2020-10-19 13:31

Barnes & Noble cyberattack exposed customers' personal information qo6世界播



SocialProof Security CEO Rachel Tobac uses social engineering to hack CNN tech reporter Donie O'Sullivan's accounts. qo6世界播

SocialProof Security首席执行官雷切尔·托巴克利用社会工程手段侵入CNN科技记者唐尼·奥沙利文(Donie O‘Sullivan)的账户qo6世界播

New York (CNN Business)A day after Barnes & Noble solved its Nook outage, the bookstore revealed a far more serious problem: A massive cybersecurity attack breached the company's data, exposing information about customers, including email addresses and other personal information. qo6世界播

纽约(CNN Business)在Barnes&Noble解决Nook故障的一天后,这家书店披露了一个严重得多的问题:一次大规模的网络安全攻击破坏了该公司的数据,暴露了客户信息,包括电子邮件地址和其他个人信息。qo6世界播

On Monday, Barnes & Noble sent customers an email to notify them about the cyberattack. The company made clear that customers' financial information had not been exposed. Their transaction history, however, was potentially exposed. The company said "transaction history, meaning purchase information related to the books and other products that you have bought from us" were retained in the systems that were impacted by the cybersecurity attack. qo6世界播





Customer's email addresses, were also potentially leaked in the cybersecurity attack, according to the company. qo6世界播


"It is possible that your email address was exposed and, as a result, you may receive unsolicited emails," Barnes & Noble said. qo6世界播


While the bookstore chain doesn't know if other personal information was exposed during the attack, Barnes & Noble acknowledged that customers' billing and shipping addresses as well as their phone numbers stored in the systems were included in the attack. qo6世界播


Although not worth much to hackers on their own, personally identifying data like addresses, phone numbers, names and email addresses are valuable on the black market. It can be combined with other information, including credit card information and Social Security numbers, to create full profiles of people. Hackers can use that information to steal people's identities and money. qo6世界播


The data breach comes at a time when bookstores are relying on online sales and competing with Amazon. US e-commerce sales are expected to increase 18% to $710 billion this year, research firm eMarketer estimated in June. qo6世界播


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