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Wall Street's $8 trillion man: Markets are 'tired' of Trump chaos n2O世界播



FULL SHOW 11/18/2020: Stocks rise on vaccine optimism n2O世界播


New York (CNN Business)The post-election celebration on Wall Street isn't just about relief over a divided government. It's also being driven by hopes of calmer leadership after four years of chaos in Washington. n2O世界播


At least, that's the conclusion from one of the most powerful figures on Wall Street: BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. n2O世界播


"I do believe strongly that the market is in desire of more stability, of less volatility," Fink said during a pre-taped conversation airing Wednesday evening at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum. n2O世界播

芬克在彭博新经济论坛(Bloomberg New Economy Forum)周三晚间播出的一段预先录制的对话中表示:“我坚信,市场渴望更多的稳定,更少的波动。”n2O世界播

"They're looking for a voice that moderates, not a voice that incites," the BlackRock chief said, according to a transcript viewed first by CNN Business. "I truly believe President-elect Biden can be that voice of reason." n2O世界播

根据美国有线电视新闻网商业频道(CNN Business)最先看到的一份文字记录,这位贝莱德(BlackRock)首席执行官表示:“他们寻找的是温和的声音,而不是煽动的声音。”“我真的相信当选总统拜登可以发出理性的声音。”n2O世界播




The pro-business pillars of the Trump agenda, namely tax cuts and deregulation, helped boost markets. But Fink's comments underscore some of the downsides of the Trump era: unpredictable decision-making, firings of top officials via tweet and a deepening of political divisions. n2O世界播


"We're all tired. We're tired about all the volume we hear out of Washington," Fink said during the conversation with David Rubenstein, the billionaire co-founder and executive chairman of the Carlyle Group. n2O世界播

芬克在与凯雷集团(Carlyle Group)联合创始人兼执行主席、亿万富翁大卫·鲁宾斯坦(David Rubenstein)交谈时说,“我们都累了。我们厌倦了从华盛顿传出的大量信息。”n2O世界播

'A little more global harmony' n2O世界播


The BlackRock (BLK) CEO added that he believes investors are "encouraged by having a leader now that is more inclusive, a leader that could probably bring a little more global harmony." n2O世界播


Fink referenced Biden's November 8 victory speech, when the president-elect pledged not to govern the blue states or red states, only the United States. n2O世界播


"For all those of you who voted for President Trump, I understand the disappointment tonight," Biden said. "I've lost a couple of times myself. But now, let's give each other a chance." n2O世界播


After stumbling the week before the election, the S&P 500 (SPX) notched its best election week performance since 1932. The rally was driven by relief over the relative calm of the election itself, the emergence of a winner and hopes that Republicans' stronger-than-expected Senate performance will keep government divided in 2021. "Gridlock" in Washington means Biden likely won't be able to hike taxes or enact sweeping climate policies. n2O世界播


"The market likes a divided government," Fink said. "They want to make sure there's proper checks and balances." n2O世界播


Fink has mainly contributed money to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton during her unsuccessful 2016 bid for the presidency. At the time, Fink was mentioned as a potential Treasury secretary in a Clinton administration. But he has also backed Republicans, such as former House Speaker Paul Ryan. n2O世界播

芬克主要向民主党人捐款,包括希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在2016年竞选总统失败期间。当时,在克林顿政府中,芬克被认为是潜在的财政部长。但他也支持共和党人,比如前众议院议长保罗·瑞安(Paul Ryan)。n2O世界播

Inequality is getting worse n2O世界播


BlackRock the world's largest asset manager, overseeing $7.8 trillion. And its iShares family of ETFs is incredibly popular, hauling in $41 billion of assets during the third quarter alone. n2O世界播


In fact, BlackRock is so powerful that the federal government asked for its help during each of the last two recessions. In March, the Federal Reserve made history by setting up a special purpose vehicle to buy junk bonds and other corporate debt for the first time ever. The Fed tapped BlackRock to manage the program, which helped restore confidence in financial markets. n2O世界播

事实上,贝莱德是如此强大,以至于联邦政府在过去两次衰退中的每一次都向其寻求帮助。今年3月,美联储(Federal Reserve)史无前例地设立了一个购买垃圾债券和其他公司债券的特殊目的载体,创造了历史。美联储委托贝莱德(BlackRock)管理这一计划,这有助于恢复金融市场的信心。n2O世界播

Fink praised the Federal Reserve's response to the crisis as "nothing but amazing." n2O世界播


However, he warned the pandemic is worsening the divide between rich and poor. n2O世界播



Joe Biden fires an early warning shot at Wall Street n2O世界播

乔·拜登(Joe Biden)向华尔街发出早期警告n2O世界播

"The poor do not own financial assets, so the divide because of the strength of the equity markets and the job losses that we've witnessed has really created even more of an income inequality," Fink said. "If we are going to try to really rebuild our economy, we need a very targeted fiscal stimulus for those who are still unemployed." n2O世界播


If Biden asked for his advice, Fink said, he would urge the incoming administration to focus on creating jobs through a long-overdue infrastructure package to fix crumbling roads and bridges. n2O世界播


"More than any other country, we need a strong infrastructure bill right now," he said. "We have $2 trillion of deferred maintenance." n2O世界播


Rubenstein asked the BlackRock boss if he'd consider leaving his job to become Fed chief, Treasury Secretary or another major policy job. Fink demurred, but he didn't rule it out. n2O世界播


"I've committed to my employees and to my board and to my family already," Fink said, "I'm staying in New York for the time being." n2O世界播


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