IPhone 12仅在必要时使用5G以节省电池寿命

2020-10-14 07:31

iPhone 12 only uses 5G when necessary to save battery life Ttx世界播

IPhone 12仅在必要时使用5G以节省电池寿命Ttx世界播


Apple’s new iPhone 12 lineup will be the first to feature 5G. However, it’ll only use the faster networking speeds some of the time, thanks to a new “Smart Data Mode,” which will toggle between 4G and 5G based on when apps are making big bandwidth demands. Ttx世界播

苹果的新iPhone 12阵容将是第一个采用5G的产品。然而,由于一种新的“智能数据模式”,它只会在某些时候使用更快的网络速度,这种模式将根据应用程序对带宽需求较大的时间在4G和5G之间切换。Ttx世界播

So if you’re out checking your email or Twitter, your iPhone 12 will still use regular 4G — even if you’re in a 5G area — to avoid using the additional (and apparently power-hungry) radio. Switch over to a streaming movie or a video call, and your phone will jump to 5G and its faster speeds and lower latency. Ttx世界播


It’s an interesting solution, although it’s still not entirely clear how big of a dent 5G makes in overall battery life, at least for the various 5G Android devices that have been released this year. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhones tend to feature considerably smaller batteries than most Android flagships, relying on Apple’s synergy between its in-house hardware and software to optimize battery life. Those smaller batteries could also be behind the motivation to make sure that the new iPhones are only using 5G when it’s actually needed. Ttx世界播

这是一个有趣的解决方案,尽管目前还不完全清楚5G对整体电池寿命的影响有多大,至少对于今年发布的各种5G Android设备来说是这样。另一方面,苹果的iPhone往往比大多数Android旗舰手机的电池小得多,这依赖于苹果内部硬件和软件之间的协同作用来优化电池寿命。这些较小的电池也可能是确保新iPhone只在真正需要的时候使用5G的动机背后的原因。Ttx世界播

Battery life is a big concern for Apple, so much so that the company reportedly skipped out on offering a faster 120Hz display on this year’s models — a feature that’s become increasingly standard for nearly all major Android flagships — out of a concern for battery life. Ttx世界播

电池续航是苹果的一大担忧,据报道,该公司出于对电池续航的担忧,没有在今年的机型上提供更快的120 Hz显示屏-这一功能已经成为几乎所有主要Android旗舰产品的标准配置。Ttx世界播

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