ISL 2020-21赛季,Jamshedpur FC预览:欧文·科伊尔的人能把围绕自己的炒作转化为结果吗?

2020-11-19 20:07

ISL 2020-21, Jamshedpur FC preview: Can Owen Coyle's men transform the hype around themselves into results? i30世界播

ISL 2020-21赛季,Jamshedpur FC预览:欧文·科伊尔的人能把围绕自己的炒作转化为结果吗?i30世界播


Two things have been constant in the three seasons Jamshedpur FC have spent in the Indian Super League (ISL) " a new coach for every season and an inability to qualify for the playoffs. i30世界播


The club has got a new gaffer at the helm this time again as well, with the former Chennaiyin FC coach Owen Coyle taking up the reins. The former Bolton Wanderers manager has been offered a two-year deal and with that, the club has shown the intent to pursue continuity. i30世界播


In a football league without relegation, playoffs are a minimum that you need to target, so it goes without saying that despite the two-year deal Coyle's immediate goal would be breaking the jinx and taking the team into the knockouts. His extraordinary campaign with Chennaiyin, where he made the bottom-placed team reach the final, only raise the hopes further. i30世界播


Transfers i30世界播


To match the expectations, Coyle has rung in a host of changes to the squad that competed last year under Spanish coach Antonio Iriondo. The highlight of the purchases is last season's Golden Boot winner Nerijus Valskis, who has come in to replace the prolific Sergio Castel. Defender Peter Hartley, who also played for Sunderland for nine years, has joined the team from Motherwell. He has also been named the captain for the upcoming season. i30世界播


Australian forward Nicholas Fitzgerald, Brazilian midfielder Alex Lima and Nigerian defender Stephen Eze are the other foreign signings. i30世界播

澳大利亚前锋尼古拉斯·菲茨杰拉德(Nicholas Fitzgerald)、巴西中场亚历克斯·利马(Alex Lima)和尼日利亚后卫斯蒂芬·埃泽(Stephen Eze)是其他外国签约球员。i30世界播

Jamshedpur have a strong core of young Indian players but the lack of experience has at times proved to be expensive. The Jharkhand based club have roped in Jackichand Singh from FC Goa to strengthen that department. They have also brought in Indian players like goalie Rehenesh TP and Pawan Kumar, right-back Laldinliana Renthlei, left-back Ricky Lallawmawma, striker William Lalnunfela and winger Bhupender Singh. i30世界播

贾姆谢德普尔拥有强大的年轻印度球员核心,但缺乏经验有时被证明是昂贵的。这家总部位于恰尔肯德邦的俱乐部已经从果阿足球俱乐部引进了杰基汉德·辛格来加强这一部门。他们还引进了印度球员,如守门员Rehenesh TP和Pawan Kumar,右后卫Laldinliana Renthlei,左后卫Ricky Lallawmawma,前锋William LalnunFela和边锋Bhupender Singh。i30世界播

Strengths i30世界播


Jamshedpur forced 22 goals last season in 18 games as they finished eighth in the table with 18 points. The club will be hoping for a far much better return this season with likes of Valskis, Fitzgerald, David Grande in their side. i30世界播


The strikers will have quality creative players behind them to ease up their job. The addition of pacy winger Jackichand and playmaker Lima has enhanced the quality of the midfield which already boasted rock-solid players like Aitor Monroy and Amarjit Singh. i30世界播


The availability of young Indian players who have been with the club for some time should also help the club in the upcoming campaign. The players like Narender Gehlot, Jitendra Singh, Amarjit and Aniket Jadhav are expected to provide flair, enthusiasm, and fearlessness to Jamshedpur's playing style with their past experiences in the league. i30世界播


Weakness i30世界播


It's never easy to hit the ground running when you have a bunch of newcomers. Coyle did extract everything possible from his Chennaiyin players, taking them on an unbelievable journey to the final from the pits of the league table, after being appointed as the head coach midway through the season. However, he benefitted from the actions of his predecessor John Gregory who had retained players in key areas and added experienced ISL defender Lucian Goian to their arsenal. i30世界播


Jamshedpur, meanwhile, have lost the services of ever-dependable Tiri, Memo, Subrata Pal and Farukh Choudhary, players who formed the core of the team last season. For Coyle, the biggest challenge would be to quickly forge an understanding between the squad members and make them click together. Time and again we have seen that it's the toughest thing to do in football. i30世界播

与此同时,Jamshedpur失去了一直值得信赖的蒂里、备忘录、Subrata Pal和Farukh Choudhary的服务,他们上赛季构成了球队的核心。对于科伊尔来说,最大的挑战将是迅速建立球队成员之间的理解,并让他们团结在一起。我们一次又一次地看到,这是足球界最难做到的事情。i30世界播

One area where unfamiliarity among teammates could seriously hurt Jamshedpur is the defence. Apart from Gehlot, the other three pieces of the defensive jigsaw are expected to be newcomers. Jamshedpur conceded 35 goals last season and had the second-worst defensive record. The club can't afford to have another season like that. i30世界播


Expectations i30世界播


There's a certain buzz around the club since Coyle was appointed in charge of the club. It would not be wrong to say that a large section of Red Miners' fans believe that they are primed for a top-four finish in the league table. Coyle and Co have worked hard to knock together a balanced outfit but there are teams like ATK Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC who are blessed with a strong core and supremely gifted players. Mumbai City FC are currently undertaking a massive project and sides like FC Goa and Chennayin can never be discounted. With the addition of East Bengal, ISL 2020-21 is expected to be one of the most closely fought, and in such a scenario, playoffs qualification appears a mammoth task for Jamshedpur. i30世界播

自从科伊尔被任命为俱乐部负责人以来,俱乐部周围就有了一定的热议。说很大一部分红矿队的球迷相信他们已经做好了进入排行榜前四的准备,这并不是错的。科伊尔和科伊尔一直在努力打造一支平衡的球队,但也有像ATK Mohun Bagan和Bengaluru FC这样的球队,他们拥有强大的核心和极具天赋的球员。孟买足球俱乐部目前正在进行一个庞大的项目,像果阿和陈纳因这样的球队永远不能打折扣。随着东孟加拉邦的加入,ISL 2020-21赛季预计将是竞争最激烈的赛季之一,在这种情况下,季后赛资格对Jamshedpur来说似乎是一项艰巨的任务。i30世界播

Squad: i30世界播


Goalkeepers: Rehenesh TP, Pawan Kumar, Niraj Kumar, Raj Mahato, Vishal Yadav. i30世界播


Defenders: Peter Hartley, Stephen Eze, Narender Gehlot, Joyner Lourenco, Laldinliana Renthlei, Karan Amin, Manash Protim Gogoi, Sandip Mandi, Ricky Lallawmawma, Subhash Barua. i30世界播


Midfielders: Aitor Monroy, Alex Lima, Jackichand Singh, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Issac Vanmalsawma, Amarjit Singh, Mobashir Rahman, Jitendra Singh, Manisana Singh, Harsha Parui, Billu Teli, Gorachand Mardi, Gaurab, Bhupender Singh. i30世界播


Forwards: Nerijus Valskis, David Grande, Aniket Jadhav, Sapam Kennedy Singh, William Lalnunfela. i30世界播


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