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Requirements for H-1B Visa Shouldn’t Be Overly Narrow vIL世界播



The Trump administration announced an overhaul of a visa program for high-skilled foreign workers. vIL世界播


With the new H-1B visa requirements linking a degree in a specific field and job description, I doubt whether Sundar Pichai head of Alphabet/Google, whose degrees are in metallurgical engineering and materials science, would have gotten an H-1B to work in the information-technology sector (“U.S. Imposes New Curbs on H-1B Visas,” U.S. News, Oct. 7). vIL世界播

随着新的H-1B签证要求将特定领域的学位与工作描述联系起来,我怀疑Alphabet/Google的负责人桑达尔·皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)是否会获得H-1B签证在信息技术领域工作(“美国对H-1B签证施加新的限制”,美国新闻,10月7日)。vIL世界播

If you are going to hire someone on a H-1B visa, it makes sense to recruit the best possible and most-skilled person who brings in knowledge and skills in multiple disciplines. The concept that an applicant must have a degree in a specific field in which she or he is looking for work is outdated. The new changes don’t account for the highly interdisciplinary and convergent nature of the complex, real problems we face in industry, academia and as a society. vIL世界播


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