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ST Engineering to reorganise into commercial and defence & public security clusters mwQ世界播



The change in structure was announced in a regulatory filing on Nov 17. mwQ世界播


SINGAPORE (THE BUSINESS TIMES) - Mainboard-listed ST Engineering will be reorganised into two main clusters from the new year - commercial, and defence & public security, which replace the sector-structure of aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine. mwQ世界播

新加坡(《商业时报》)--从新年开始,在主板上市的ST Engineering将被重组为两个主要集群--商业、国防和公共安全,它们将取代航空航天、电子、陆地系统和海洋的行业结构。mwQ世界播

The change in structure was announced in a regulatory filing on Tuesday (Nov 17), which ST Engineering said will position the group for its next phase of growth, and propel it towards becoming a global technology, defence and engineering powerhouse. mwQ世界播

这一结构变化是在周二(11月17日)提交给监管机构的文件中宣布的,ST Engineering表示,这将使该集团为下一阶段的增长定位,并推动其成为全球科技、国防和工程巨头。mwQ世界播

On Wednesday, ST Engineering announced it expects full-year revenue to be around 10 per cent lower for FY2020 than in FY2019, in a third-quarter business update. mwQ世界播

周三,意法半导体(ST Engineering)在第三季度业务更新中宣布,预计2020财年全年营收将比2019财年下降约10%。mwQ世界播

ST Engineering had previously provided revenue guidance in August that FY2020 revenue was expected to be between 5 per cent and 15 per cent lower than FY2019. It said on Wednesday that group revenue performance to date remained within the guidance, and the expectation was now for revenue to be close to the midpoint of its earlier guidance. mwQ世界播


For its aerospace segment, ST Engineering said that a faster recovering domestic travel sector augurs well for its narrowbody maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) work. mwQ世界播

对于航空航天部门,ST Engineering表示,国内旅游行业复苏速度更快,这对其窄体维护、维修和大修(MRO)工作来说是个好兆头。mwQ世界播

It also said it is pursuing passenger-to-freighter conversion opportunities, as there is market demand for dedicated freight aircraft, given limited passenger flights with belly load capacity. ST Engineering also noted that fleet retirements of passenger planes have added to feedstock availability. mwQ世界播

该公司还表示,正在寻求客机到货机的转换机会,因为鉴于载客量有限的客运航班,市场对专用货机有需求。ST Engineering还指出,客机机队的退役增加了原料供应。mwQ世界播

It secured around $600 million in aerospace orders for the quarter, taking the total for the first nine months of 2020 to about $2 billion. mwQ世界播


ST Engineering also secured around $1.1 billion in new orders for its electronics segment in the third quarter, taking its nine-month total to $2.3 billion. The orders include rail electronics projects, smart digital building solutions, and defence and public security projects. mwQ世界播

ST Engineering还在第三季度为其电子部门获得了约11亿美元的新订单,使其九个月来的总订单达到23亿美元。这些订单包括铁路电子项目、智能数字建筑解决方案,以及国防和公共安全项目。mwQ世界播

The company said its full workforce is back at its Singapore yards for the marine sector, and it completed numerous ship repair projects, rig repair and related fabrication works. mwQ世界播


It added that its defence land platform business remains steady. However, it noted that tenders for road construction and specialty vehicles are on hold. mwQ世界播


As at September 2020, its order book stood at $15.8 billion, slightly lower than the $15.9 billion in June. mwQ世界播


ST Engineering said it will focus on opportunities to capitalise on new demand arising from Covid-19, such as cybersecurity and sensors. It also has group-wide efficiency and productivity initiatives on track to target to offset the effect of lower level of government support in 2021. mwQ世界播


On its reorganisation, the company said the commercial cluster will drive the group's international growth in commercial aerospace, urban solutions and satellite communications. This cluster combines into one integral unit the group's smart-city technologies and capabilities, which now reside in the four sectors. mwQ世界播


The commercial aerospace team will continue to drive long-term growth of the aerospace businesses in aero structures and systems, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and aviation-asset management. Urban solutions and satellite communications teams will drive the group's smart-city business growth, said ST Engineering. mwQ世界播

商业航空团队将继续推动航空结构和系统、维护、维修和大修(MRO)以及航空资产管理等航空航天业务的长期增长。ST Engineering表示,城市解决方案和卫星通信团队将推动该集团智能城市业务的增长。mwQ世界播

The defence & public cluster will integrate capabilities in digital systems and cyber, land systems, marine and defence aerospace. This cluster will focus on serving the evolving needs of its customers in defence and public security, and in critical infrastructure segments. It will also continue to pursue growth in international defence, and public safety and security businesses. mwQ世界播


Vincent Chong, chief executive of ST Engineering said: "The environment today is one where technological advancements and shifting customer demands are catalysing disruptive business models and rapidly transforming the competitive landscape. The time is now right for us to create a sharper and more agile organisation that will be highly attuned and responsive to our customers' needs in the new world." mwQ世界播

ST Engineering首席执行官文森特·庄(Vincent Chong)表示:“当今的环境是,技术进步和不断变化的客户需求正在催生颠覆性的商业模式,并迅速改变竞争格局。现在是我们创建一个更敏锐、更灵活的组织的时候了,它将高度协调,并响应客户在新世界的需求。”mwQ世界播

The change in organisation will be reflected in its financial results for the first half-year to June 2021, with financial reporting to be based on the new operating segments. mwQ世界播


However, it is not expected to have any material impact on the consolidated net tangible assets per share and earnings per share of ST Engineering for the current financial year, the company said. mwQ世界播

然而,该公司表示,预计这不会对ST Engineering本财年的合并每股有形资产净值和每股收益产生任何实质性影响。mwQ世界播

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