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A short conversation with Jordan Fisher about streaming, anime, and more bX8世界播



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Jordan Fisher is the kind of multi-hyphenate performer who is impossible to summarize in a sentence. He’s in film, on television and Broadway, and somehow he finds the time to keep a regular streaming schedule on Twitch. But more than that, he’s sincere. I can honestly say that’s what struck me the most about Fisher. (That said: let’s be real, the dude is extremely handsome.) bX8世界播

乔丹·费舍尔(Jordan Fisher)是那种无法用一句话概括的多连字符表演者。他在电影、电视和百老汇演出,不知何故,他找到了在Twitch上定期播放流媒体的时间。但更重要的是,他是真诚的。老实说,这就是费舍尔给我印象最深的地方。(这就是说:让我们现实一点,这家伙非常英俊。)。bX8世界播

We chatted recently over Zoom on a call attended by a bunch of muted black squares, ostensibly because Fisher is promoting Verizon’s new 5G network — though, as he tells me, he hasn’t actually used it yet. bX8世界播


Gaming, on the other hand, is something Fisher says he does every day. He’s been gaming his whole life, even while spending a ton of time starring in shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager and films like To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. (I should note here that he was most recently Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.) Fisher tells me he’s a 15-year World of Warcraft veteran and also semi-pro in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Lately, however, he’s been streaming a lot of Valorant, enough to get himself to Immortal II — which is two away from the highest ranking in the game. bX8世界播


Streaming came later for Fisher and involved one Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. “[I] randomly met Ninja over social media, actually,” he says. “We became buddies on Twitter before we even ever played a game together, and then we started playing Fortnite.” They met in person in 2018, at Fortnite’s first Pro-Am — that’s professional-amateur — competition in Los Angeles and really hit it off. “He has since become one of my closest friends in my life,” says Fisher. “He was in my wedding. We talk daily, all day.” bX8世界播


But before that, it was just gaming. They had the same conversations most people have when trying to schedule time to play together — “‘I’ll be streaming later,’ you know, you know, ‘what time are you free’ and that kind of thing,” says Fisher — but after a few weeks, Blevins hit him with a suggestion. “He was like, ‘Dude, what, why don’t you just... if you’re playing the games anyway, and you play at a high level, and you’re already an entertaining individual, why not just turn on a camera and grab a microphone and stream it.’” So he did. That was a little over two and a half years ago, Fisher says. bX8世界播


“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I was kind of thrust into the space and it’s been... It’s been a remarkable tool for me, it’s been a great sense of catharsis for me, a great way to laugh and love and share positivity and to be a part of a beautiful community,” he says. “Both where just the gamer is concerned, as well as the other incredible content creators across all platforms.” Today, he’s known as the coziest streamer on Twitch, where he has 414,000 followers and a thriving community called the Fish Fam. He streams with some of the biggest people on Twitch, too, like his buddy Blevins and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek. bX8世界播

“这是我一生中做过的最棒的事情之一。我有点像被推到了太空里,它一直在..。这对我来说是一个很棒的工具,对我来说是一种很好的宣泄,是一种笑、爱和分享积极情绪的很好的方式,也是成为一个美丽社区的一部分,“他说。“无论是游戏玩家,还是所有平台上其他令人难以置信的内容创作者,都是如此。”今天,他在Twitch上被称为最舒适的流媒体用户,他在Twitch拥有41.4万名追随者,还有一个名为Fish Fam的蓬勃发展的社区。他也在Twitch上和一些最大的人一起流媒体,比如他的朋友Blevins和Michael“裹着”Grzesiek。bX8世界播

“I love my community,” he says. “My community kind of built itself. I can’t take too much credit, man, I really can’t. Just the right people recruited the other right people to say, ‘Hey, I feel I love this guy. I love the stream. I love the games he plays.’” bX8世界播


Though he has a crack team of mods, he’s patient with people who might have come to the stream just to troll. “I’m down to have a conversation with them about that and be like, ‘Yo, why, why? Why say that? Why be this way? Why act that way?’” he says. And then, after they’re a little chastened, they begin to engage with the stream differently. “They become a major part of my community,” he says. bX8世界播


And he’s committed to the community. Fisher tells me he has streaming rigs everywhere he goes — one in New York, one in LA, and one mobile setup — which means he’s always ready to go live, provided he has the time. It’s all about balance. “I just listen to my body, I pay attention to my mental health, and make sure that I give myself time to do whatever makes me feel really good — if that’s reading scripts, or being in a meeting, or streaming, or doing nothing, but, you know, eating a sandwich and drinking a glass of wine and watching anime,” he says. “I make sure that I take care of myself.” (Right now, he’s watching The God of High School. “First episode you’re hooked, literally. And as an anime fan, and you’re looking for a new series, you want that.”) bX8世界播


If Fisher is like most of us, that probably means that he’s thinking about self-care a lot more lately, given that we’re nearly seven months into a pandemic. Where streaming is concerned, though, he says it’s only gotten better. “My relationship with streaming has only... it’s only evolved in the same way that your relationship does with a significant other,” he says. “You get out of the honeymoon phase, and then you get into the real love that you have. And you make that choice to love that person every day.” bX8世界播


Which, as he points out, is what streaming is like for everyone who’s done it for longer than a year or two. “Your community is your every day,” he continues. “You tailor things for them and for yourself, for your own joy so that mentally you have the capacity to sit down at your rig every day and play something that maybe you don’t necessarily want to play, but the views are really great on it. Which is like everybody that’s stuck playing Warzone right now.” bX8世界播


I get it. But by now our interview is up; it’s time for the Verizon 5G plug, which Fisher dutifully — and organically! — gives. A sample: “I am a fan of content creators, I’m a fan of content being created in real time. Therefore, I’m traveling... if I’m, you know, in the car headed to an airport or whatever, and I don’t have any work that I need to do, I’m gonna pull up Twitch and I’m going to watch a stream. The problem with that truly is connectivity most of the time, right?” And here he goes on a while, and here I understand why it’s so fun to catch his streams. Fisher oozes charisma. He’s entertaining and persuasive as hell, even if he hasn’t actually used Verizon’s 5G network yet. Personally, I don’t care. I’m just happy to watch. bX8世界播

我懂了。但现在,我们的采访结束了;是时候推出Verizon 5G插头了,费舍尔尽职尽责地--而且是有机地--提供了5G插头。一个例子:“我是内容创建者的粉丝,我是实时创建内容的粉丝。因此,我在旅行...。如果我,你知道,在去机场或其他地方的车里,我没有任何工作要做,我会拉起Twitch,然后看一条流。真正的问题是大部分时间都存在连通性,对吗?“。他在这里继续了一会儿,在这里我明白了为什么捕捉他的溪流是如此有趣。费舍尔散发着魅力。他的娱乐性和说服力都像地狱一样,尽管他还没有真正使用过Verizon的5G网络。就我个人而言,我不在乎。我只是很高兴看着。bX8世界播

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