Ahold Delhaize收购快递公司FreshDirect多数股权

2020-11-19 12:01

Ahold Delhaize Buys Majority of Delivery Company FreshDirect tvj世界播

Ahold Delhaize收购快递公司FreshDirect多数股权tvj世界播


FreshDirect’s sales have risen as the pandemic has pushed more consumers to shop for groceries online and eat most of their meals at home. tvj世界播


The owner of supermarkets including Giant and Stop & Shop said it would acquire a majority stake in grocery delivery company Fresh Direct LLC, expanding its U.S. presence as online ordering has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic. tvj世界播

巨人(Giant)和Stop&Shop等超市的所有者表示,将收购食品杂货配送公司Fresh Direct LLC的多数股权,随着冠状病毒大流行期间在线订购的蓬勃发展,该公司将扩大在美国的业务。tvj世界播

Netherlands-based Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV said Wednesday that the deal will accelerate its growth online and around New York, where FreshDirect mainly operates. tvj世界播

总部位于荷兰的Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV周三表示,这笔交易将加速其在线和纽约周边地区的增长,FreshDirect主要在纽约运营。tvj世界播

“Delivery, to me, is here to stay,” said Farhan Siddiqi, Ahold Delhaize’s chief digital officer. He added that New York is among the most important regions for e-commerce because of its huge population and high rates of online shopping. tvj世界播

Ahold Delhaize的首席数字官法尔汗·西迪奇(Farhan Siddiqi)说,“在我看来,送货将会持续下去。”他补充说,纽约是电子商务最重要的地区之一,因为它拥有庞大的人口和高网购率。tvj世界播

Private-equity firm Centerbridge Partners will become a minority investor in FreshDirect, with a 20% stake. The companies didn’t disclose financial terms. tvj世界播

私募股权公司Centerbridge Partners将成为FreshDirect的少数股东,持有20%的股份。两家公司没有披露财务条款。tvj世界播

FreshDirect’s sales have risen as the pandemic has pushed more consumers to shop for groceries online and eat most of their meals at home. Many people are visiting stores less frequently, augmenting those trips with online purchases from companies including FreshDirect, Amazon.com Inc.’s Whole Foods Market chain or Instacart Inc. tvj世界播

FreshDirect的销售额有所上升,因为疫情促使更多的消费者在网上购买食品杂货,并在家中就餐。许多人减少了光顾商店的频率,增加了从FreshDirect、亚马逊(Amazon.com Inc.)旗下全食超市(Whole Foods Market Chain)或Insta Inc.等公司在线购物的次数。tvj世界播

FreshDirect is profitable today, said CEO David McInerney. San Francisco-based Instacart, one of the biggest grocery delivery companies, last month raised $200 million, giving it a valuation of $17.7 billion. The venture capital-backed company said its valuation has more than doubled since the start of the year, and that its order volume and workforce have increased. tvj世界播

FreshDirect首席执行官大卫·麦金纳尼(David McInerney)表示,FreshDirect今天实现盈利。总部位于旧金山的Insta是最大的食品杂货快递公司之一,上个月筹集了2亿美元,使其估值达到177亿美元。这家风险资本支持的公司表示,自今年年初以来,其估值已经翻了一番以上,订单数量和员工人数都有所增加。tvj世界播

Many grocers are relying on Instacart and other outside companies to pack and deliver orders. Some supermarkets are building small, automated warehouses near their stores to prepare online orders. tvj世界播


But making delivery profitable remains challenging. Retailers have said online purchases tend to be less profitable than those in stores because of the extra expenses associated with filling, packaging and delivering orders. Some are giving priority to store-pickup orders over delivery orders. tvj世界播


FreshDirect, which opened in New York 18 years ago, raised $189 million from investors led by J.P. Morgan Asset Management in 2016. The deal with Ahold Delhaize and Centerbridge Partners is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021, the companies said. tvj世界播

FreshDirect于18年前在纽约开业,2016年从摩根大通资产管理公司(J.P.Morgan Asset Management)为首的投资者那里筹集了1.89亿美元。两家公司表示,与Ahold Delhaize和Centerbridge Partners的交易预计将在2021年第一季度完成。tvj世界播

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