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Headphones for all: 8 early Black Friday deals that let you crush your holiday list—starting at just $5 j0o世界播



The best Black Friday deals on headphones are happening right now at Walmart. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播


Once upon a time, headphones and earbuds were for audiophiles and introverts – what better way to achieve social distancing than marching to the beat of one’s own drummer? No longer is that the case: nowadays, every gym-goer, strap-hanger, pedestrian and pop music devotee loves the option of entering a noise-cancelled world of their own. And what better gift is there, as we approach the holidays, than the sound of music? j0o世界播


As with comedy, timing is paramount when shopping for such techno-baubles, and right now is the optimal moment to waltz on over to Walmart and take advantage of stellar deals on wireless Bluetooth earbuds and cushy headphones. Richer or poorer, music freak or podcast addict, here are nine worthy entries ranging from a couple of bucks to several hundred. Whatever your specs regarding convenience, multitasking or ultra high-fidelity, Walmart’s got the goods, at a great price. It’s all part of our effort to make the holidays easier in these unprecedented times. Shop early, save money, buy multiples—and check some names off your list. j0o世界播


And, you’ll get free unlimited shipping with Walmart+. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 15-day trial here, but a quick three question survey will add on an additional two more weeks for a solid 30 days of use. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.) j0o世界播


Below, first dibs on Walmart’s great deals on headphones and earbuds: j0o世界播



GPED True Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播


Okay, brace yourselves: Walmart is nearly giving these GPED earbuds away at $26—they ordinarily go for more than $100. These marvels are water- and sweat-proof for weekend warriors, and the one-button control ensures easy music and phone-call management. The portable, magnetic wireless charging case means you’ll never run of juice, and automatic Bluetooth pairing makes syncing your smartphone a snap. Did we mention they sound amazing as well? j0o世界播


“Great value for truly wireless headphones,” said a happy reviewer. j0o世界播



Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones II, Black. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播

Bose QuietComfort 35无线消噪耳机II,黑色。(图片来源:沃尔玛)j0o世界播

Bose knows quality audio, so if you’re particular about beefy basslines and crisp cymbal crashes, these babies ought to fill the bill nicely. Of course, whistles and bells are mandatory for $299 (amply marked down from $349), which means you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your music, send and receive texts and even summon the names of all of Santa’s reindeer. Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology can be fine-tuned to your sonic environment and the 20 hours of battery life should get you from here to Timbuktu without missing a beat. Perfect for very good little boys and girls, and well-behaved grownups too. j0o世界播



Sennheiser 508382—CX350BT In-Ear Canal Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播


Here’s plenty of sonic bang for your buck: Sennheiser’s stylish and smooth-sounding earbuds are chockablock with premium features. A free dedicated app personalizes your audio preferences and enables firmware updates; Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility makes for reliable connectivity; and superior sound quality comes by way of some nerds-only tech specs (AAC, SBC Codec and AptX Low Latency support, if you’re taking notes). Digital Assistant support, 10 hours of battery life and 30 percent off should seal the deal. These will go fast, so get down on it. j0o世界播

Sennheiser的耳机听起来很时尚,听起来也很流畅,这款耳机上有很多高级功能,可以让你大赚一笔。一款免费的专用应用程序可以个性化你的音频偏好,并支持固件更新;蓝牙5.0兼容性确保了可靠的连接;卓越的音质来自一些书呆子特有的技术规格(如果你在做笔记,AAC、SBC Codec和AptX Low Latency支持)。数字助理支持,10小时的电池续航时间和30%的折扣应该会敲定这笔交易。这些东西会卖得很快的,所以快点吃吧。j0o世界播


Skullcandy Riff Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Mic. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播

SkullCandy Riff蓝牙无线耳机,带麦克风。(图片来源:沃尔玛)j0o世界播

Frequent travelers know Skullcandy from airport retail outlets: when you’re looking for affordable buds or phones, these more than make the grade. Skullcandy’s Riff Wireless headphones are lightweight and comfortable (memory foam cushions), fit nicely on the ear, collapse into a half-handful, and take only 10 minutes of charge to net you two hours of listening time. Button controls do the usual good stuff – change tracks and volume, talk to Alexa or the Google Guy and send hands-free texts. “I love these headphones!” proclaimed one reviewer. They’re yours for 40 smackers. j0o世界播

经常旅行的人从机场零售店知道SkullCandy:当你在寻找价格适中的花蕾或手机时,这些都是不错的选择。SkullCandy的Riff Wireless耳机轻便舒适(记忆泡沫垫),非常适合戴在耳朵上,折叠成半把,只需充电10分钟,就能让你获得两个小时的收听时间。按键控制可以做通常的好事--改变曲目和音量,与Alexa或Google Guy通话,发送免提文本。“我爱死这些耳机了!”一位评论家宣称。你只需付40个耳光就可以了。j0o世界播


Skullcandy Ink’d Plus Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Earbuds. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播

SkullCandy Ink‘d蓝牙无线入耳式耳机。(图片来源:沃尔玛)j0o世界播

Skullcandy is as well-known for its style-sense as its audio chops, as evidenced by these super-fly, lavender/purple earbuds perfect for Prince fans (you know who you are). “Beyond amazing, not just for the price,” a raspberry beret-wearing reviewer noted, impressed no doubt by the noise-isolating fit, the bottomy bass and the overall functionality. Slip these on, start up the little red Corvette and party like it’s 2099. Low price, high-end performance. j0o世界播



Bietrun Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播



Cschidworld E7 Bluetooth Earbuds. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播

Cschidworld E7蓝牙耳机。(图片来源:沃尔玛)j0o世界播

Cschidworld is definitely a mouthful, but who cares when Walmart is offering up the brand’s $100 earbuds for just $26? Bluetooth 5.0 means a stable connection from up to 10 meters away, and the 5-gram lightweight construction and three sizes of ear-caps make for a comfortably snug fit, no matter. One-button design facilitates music curation and management of incoming calls. Charges via handy portable storage box. I can’t pronounce Cschidworld, but I ain’t hatin’ either! j0o世界播



Unisex Stereo In-Ear Earbuds. (Photo: Walmart) j0o世界播


Impress your friends by using these $4 earbuds just once and tossing them in your $5 coffee afterwards! Okay, just kidding – but at three bucks, one reviewer said that they “never thought a headphone so cheap would be so good.” If you’re hard on your earbuds this is a great solution for you—no muss, no fuss, no pain when you accidentally drop them in the used-towel bin at the gym. Lightweight and sweat-resistant, with HD sound and button controls. And all for the price of a cup of joe – again, do not dunk. Nobody likes a showoff. j0o世界播


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