IPhone12 mini是苹果旗舰5G设备的更小、更便宜的版本

2020-10-14 07:31

The iPhone 12 mini is a smaller, cheaper version of Apple's flagship 5G device Xe8世界播

IPhone12 mini是苹果旗舰5G设备的更小、更便宜的版本Xe8世界播


iphone 12 reveal_00003024 Xe8世界播

IPhone12 REVOVE_00003024Xe8世界播

(CNN Business)Apple just released what it claims is the "smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G phone in the world." Xe8世界播


With dramatic James Bond-like music playing in the background at Tuesday's virtual launch event, Apple opened a metal briefcase to reveal the iPhone 12 mini. Xe8世界播


It has the same features as the iPhone 12, including 5G, a dual camera system, and phone-protecting ceramic shield material. But the mini justifies its name with a 5.4-inch display and a $699 price tag. Xe8世界播


It will go on sale November 13, a couple of weeks later than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which will be available later this month. Xe8世界播


"After years of phones getting progressively bigger, Apple is reversing the trend by offering a flagship product in a smaller package," said Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insights. "I think it'll be a hugely popular move." Xe8世界播

CCS Insights研究主管本·伍德(Ben Wood)表示:“在经历了多年的手机逐渐变大之后,苹果正在扭转这一趋势,以更小的包装提供一款旗舰产品,”CCS Insights的研究主管本·伍德(Ben Wood)表示。“我认为这将是一个非常受欢迎的举措。”Xe8世界播

At $100 less than the flagship iPhone 12, the mini is priced the same as rival smartphones such as the new Google Pixel 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. And its display is slightly larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone SE, the cheapest Apple smartphone currently on the market with a starting price of $399. Xe8世界播

Mini的价格比旗舰iPhone 12低100美元,与竞争对手的智能手机如新的Google Pixel 5和三星Galaxy S20 FE的价格相同。它的显示屏略大于4.7英寸的iPhone SE,后者是目前市场上最便宜的苹果智能手机,起价为399美元。Xe8世界播

Along with a smaller flagship smartphone, Apple also unveiled its biggest iPhone ever. Xe8世界播


The iPhone 12 Pro Max, which goes on sale on the same day as the mini starting at $1,099, has a 6.7-inch display and enhanced camera and software features. Xe8世界播

IPhone12 Pro Max与Mini同一天开始发售,起价1099美元,拥有6.7英寸的显示屏以及增强的摄像头和软件功能。Xe8世界播

Apple's long-awaited foray into 5G is notable, and the company appears to be trying to ensure users at all points on the price spectrum have upgrade options. But with 5G networks still relatively nascent and analyst estimates indicating users are somewhat reluctant to jump over just yet, it remains to be seen how many actually make the switch because of that capability. Xe8世界播


-- CNN Business' Kaya Yurieff contributed to this report. Xe8世界播

-CNN商业的Kaya Yurieff对这篇报道也有贡献。Xe8世界播

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