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A survey of UK food and drink companies found that just 3.5% were ready for Brexit YN9世界播



Franco Fubini, founder and CEO of Natoora, a fruit and vegetable distribution company, poses for a photograph in the company's warehouse in south London on December 5, 2018. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images YN9世界播

2018年12月5日,果蔬配送公司Natoora创始人兼首席执行官佛朗哥·富比尼在该公司位于伦敦南部的仓库内摆姿势拍照。Daniel Leal-Olivas/法新社Getty Images报道YN9世界播

*A third of UK food and drink companies said they definitely won't be ready for the end of the Brexit transition period, in a survey shared exclusively with Business Insider. YN9世界播

*在一项独家与Business Insider分享的调查中,三分之一的英国食品和饮料公司表示,他们肯定没有为英国退欧过渡期的结束做好准备。YN9世界播

*Many of them said they could not be fully ready due to the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic. YN9世界播


*Just 3.5% of companies said they were fully prepared for a new trading relationship with the European Union January 1. YN9世界播


*The findings paint a worrying picture of business readiness with eleven weeks to go until the transition period ends. YN9世界播


*There is growing tension between Boris Johnson's government and industry leaders amid suggestions that ministers are trying to blame businesses for a lack of readiness. YN9世界播

*鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)政府和行业领袖之间的紧张关系日益紧张,有迹象表明,部长们正试图将缺乏准备归咎于企业。YN9世界播

A survey of UK food and drink companies shared exclusively with Business Insider, found that just 3.5% said last month that they were "fully ready" for Brexit with a third saying they don't expect to be ready in time for the UK leaving EU trading rules at the end of 2020. YN9世界播


The food and drink sector is set to be heavily affected by Britain's exit from European trading rules, with companies bracing themselves for checks on goods and new rules for labelling, regardless of whether the UK and EU strike a new free trade deal. YN9世界播


In the absence of a free trade agreement, costly tariffs will be slapped on food and drink products, making it more expensive for British businesses to sell to the EU and creating the likelihood of price rices in UK supermarkets. YN9世界播


The survey carried out by The Food & Drink Federation found that just 3.5% of businesses believed they were "fully prepared" for January 1. YN9世界播


A third — 33.3% — said they would not be ready on time despite their efforts to prepare, with a number citing the coronavirus pandemic as the key reason. 19.3% said "we have done as much as we can, but cannot be fully prepared by 1 January 2021," while 14% said "impacts of Covid-19 mean we do not have the capacity to fully prepare in time." YN9世界播


10.5% of companies said they would prepare for changes "when there is certainty about a deal with the EU," which might not come until several weeks before the end of the year, if at all. UK and EU negotiators are not expected to strike an agreement before the EU Council Summit on Thursday and talks are set to continue into the autumn. YN9世界播


Just over half of the companies — 52.6% — said they have "more to do" but "intend to be fully prepared." YN9世界播


The survey carried out between 12 August to 9 September, is the latest sign that swathes of British businesses are not ready for a series of changes to how UK trade with the EU will work in around eleven weeks' time. YN9世界播


Another survey carried out by the UK government over the summer found that less than a quarter of businesses overall felt "fully ready" for the end of the transition period, while 40% believed the transition period would be extended despite the legal deadline for doing so having already passed. YN9世界播


A statement this week by UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma indicated a greater sense of urgency in the government's message to businesses, with the minister warning that they face disruption in January "unless you take action." YN9世界播

英国商务大臣阿洛克·夏尔马(Alok Sharma)本周发表的一份声明表明,政府向企业传达的信息更具紧迫感,这位大臣警告称,“除非你采取行动”,否则它们将在1月份面临中断。YN9世界播

Sharma said: "I know these are challenging times, however it is vital that your business prepares now for our new relationship with the EU, outside of the single market and customs union. YN9世界播


"There are 80 days until the end of the transition period and there will be no extension, so you need to act now." YN9世界播



Getty YN9世界播


There is growing tension between Johnson's government and industry figures amid suggestions that ministers are trying to blame businesses for their lack of Brexit readiness. YN9世界播


On Tuesday, several reacted angrily to Cabinet Office minister Lord Agnew, who told the Treasury Committee that businesses had to "wake up" and accused them of a "head-in-the-sand approach" to Brexit preparation. YN9世界播

周二,几位人士对内阁府大臣阿格纽勋爵(Lord Agnew)做出愤怒回应,阿格纽勋爵告诉财政部委员会,企业必须“觉醒”,并指责他们在准备英国退欧时采取了“固执己见的做法”。YN9世界播

"If there's one headline I hope comes out of this appearance today, it's to send another shot over traders' bows to warn them that is their businesses that are at stake from January 1 and they really must engage in a more energetic way," he told members of Parliament. YN9世界播


"The government can only do so much. If businesses haven't engaged in the process and understood the process from January 1, then that has to be their responsibility." YN9世界播


Dominic Goudie, the Food & Drink Federation's Head of International Trade, said "industry needs no reminder that time is desperately short." YN9世界播

食品和饮料联合会国际贸易负责人多米尼克·古迪(Dominic Goudie)说,“工业界不需要提醒,时间非常紧迫。”YN9世界播

He told Business Insider: "Businesses want to prepare and are getting on with it to the best of their ability, but this continues to be hampered by large gaps in essential information that can only be provided by UK Government. YN9世界播

他告诉Business Insider:“企业希望做好准备,并正在尽其所能地进行这项工作,但这仍然受到关键信息巨大缺口的阻碍,这些信息只能由英国政府提供。”YN9世界播

"The FDF shared a list with the Government of 170 unanswered questions where businesses urgently need answers, many of which we have been asking repeatedly for more than a year. Even if we receive answers tomorrow, in many cases it will be too late for businesses to make the costly changes that may be required, including to product labelling and their supply chains. YN9世界播


"Time is running out for government to provide the answers that we need, and failure to do so presents significantly increased risks for shopper choice and affordability." YN9世界播


Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, on Tuesday, told the Institute for Government think tank that it would be "profoundly unfair" to blame businesses for a lack of readiness. YN9世界播

周二,英国工业联合会(ConFederation Of British Industry)总干事卡罗琳·费尔贝恩(Carolyn Fairbairn)对政府智库(Institute For Government)表示,将准备不足归咎于企业是“极其不公平的”。YN9世界播

"It has been a very confusing picture for firms in terms of knowing what to prepare for," she said. YN9世界播


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