of the agencies probing Sushant Singh Rajput's death, has found a suspicious 'missing' payment worth Rs 17 crore allegedly made to the late actor by producer Dinesh Vijan, as per a report by India Today. A source told the publication that the payment was for Raabta, which released in 2017. The source adds that the alleged payment was for a shoot that took place in Hungary. qjq世界播


The statement added "We have made the full payment to Sushant for Raabta as per the agreement signed by him with us, and this payment was received by him in India. We have submitted relevant documents for the proof of such payment to the department". qjq世界播


Maddock also said that all the financial transactions for the shoot in Hungary were handled by T-series. qjq世界播


The firm, in its statement, said that Dinesh Vijan is currently in Dubai recovering from COVID-19 and he will be lending his full support to the authorities. "India Today has always stood by the truth and we hope that sharing the correct facts with you will lead to correct reporting as a responsible publication. We are not sure if we can speak about the matter at this moment, but to avoid any controversy we want to clarify we are fully cooperating with the agency and have furnished all details required and it is our sincere request to all to avoid spreading incorrect information. qjq世界播


"You may note that Mr. Vijan was to travel back to India and had to therefore as per norms undergo a COVID-19 test prior to flying. He's detected positive for COVID-19 which is why he could not travel back and is presently recuperating. He will be travelling back to India as soon as he recovers, he and Maddock films have been and will fully co-operate with the authorities, as required". qjq世界播


Dinesh Vijan was questioned last month by the agency and reportedly asked to submit documents regarding payments made to Sushant Singh Rajput for the movie. The India Today report states that Vijan had apparently failed to submit details of the budget for the overseas shoot that was carried out for Raabta in Hungary. qjq世界播

迪内什·维扬上个月接受了该机构的讯问,据报道,他被要求提交有关支付给苏珊特·辛格·拉杰普特(Sushant Singh Rajput)的电影费用的文件。《今日印度》的报道称,维扬显然没有提交在匈牙利为拉巴塔进行的海外拍摄的预算细节。qjq世界播

As per the report by India Today, the ED had found documents pertaining to the budget and expenditure Raabta submitted to authorities at Budapest during a search conducted at Vijan's house on 14 October. The budget in the document was around Rs 50 crore. The papers also reportedly claimed that of the total amount of Rs 50 crore, Rs 17 crore was paid to Sushant. qjq世界播


The report also states that Dinesh Vijan had failed to clarify as to how the payment was made to Sushant and where the money went. qjq世界播

报告还说,Dinesh Vijan没有澄清这笔钱是如何支付给Sushant的,以及钱去了哪里。qjq世界播

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