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Banks May Be Office Landlords’ New Problem Tenants km4世界播



New York City’s Farley Building, which Facebook agreed to lease in the summer. km4世界播

今年夏天,Facebook同意租用纽约市的法利大厦(Farley Building)km4世界播

Tech companies have talked the loudest about shifting away from the office. It is banks that are putting their money where their mouth is. km4世界播


Takeup of new office space in Europe was weak over the late summer. Leasing activity halved during the third quarter compared with the same period of 2019, according to data from real-estate company JLL. In the U.S., the decline was even sharper at 55%. The physical constraints of lockdowns made it hard for companies to get out and look at properties. And firms are reluctant to take on extra space until they understand how the shift to home working will play out and what shape the economy is in. km4世界播


Already, though, differences are emerging between industries. Public-sector tenants have been a bright spot for real-estate owners. Less exposed to the business cycle, they have doubled their usual share of overall leasing activity in Europe since the pandemic began, data from real-estate services giant CBRE shows. Tech companies’ share was 17.9%, in line with the average between 2012 and 2019. km4世界播


The numbers should provide some comfort to landlords after a string of tech bosses said more of their employees will work remotely in future. Facebook —which expects half of its workforce to be based in the home office within a decade—signed the biggest New York lease deal of the third quarter when it took over the Farley Building by Penn Station. Microsoft bulked up in Dublin, while Netflix added more space in London. TikTok is currently in talks to increase its office space in the U.K. capital, according to reports in the Times of London. km4世界播

在一系列科技公司老板表示未来将有更多员工远程工作后,这些数字应该会给房东带来一些安慰。Facebook在第三季度签署了纽约最大的一笔租赁协议,由宾夕法尼亚车站(Penn Station)接管了法利大厦(Farley Building)。该公司预计,10年内将有一半员工在总部工作。微软在都柏林扩大了业务,而Netflix在伦敦增加了更多空间。据伦敦《泰晤士报》报道,TikTok目前正在洽谈增加其在英国首都的办公空间。km4世界播


New York City’s Farley Building, which Facebook agreed to lease in the summer. km4世界播

今年夏天,Facebook同意租用纽约市的法利大厦(Farley Building)km4世界播

Banks look far more cautious. Finance companies’ share of overall European leasing activity dipped to 9% during the second and third quarters, from their 17% average. “Some of this might have happened anyway as banks were already trying to be more efficient with their use of space. Now there is greater scrutiny on costs,” says Richard Holberton, head of CBRE’s European office research. Businesses in hard-hit industries such as media and advertising also stepped back sharply. km4世界播

银行看起来要谨慎得多。第二季度和第三季度,金融公司在整个欧洲租赁活动中的份额从17%的平均水平降至9%。“不管怎样,有些事情可能已经发生了,因为银行已经在努力提高使用空间的效率。”世邦魏理仕欧洲办公室研究主管理查德·霍尔伯顿(Richard Holberton)表示:“现在对成本有了更严格的审查。”媒体和广告等遭受重创的行业的业务也大幅后退。km4世界播

These are hardly normal times for leasing trends, and it will take several quarters to see whether the behavior sticks. Based on the earliest signs, though, office landlords can tune out the noise from Silicon Valley and concentrate on what banks and other troubled sectors are saying. The problem tenants of 2021 may be companies that need to cut real-estate costs, not those that could. km4世界播


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