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The iPhone 12’s mysterious groove is a 5G mmWave antenna window — and it’s exclusive to the US ind世界播



Image: Apple ind世界播


Apple has announced its very first 5G iPhones: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. They range in price from $729 to well north of $1,100, but — as Apple proudly announced during the press conference — even the Mini offers access to speedy millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G networks. ind世界播

苹果公司发布了首批5G iPhone:iPhone12,iPhone12 Mini,iPhone12Pro和iPhone12Pro Max。它们的价格从729美元到1100美元以上不等,但正如苹果在新闻发布会上自豪地宣布的那样,即使是Mini也可以接入高速毫米波(MmWave)5G网络。ind世界播

As it turns out, that’s why each new iPhone features this conspicuous groove along the right edge. It’s a special window for mmWave signals, and it appears to be designed so users can visibly see it and perhaps avoid holding it there for maximum signal strength. ind世界播


Intriguingly, though, it doesn’t seem to be a feature of iPhones that will be sold elsewhere in the world. Here’s the same iPhone 12 Mini picture from Apple UK: ind世界播

然而,有趣的是,这似乎不是iPhone将在世界其他地方销售的一个功能。以下是来自英国苹果公司的同一张iPhone 12迷你图片:ind世界播


Image: Apple ind世界播


And here’s a comparison image I whipped up of the iPhone 12 Pro Max from Apple’s US and UK websites, respectively: ind世界播

这是我分别从美国和英国的苹果网站上拿来的iPhone 12 Pro Max的对比图片:ind世界播


Images: Apple ind世界播


There’s a simple explanation behind the missing window, though: the iPhone 12 doesn’t support mmWave 5G outside of the United States. If you peruse Apple’s frequency bands page, you’ll see that compatibility with bands n260 and n261 are simply missing everywhere else in the world. ind世界播

然而,在丢失的窗口背后有一个简单的解释:iPhone12在美国以外的地方不支持mmWave 5G。如果你仔细阅读苹果的频段页面,你会发现与N260和N261频段的兼容性在世界上任何地方都是找不到的。ind世界播

Honestly, I’m not sure it’s a huge loss. mmWave 5G does offer far higher speeds than the “nationwide” flavor of low-band 5G that you’ll also find rolling out today, but the only other consistent thing about mmWave is its inconsistency, since even outdoors, you might not find a signal from one street corner to the next. 5G isn’t a good reason to buy an iPhone this year, period. mmWave definitely isn’t. ind世界播

老实说,我不确定这是一个巨大的损失。MmWave 5G确实提供了比你今天也会发现的“全国性”风格的低频段5G高得多的速度,但mmWave唯一一致的地方是它的不一致性,因为即使在户外,你也可能找不到从一个街角到另一个街角的信号。5G不是今年购买iPhone的好理由,到此为止。毫米波绝对不是。ind世界播

But even if you are looking forward to the multi-gigabit theoretical speeds of mmWave in your area because you live right underneath a tower, you probably shouldn’t worry about another “antennagate” just because Apple felt the need to add this tiny window to its phones. For one thing, Apple’s spent years building antennas into the bands of other phones without issues, and it’s already lived through that first scandal. ind世界播


For another, modern phones don’t rely that heavily on a single band to send and receive your calls, and mmWave adds additional bands to your phone. Lastly, you are also now armed with the knowledge of exactly where that mmWave window is. ind世界播


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