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Pandemic ‘Nesting’ Isn’t Enough to Revive Victoria’s Secret 4eW世界播



Bath & Body Works recorded about $600 million more in third-quarter sales, compared with a year earlier. 4eW世界播

与去年同期相比,Bath&Body Works第三季度的销售额增加了约6亿美元4eW世界播

Bath & Body Works posted a 55% jump in quarterly sales as the coronavirus fueled demand for soap and hand sanitizer, helping its parent company offset another quarter of declining sales at its Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. 4eW世界播

Bath&Body Works公布季度销售额跃升55%,因为冠状病毒刺激了肥皂和洗手液的需求,帮助其母公司抵消了维多利亚的秘密内衣品牌又一个季度销售额下降的影响。4eW世界播

L Brands Inc., which owns both chains, said Wednesday it swung to a profit and its overall sales rose 14% in the quarter ended Oct. 31. In August, L Brands said it would close 250 Victoria’s Secret stores and cut 15% of its corporate jobs as it prepares to separate the two brands. 4eW世界播

这两家连锁店的所有者L Brands Inc.周三表示,该公司扭亏为盈,截至10月31日的季度整体销售额增长14%。今年8月,L Brands表示,将关闭250家维多利亚的秘密门店,并削减15%的企业工作岗位,以准备将这两个品牌分开。4eW世界播

Shares of L Brands jumped 15% in after-hours trading after the results exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. 4eW世界播

在业绩超出华尔街预期后,L Brands股价在盘后交易中大涨15%。4eW世界播

Personal-hygiene products such as hand sanitizers and soaps boosted Bath & Body Works sales to $1.7 billion, up about $600 million from a year earlier. Executives said they were able to pull back on promotions given the strong demand both in physical stores and online. 4eW世界播

洗手液和肥皂等个人卫生用品将Bath&Body Works的销售额推高至17亿美元,较上年同期增长约6亿美元。高管们表示,考虑到实体店和在线商店的强劲需求,他们能够减少促销活动。4eW世界播

Victoria’s Secret had higher sales in sleepwear and loungewear as more people are “nesting” at home, executives said, but its total sales fell 14% to $1.35 billion. Declining store sales offset e-commerce and catalog gains for the brand. The women’s catalog brand, once the staple of beauty and lingerie fashion, has experienced declining sales for years. 4eW世界播



For years, one of the biggest days of the holiday shopping season was Black Friday. But in 2020, that could change. The coronavirus pandemic is fast-tracking big changes in retail that were already under way, pushing consumers into a digital future. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ 4eW世界播

多年来,假日购物季最重要的日子之一是黑色星期五。但到了2020年,这种情况可能会改变。冠状病毒大流行正在快速推进零售业已经在进行的重大变革,将消费者推向数字化的未来。插图:雅各布·雷诺兹(Jacob Reynolds)/《华尔街日报》4eW世界播

Executives are trying to turn around Victoria’s Secret after a plan to sell a controlling stake to private-equity firm Sycamore Partners collapsed this year. The deal was scrapped after Sycamore claimed that furloughs and store closures related to the Covid-19 pandemic violated the terms of the deal. 4eW世界播

在今年将控股权出售给私募股权公司Sycamore Partners的计划失败后,高管们正试图扭转维多利亚的秘密。在Sycamore声称与新冠肺炎疫情相关的休假和门店关闭违反了交易条款后,这笔交易被取消。4eW世界播

After the failed deal, longtime L Brands leader Les Wexner stepped down as chief executive. Mr. Wexner had faced scrutiny amid alleged ties to the late Jeffrey Epstein, who was indicted last year for a scheme to sexually abuse minors. 4eW世界播

在这笔交易失败后,L Brands的长期领导者莱斯·韦克斯纳(Les Wexner)辞去了首席执行官一职。韦克斯纳曾因涉嫌与已故的杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)有关联而面临审查。爱泼斯坦去年因策划性侵未成年人而被起诉。4eW世界播

Victoria’s Secret canceled its annual fashion show for the first time since its creation in the 1990s to re-imagine the brand’s marketing strategy. It also brought back catalog mailings after deciding to cut them. 4eW世界播


The brand has been trying to turn its image around, said L Brands and Bath & Body Works CEO Andrew Meslow. “Customers have noticed the changes that we’ve made in our merchandise assortments and marketing and are responding positively,” he said. 4eW世界播

L Brands and Bath&Body Works首席执行官安德鲁·梅斯洛(Andrew Meslow)表示,该品牌一直在努力扭转自己的形象。他说:“顾客已经注意到我们在商品分类和营销方面所做的改变,他们的反应很积极。”4eW世界播

L Brands said its profit was $330.6 million for the October-ended quarter, compared with a loss of $252 million a year earlier when it took a large write-down on the value of the Victoria’s Secret brand. 4eW世界播

L Brands表示,在截至10月的季度里,其利润为3.306亿美元,而去年同期亏损2.52亿美元,当时该公司对维多利亚的秘密(Victoria‘s Secret)品牌的价值进行了大规模减记。4eW世界播

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