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How African trucking firms are trying to make everything cheaper Lz2世界播



Trucking firm wants to shake up cargo deliveries Lz2世界播


London (CNN Business)Getting products from manufacturers to market can be a slow and expensive process in Africa. But a new generation of trucking companies believes internet technology can transform supply chains and bring down prices for shoppers. Lz2世界播


Among the "e-logistics" businesses looking to shake up the transportation of goods is Kenya's Lori Systems, which uses a cloud-based platform to connect companies wanting to shift cargo with the truck drivers who can move it. Lz2世界播

肯尼亚的洛里系统公司(Lori Systems)是希望撼动货物运输的“电子物流”企业之一,该公司利用一个基于云的平台,将希望转移货物的公司与能够转移货物的卡车司机联系起来。Lz2世界播

"We manage a network of tens of thousands of trucks," says Jean-Claude Homawoo, co-founder of Lori Systems, which works across 10 countries in Africa. His customers include Nestlé (NSRGY), Dangote and Honeywell (HON). Lz2世界播

“我们管理着一个由数万辆卡车组成的网络,”Lori Systems的联合创始人让-克洛德·霍马伍(Jean-Claude Homawoo)说。该公司在非洲10个国家开展业务。他的客户包括雀巢(Nestlé)、丹格特(Dangote)和霍尼韦尔(Honeywell)。Lz2世界播

"If one [truck] breaks down, that's not an issue because we can send another," he tells CNN Business. "Or if the cargo is not ready, we can send that transporter to another site. As long as we keep trucks moving and they're not running empty miles, which is costly, we believe that the prices will continue to come down." Lz2世界播

“如果一辆(卡车)抛锚,那不是问题,因为我们可以再派一辆,”他告诉CNN Business。“或者,如果货物还没有准备好,我们可以把运输车送到另一个地点。只要我们让卡车继续行驶,而且它们不会空驶里程(这是很昂贵的),我们相信价格会继续下降。”Lz2世界播

The ultimate goal is to make Africa more competitive on global markets, he says. Lz2世界播


Poor infrastructure and logistics can add between 40% and 60% to the cost of goods in Africa, according to a report this month by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Google. Lz2世界播


"Even within local markets, inefficient distribution networks can lead locally grown fresh produce to cost substantially more in Africa than in developed markets, even though the cost of labor is substantially less," says William Sonneborn, senior director of the IFC, part of the World Bank group. Lz2世界播

世界银行(World Bank)旗下国际金融公司(IFC)高级主任威廉·桑内伯恩(William Sonneborn)表示:“即便是在当地市场,低效的分销网络也可能导致非洲本地种植的新鲜农产品的价格比发达市场高得多,尽管劳动力成本要低得多。”Lz2世界播

With better logistics, Africa could be a bigger exporter of fresh fruit, says Sonneborn. A cumbersome supply chain means fruit grown on the continent often spoils before reaching its destination, or it can't compete on price. Lz2世界播


"As you fix the whole system, which includes e-logistics and some investments in ports and other key infrastructure assets, you are creating the opportunity for exports," he says. Lz2世界播


Impact on the digital economy Lz2世界播


Homawoo says Lori Systems has raised "north of $25 million" in funding. Sendy, another Kenyan e-logistics company, raised $20 million in an investment round backed by Toyota (TM) in January, and last year, Nigeria's Kobo360 raised $20 million from Goldman Sachs (FADXX) and other investors. Lz2世界播

Homawoo说,Lori Systems已经筹集了“超过2500万美元”的资金。另一家肯尼亚电子物流公司森迪(Sendy)今年1月在丰田(Toyota)的一轮投资中筹集了2000万美元,去年,尼日利亚的Kobo360从高盛(Goldman Sachs)和其他投资者那里筹集了2000万美元。Lz2世界播

But Sonneborn says that for e-logistics to really make an impact, more financial backing is needed, as well as more digital skills on the continent. Lz2世界播


The IFC report cites e-logistics startups as key in growing Africa's internet economy, which could be worth $180 billion by 2025, accounting for more than 5% of the continent's gross domestic product. Lz2世界播


Homawoo believes that the sector could help transform African economies. "If we can make logistics more efficient, the opportunities are endless," he says. Lz2世界播


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