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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Swooping Into Homes and Theaters Christmas Day unH世界播



Gal Gadot in a scene from ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ which Warner Bros. plans to release simultaneously in theaters and via HBO Max on Dec. 25 in a bid to bolster the streaming service. unH世界播

盖尔·加朵(Gal Gadot)在华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)计划于12月25日在影院和HBO Max同步上映的《神奇女侠1984》(Wonder Women 1984)中的一个场景,目的是支持流媒体服务unH世界播

AT&T Inc.’s Warner Bros. said Wednesday it will debut its highly anticipated “Wonder Woman” sequel simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming service on Christmas Day. The move responds to both the crisis facing the movie business due to Covid-19 and the company’s desire to attract consumers to its new digital platform. unH世界播

美国电话电报公司(AT&T Inc.)旗下华纳兄弟公司(Warner Bros.)周三表示,将于圣诞节当天在影院和HBO Max流媒体服务上同步上映备受期待的《神奇女侠》续集。此举既是对电影业务因新冠肺炎而面临的危机的回应,也是对该公司希望吸引消费者到其新的数字平台的回应。unH世界播

For weeks, Hollywood’s biggest parlor game has been speculating about Warner Bros. plans for “Wonder Woman 1984.” Major studios have largely canceled plans to release high-profile films in theaters in recent months. unH世界播

几周来,好莱坞最大的室内游戏一直在猜测华纳兄弟公司(Warner Bros)计划出品的《神奇女侠1984》(Wonder Women 1984)。近几个月来,各大电影公司基本上取消了在影院上映备受瞩目的电影的计划。unH世界播

Traditionally, studios don’t release big-budget movies on streaming services until they have had a long run in theaters. But the pandemic has made theaters a tougher proposition and streaming an easier one. unH世界播


Warner Bros. may still be smarting from its decision to release its last big movie—the science fiction thriller “Tenet”—in the U.S., where it performed poorly as the coronavirus kept people home and many big city theaters closed. unH世界播

华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)上一部大片--科幻惊悚片《特尼特》(Tenet)--在美国上映的决定可能仍让华纳兄弟感到痛苦。由于冠状病毒导致人们呆在家里,许多大城市的影院也关门了,华纳兄弟在美国的表现不佳。unH世界播

At the same time, streaming services have grown in popularity as more people consume entertainment at home during the pandemic. Putting the next “Wonder Woman” movie on HBO Max could give the new service a much-needed shot in the arm amid heightened competition. Walt Disney Co. took an even bigger swing at attracting new subscribers to its own streaming service when it exclusively released its $200 million “Mulan” remake on its Disney+ streaming service. unH世界播

与此同时,随着越来越多的人在疫情期间在家消费娱乐,流媒体服务变得越来越受欢迎。在竞争日益激烈的情况下,将下一部《神奇女侠》放到HBO Max上,可能会给这项新服务注入一剂亟需的强心针。华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)在其迪士尼+流媒体服务上独家发布了耗资2亿美元翻拍的《花木兰》(Mulan),在吸引新订户使用自己的流媒体服务方面做出了更大的努力。unH世界播

HBO Max is currently available in nearly 30 million pay-TV households. It also just reached an agreement with Amazon.com Inc. to stream the service through its various devices, which reach several million more consumers. unH世界播

HBO Max目前在近3000万个付费电视家庭中可用。它还刚刚与亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)达成了一项协议。通过它的各种设备流传输这项服务,这些设备接触到了数百万以上的消费者。unH世界播

The service still trails Netflix Inc. and Disney+ in domestic subscribers, both of which have added millions of new subscribers recent months. unH世界播

这项服务仍落后于Netflix Inc.。和迪士尼+,这两家公司最近几个月都增加了数百万新订户。unH世界播

Warner Bros. said it had no plans to add a surcharge to HBO Max subscribers to watch “Wonder Woman 1984.” WarnerMedia, the AT&T unit that is parent to both HBO Max and Warner Bros. may use the debut of “Wonder Woman” as bait to offer incentives for people to subscribe to the service, a person familiar with the matter said. unH世界播

