Vivo宣布对OriginOS Android皮肤进行彻底重新设计

2020-11-19 19:31

Vivo announces radically redesigned OriginOS Android skin S8k世界播

Vivo宣布对OriginOS Android皮肤进行彻底重新设计S8k世界播


Vivo has announced its new Android-based operating system at its annual developer conference in China. OriginOS is the successor to FuntouchOS and features a complete design overhaul that prioritizes widgets, arranging them in a grid-like layout. The widgets can update themselves with notifications called “nano alerts.” S8k世界播

Vivo在中国举行的年度开发者大会上宣布了其新的基于Android的操作系统。OriginOS是FunTouchOS的继任者,它对Widget进行了彻底的设计改革,以网格的方式排列它们的轻重缓急。这些小工具可以通过名为“Nano Alerts”的通知进行自我更新。S8k世界播

“The genesis of OriginOS centers around three frontiers based on smartphone consumer demands: design, smoothness and convenience,” Vivo says in a statement. “OriginOS repurposes familiar features with new exciting designs to create the ultimate smartphone experience.” S8k世界播


Of all the skinned versions of Android out there, Vivo’s FuntouchOS has long been the one most obviously in thrall to iOS, with similar notification design, color palettes, and use of transparency. OriginOS’ tile-based approach to widgets isn’t a million miles away from what Apple introduced this year with iOS 14, although that wasn’t exactly the most unique design itself. For its part, Vivo says it was inspired by Huarong Dao, the Chinese variant of Klotski sliding block puzzles. S8k世界播

在市面上所有的Android换肤版本中,Vivo的Funouch OS一直是最明显受制于iOS的版本,它的通知设计、调色板和透明度都很相似。OriginOS基于磁贴的Widget方法与苹果今年推出的iOS14相距不远,尽管这本身并不是最独特的设计。Vivo表示,它的灵感来自中国版的Klotski滑块拼图--华容刀。S8k世界播




Vivo also claims that OriginOS will be much less resource-intensive than FuntouchOS, with lower RAM requirements. We’ll have to test for ourselves once it rolls out, but there’s little information in that regard — Vivo hasn’t said anything about a release date. The company did, however, show off a mockup of the OS running on its current X50 flagship phone (above). S8k世界播

Vivo还声称,OriginOS的资源消耗将比Funouch OS低得多,对RAM的要求也更低。一旦它推出,我们将不得不自己测试,但这方面的信息很少-Vivo还没有说任何关于发布日期的事情。然而,该公司确实展示了其当前X50旗舰手机上运行的操作系统的模型(见上图)。S8k世界播

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