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Verizon announces its nationwide 5G network IRv世界播



Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge IRv世界播

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Verizon is making a big expansion of its 5G network: the carrier is now rolling out nationwide support for the new networking standard, which will reach more than 200 million people. IRv世界播


Until now, Verizon’s 5G has been almost exclusively focused on the mmWave band, which offers the fastest speeds but suffers from extremely poor range. That fact has meant that while AT&T and T-Mobile have been able to boast about broad 5G coverage for the entire country, Verizon has been limited to a few street corners of a small number of cities. IRv世界播





The reliance on mmWave has also meant that Verizon has had to work with device manufacturers to create bespoke mmWave versions of phones specifically for the carrier. The new DSS 5G network means that Verizon can now support sub-6GHz 5G and offer phones that only support that version of the networking standard. IRv世界播

对mmWave的依赖也意味着Verizon不得不与设备制造商合作,专门为运营商创造定制的mmWave版本的手机。新的DSS 5G网络意味着Verizon现在可以支持低于6 GHz的5G,并提供只支持该版本网络标准的手机。IRv世界播

Of course, Verizon didn’t just suddenly reverse its 5G strategy overnight or come up with a way to dramatically improve the range of its existing mmWave 5G. The new nationwide network is actually just sharing the existing spectrum and networking infrastructure that Verizon already uses for its LTE network, using new “dynamic spectrum sharing” (DSS) technology that lets the carrier run LTE and 5G networks side by side. (AT&T is also using the technology for parts of its 5G rollout.) IRv世界播

当然,Verizon并不是一夜之间突然逆转5G战略,也不是想出办法大幅提升现有mmWave 5G的续航范围。新的全国性网络实际上只是共享Verizon已经用于其LTE网络的现有频谱和网络基础设施,使用新的“动态频谱共享”(DSS)技术,让运营商可以同时运行LTE和5G网络。(AT&T也将这项技术用于其5G推广的部分内容。)。IRv世界播

The upside of DSS is that it allows for Verizon to quickly expand its low-band 5G offerings. That gives it the same nationwide 5G footprint as AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s low-band networks without requiring that Verizon buy the spectrum and build out an entirely new network or cut down on its LTE offerings to allocate that space for 5G. IRv世界播


The new DSS-based Verizon 5G will be held back by the same limitations as its low-band competitors in exchange for that boosted range. Namely, due to the nature of the spectrum, speeds will be slower than the ultra-fast mmWave 5G that Verizon has been currently offering — although they should still offer an improvement over existing LTE speeds. IRv世界播

新的基于DSS的Verizon 5G将受到与其低频段竞争对手相同的限制,以换取提高的射程。也就是说,由于频谱的性质,速度将低于Verizon目前提供的超高速mmWave 5G-尽管它们仍应提供比现有LTE速度更高的速度。IRv世界播

Verizon still says that mmWave will be the best experience for 5G and announced that it’ll be expanding its coverage for those areas — including in sports stadiums, landmarks, and parks. The company says it’ll be doubling coverage in cities like New York and San Fransisco, along with rolling it out in even more cities. IRv世界播


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