华纳兄弟表示,它没有计划向HBO Max的订户收取观看《神奇女侠1984》的附加费。据知情人士透露,HBO Max和华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)的母公司AT&T旗下的华纳传媒(WarnerMedia)可能会以《神奇女侠》的首播为诱饵,鼓励人们订阅这项服务。unH世界播

When Disney released “Mulan” on its service, it charged an additional $30 to view it. Disney hasn’t said how many transactions “Mulan” generated. The studio has, however, chosen not to charge extra for the next high-profile release set to debut on Disney+, the upcoming Pixar movie “Soul,” which will be available on Christmas Day. unH世界播


Warner Bros. attempted to single-handedly revive the domestic theatrical industry in September, when it released the $200 million spy thriller “Tenet” in U.S. theaters despite multiplex closures in major coastal markets like New York City and Los Angeles. While the film scored respectable box-office returns abroad, grossing $297.4 million internationally, in North America it has limped to a paltry $56.3 million. unH世界播

去年9月,尽管纽约市和洛杉矶等主要沿海市场关闭了多家影院,但华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)仍在美国影院上映了耗资2亿美元的间谍惊悚片《特尼特》(Tenet),试图靠一己之力重振国内戏剧业。虽然这部电影在海外获得了可观的票房回报,在国际上获得了2.974亿美元的票房收入,但在北美,它的票房收入却微不足道,只有5630万美元。unH世界播

Outside the U.S., Warner Bros. is releasing “Wonder Woman 1984” on Dec. 16. The move provides a huge lifeline to international theater chains, according to Tim Richards, who runs the world’s sixth-largest exhibitor, Vue International. unH世界播

在美国以外,华纳兄弟将于12月16日上映“神奇女侠1984”。据全球第六大放映公司Vue International的负责人蒂姆·理查兹(Tim Richards)说,此举为国际连锁影院提供了一条巨大的生命线。unH世界播

“If ‘Wonder Woman’ is released, we will reopen,” Mr. Richards said on Wednesday before Warner Bros. made its announcement. Despite having reopened ahead of the release of “Tenet,” the majority of Vue International’s locations recently closed again as European governments issued a new round of lockdown measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. unH世界播

“如果”神奇女侠“上映,我们将重新开放,”理查兹周三在华纳兄弟宣布这一消息之前说。尽管Vue International在《Tenet》上映前重新开业,但随着欧洲各国政府发布旨在遏制冠状病毒传播的新一轮封锁措施,Vue International的大部分门店最近再次关闭。unH世界播

Comcast Corp.’s Universal Pictures has also updated its distribution strategy to make some films available on premium online rental platforms, including Apple TV and Amazon’s website, shortly after a theatrical release. unH世界播

康卡斯特公司(Comcast Corp.)旗下的环球影业(Universal Pictures)也更新了发行策略,一些影片在影院上映后不久就可以在苹果电视(Apple TV)和亚马逊(Amazon)网站等高端在线租赁平台上观看。unH世界播

The studio recently struck agreements with leading theater chains AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and Cinemark Holdings Inc. to make new films available online in as little as 2 weeks after a movie premieres in theaters. Traditionally, theaters have been granted exclusive rights for about 2 months. unH世界播

该公司最近与领先的院线AMC娱乐控股公司(AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.)达成了协议。和Cinemark Holdings Inc.。在一部电影在影院首映后的短短两周半内,就可以在网上看到新电影。传统上,影院被授予独家版权的期限约为两个半月。unH世界播

With the agreements in place, Universal has committed to release more films to theaters than any other major studio, including the family film “The Croods: A New Age,” which premieres over the Thanksgiving holiday. unH世界播

达成协议后,环球影业承诺在影院上映的影片比其他任何大型制片厂都多,包括在感恩节假期首映的合家欢电影《克鲁德:新时代》(The Croods:A New Age)。unH世界播

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