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FCC votes to open up more Wi-Fi spectrum xHm世界播



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There’s going to be a little more room for Wi-Fi. The Federal Communications Commission voted today to open up a small amount of additional wireless spectrum for unlicensed indoor use, which should help to improve speeds and reduce congestion on 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. xHm世界播

将会有更多的空间来安装Wi-Fi。美国联邦通信委员会(Federal Communications Commission)今天投票决定,为未经许可的室内使用开放少量额外的无线频谱,这将有助于提高速度,减少5 GHz Wi-Fi网络的拥塞。xHm世界播

The new swath of spectrum (which falls around 5.9GHz) was previously reserved for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications — but since being set aside two decades ago, the auto industry hasn’t done much with it. So now the FCC is taking away a little more than half of the airwaves it reserved and offering them up to the public for use as Wi-Fi. (Despite getting nowhere with this spectrum, the auto industry is nonetheless annoyed that the FCC is taking it away.) xHm世界播

新的频段(约5.9 GHz)以前是为车辆到车辆和车辆到基础设施的通信预留的-但自从20年前被预留以来,汽车业并没有对其做太多事情。因此,现在联邦通信委员会正在拆除其保留的一半多一点的无线电波,并将其提供给公众作为Wi-Fi使用。(尽管在这一频谱上毫无进展,但汽车业仍然对FCC取消这一频谱感到恼火。)。xHm世界播

“Today we put to end two decades of waste and inefficient use of the valuable 5.9GHz band,” FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly said ahead of the vote. O’Rielly said that many existing Wi-Fi devices will be able to start using the new spectrum with only “quick software upgrades.” xHm世界播

FCC委员迈克尔·奥里利(Michael O‘Rielly)在投票前表示:“今天,我们结束了20年来对宝贵的5.9 GHz频段的浪费和低效使用。”O‘Rielly说,许多现有的Wi-Fi设备只需“快速软件升级”就可以开始使用新频谱。xHm世界播

This expansion is good news for anyone who uses Wi-Fi, since it should offer small increases to speeds and reliability once gadgets start to support it. Wi-Fi has been operating on around 400MHz of unlicensed spectrum for the past two decades — today’s vote opens up another 45Mhz, which represents a small but meaningful improvement. xHm世界播

这种扩展对任何使用Wi-Fi的人来说都是好消息,因为一旦设备开始支持它,它应该会略微提高速度和可靠性。过去20年来,Wi-Fi一直在大约400 MHz的无证频谱上运行--今天的投票又开放了45 MHz,这代表着一个很小但有意义的进步。xHm世界播

That said, an even bigger prize for Wi-Fi was opened up earlier this year. In April, the commission voted to open 1,200MHz of spectrum in the 6GHz band, quadrupling the total available space. Gadgets by and large haven’t been updated to support this new spectrum yet, but once they are, it should lead to considerable improvements in speed and reliability. xHm世界播

也就是说,今年早些时候为Wi-Fi设立了一个更大的奖品。今年4月,欧盟委员会投票决定在6 GHz频段开放1200兆赫的频谱,使总可用空间翻了两番。总的来说,小工具还没有更新到支持这一新频谱,但一旦更新,它应该会在速度和可靠性方面带来相当大的改进。xHm世界播

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