Andhra Man在YouTube上发布妻子的裸照赚钱,被逮捕

2020-11-26 20:10

Andhra Man Posts Nude Pictures of Wife on YouTube to Make Money, Arrested DEJ世界播

Andhra Man在YouTube上发布妻子的裸照赚钱,被逮捕DEJ世界播


The Guntur Urban police in Andhra Pradesh have arrested a man for posting nude pictures of his own wife on YouTube and selling them for Rs 300 to anyone interested. The police arrested Bonta Vamsikant Reddy, 30, who originally belongs to Giddaluru in Prakasam district, for digitally outraging his wife's modesty by trying to sell the videos under the name 'darling'. DEJ世界播

安得拉邦的贡图尔城市警察逮捕了一名男子,因为他在YouTube上发布了自己妻子的裸照,并以300卢比的价格出售给任何感兴趣的人。警方逮捕了30岁的邦塔·瓦姆西坎特·雷迪(Bonta Vamsikant Reddy),他原本属于普拉卡萨姆区吉达卢市(Giddaluru),因为他试图以“亲爱的”的名义出售视频,这在数字上激怒了他妻子的谦逊。DEJ世界播

"We have arrested him (Reddy) and are also hunting for some more people who are in his friends list," Guntur Urban Superintendent of Police (SP) Ammi Reddy told IANS. DEJ世界播


Incidentally, Reddy worked in an airline's cargo department in Hyderabad at one time, but returned to AT Agraharam in Guntur with his wife six years ago. DEJ世界播

顺便说一句,雷迪曾在海得拉巴的一家航空公司的货运部工作,但六年前和他的妻子回到了贡图尔的阿格拉哈拉姆机场(AT Agraharam)。DEJ世界播

"He left his job in the airline, returned to Guntur and opened a courier service. He doesn't have a proper source of livelihood and also has some mental issues," he said. DEJ世界播


Reddy did not do well with his courier business and was attempting to attract the youth with the nude pics. He was trying to sell the access to the pics at Rs 300 to any interested person and one Sivasankar from Guntur had bought them from him. DEJ世界播


Reddy has also been accused of trying to hook up one of his friends to have an extramarital affair with his wife. Realising that her own husband was behind all these crimes, Reddy's wife had approached the police. DEJ世界播


The police arrested Reddy under the IT Act and relevant sections of the IPC. They have also applied IPC 498 A on Reddy's father and mother as well. Reddy's parents were accused of harassing their daughter-in-law to bring more dowry as their son was idle and without a job. Two cellphones and a laptop were seized from the accused. DEJ世界播


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