Jyotiraditya Scindia说,与国会的过去已经结束,“项目”的言论显示了卡迈勒·纳特的傲慢程度

2020-10-24 22:13

Past With Congress is Over, 'Item' Remark Shows Kamal Nath's Level of Arrogance, Says Jyotiraditya Scindia Lgv世界播

Jyotiraditya Scindia说,与国会的过去已经结束,“项目”的言论显示了卡迈勒·纳特的傲慢程度Lgv世界播


Months after leaving the Congress for the BJP, Jyotiraditya Scindia says he won’t dwell on the past and that his association with the Congress is a closed chapter. Commenting on the ‘item’ remark by Kamal Nath against Imarti Devi, Scindia says it shows the former chief minister’s “level of arrogance”. Lgv世界播

离开国大党前往印度人民党几个月后,Jyotiraditya Scindia说他不会沉溺于过去,他与国大党的关系是一个封闭的篇章。在评论卡迈勒·纳特(Kamal Nath)对伊马蒂·德维(Imarti Devi)的“项目”言论时,辛迪亚表示,这表明了这位前首席部长的“傲慢程度”。Lgv世界播

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How does it feel leaving the Congress and being with the BJP? Lgv世界播


I am a member of the BJP. I see it as an honour to work under the guidance of PM Narendra Modi and party president JP Nadda as well as home minister Amit Shah. I do believe that this government, both at the Centre and in the state (Madhya Pradesh), will deliver in terms of development and progress. We have put in place a specific roadmap for the state. Works have been sanctioned… end goal is development and progress. Lgv世界播

我是印度人民党的成员。我认为在总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)、该党主席JP·纳达(JP Nadda)以及内政部长阿米特·沙阿(Amit Shah)的指导下工作是一种荣誉。我相信本届政府,无论是在中央还是在邦(中央邦),都将在发展和进步方面做出贡献。我们已经为该州制定了具体的路线图。作品已获得…批准。最终目标是发展和进步。Lgv世界播

Do you see the bypolls in Madhya Pradesh as a matter of prestige? Do you worry that your ability to deliver will be seen as justification for the BJP to bring you in? Lgv世界播


Not at all. This testament has to be one of delivery and progress. That’s the rationale of the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government, and we have delivered in the last few months. Juxtapose this with what the Kamal Nath government did. The CM did not even have the decency to visit the districts for people’s blessings. There was complete disconnect with the people. Lgv世界播


Did you ever try telling him that? Lgv世界播


I don’t want to dwell too much on the past. In life, I feel it’s very easy to be opportunistic. There is dignity in silence. But these issues of development and corruption have been raised by me in the past. Lgv世界播


Did you ever get a sense that you were not being given importance by Kamal Nath, and therefore in this sense, the bypoll is a personal fight with him? Lgv世界播

你有没有感觉到卡迈勒·纳特(Kamal Nath)没有重视你,因此,从这个意义上说,副民调是与他的个人斗争?Lgv世界播

Not at all. And I don’t want to indulge in personal attacks. I very readily acquiesced to someone else being made the Pradesh Congress Committee chief in Madhya Pradesh. I readily accepted when someone else was made the chief minister. I had a little contribution in the formation of the state government, but I did my work. Lgv世界播


On the ‘item’ controversy, we heard the clarification from Kamal Nath. He said the BJP is trying to divert attention from the key issues… Lgv世界播

关于“项目”的争议,我们听到了Kamal Nath的澄清。他说,印度人民党正试图转移人们对关键问题…的注意力。Lgv世界播

There is certainly a minimum level of decency that politicians must follow. They should be role models. They have the right to go out, campaign and reach out to the people. There is a lady (Imarti Devi) who has risen from the grassroots. She was part of your cabinet, and to go to that level and call her an ‘item’… If this is the politics of the people who don’t care about women and Dalits, then I have nothing to say. Also when the party’s ex-president asks the former chief minister to apologise and he says ’bhaad me jao (get lost)’, that shows you the level of arrogance that the gentleman possesses. I think we all make mistakes and when you apologise, your stature doesn’t come down. It goes up. Lgv世界播

当然,政客们必须遵守最低限度的礼仪。他们应该是榜样。他们有权走出去,开展竞选活动,接触人民。有一位女士(Imarti Devi)是从草根阶层崛起的。她是你内阁的一员,去那个级别叫她“项目”…。如果这是那些不关心妇女和达利特人的人的政治,那么我无话可说。此外,当党的前主席要求前首席部长道歉时,他说‘bhaad me jao(滚开)’,这表明了这位绅士的傲慢程度。我想我们都会犯错,当你道歉的时候,你的地位不会下降。它上升了。Lgv世界播

Rahul Gandhi had asked whether Mr Scindia can question people in his party when they attack a woman… Lgv世界播


Of course, we can. Mr Gandhi knows that I call a spade a spade. There cannot be double standards as far as I am concerned. Lgv世界播


Rahul Gandhi had said when you quit that you were one of the people who could walk into his house and meet him. Lgv世界播

拉胡尔·甘地(Rahul Gandhi)在你辞职时曾说过,你是可以走进他的房子见他的人之一。Lgv世界播

Let me just tell you that I don’t want to go in the past. I have maintained a studied silence. I know many in politics believe that when an opportunity comes, then you use it to hit out. I am not one of those people. I have believed that there is dignity in silence. I don’t want to talk about the past. My past vis-à-vis the Congress is over. Lgv世界播


What do you make of Rahul Gandhi attacking the prime minister? Lgv世界播


I have never believed in personal attacks. I will never do it. Lgv世界播


Did they ever stop you from leaving the Congress? Lgv世界播


I won’t comment. I will believe in dignity of silence. Lgv世界播


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