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Top battery makers in talks over US$20b Indonesia electric vehicle plans lSV世界播



JAKARTA (BLOOMBERG) - Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) and LG Chem, two of the world's top producers of batteries for electric vehicles (EV), have signalled they may join projects that could see US$20 billion (S$27.2 billion) more invested in supply chains in Indonesia, according to the country's government. lSV世界播


The firms signed separate heads of agreement with Aneka Tambang last month aimed at manufacturing higher value products for batteries from the state-owned miner's nickel output, said Septian Hario Seto, deputy for investment coordination and mining at the coordinating ministry for maritime affairs and investments. lSV世界播

海洋事务和投资协调部负责投资协调和采矿的副主管Septian Hario Seto说,这两家公司上个月分别与安妮卡淡邦(Aneka Tambang)签署了协议负责人,旨在利用这家国有矿商的镍产量生产更高价值的电池产品。lSV世界播

It's a strategy that would involve development of new capacity for metals processing to battery pack assembly, according to Seto. "This is a race on technology," he said in an interview. "LG Chem and CATL are two front-runners in lithium battery technology." Indonesia holds almost a quarter of global reserves of nickel, a key metal for electric cars, and is seeking to use that advantage, along with cheap power prices and low-cost manufacturing, to build a domestic battery industry. lSV世界播


LG Chem and Aneka Tambang have agreed to explore joint venture options, though the plan is at a very early stage, a spokesperson for the South Korean battery maker said. A full agreement would help provide LG Chem with stable access to nickel, according to the company. lSV世界播

韩国电池制造商LG化学(LG Chem)的一位发言人表示,LG化学和安妮卡淡邦(Aneka Tambang)已同意探索合资选择,尽管该计划还处于非常早期的阶段。LG化学表示,达成全面协议将有助于为该公司提供稳定的镍供应渠道。lSV世界播

China's CATL, already part of a consortium building a nickel processing plant and other battery supply chain infrastructure in central Sulawesi, declined to comment. Aneka Tambang is examining cooperation with third parties, and studying plans to develop a downstream industry for nickel ores, the firm said. lSV世界播

中国的CATL已经是在苏拉威西中部建设镍加工厂和其他电池供应链基础设施的财团的一部分,该公司拒绝置评。该公司表示,Aneka Tambang正在研究与第三方的合作,并研究发展镍矿石下游产业的计划。lSV世界播

Projects worth more than US$30 billion have already been announced under Indonesia's bid to become a hub for production of battery materials, the packs themselves and electric vehicles, including existing commitments from LG Chem and CATL. Additional investments would offer further support to President Joko Widodo's ambition of developing the country as a key regional center in the industry. lSV世界播


Firms including Indonesia Asahan Aluminium, known as Inalum, and state power producer Perusahaan Listrik Negara will collaborate under the Indonesia Battery holding company. That business will produce lithium-ion cells and work with Aneka Tambang and others, Inalum president director Orias Petrus Moedak said Tuesday. lSV世界播

包括印尼阿萨汉铝业(Inalum)和国家电力生产商Perusahaan Listrik Negara在内的公司将在印尼电池控股公司下进行合作。Inalum总裁Orias Petrus Moedak周二表示,该业务将生产锂离子电池,并与Aneka Tambang和其他公司合作。lSV世界播

The nation's lack of existing lithium-ion battery production makes the task of developing an end-to-end EV industry more challenging, while Indonesia ranks behind some neighbouring countries on research and development spending, according to Allan Ray Restauro, an analyst with BloombergNEF. More needs to be done to stimulate local demand for electric vehicles, he said in an April report. lSV世界播

彭博资讯(BloombergNEF)分析师艾伦·雷·斯特雷托(Allan Ray Restauro)表示,印尼缺乏现有的锂离子电池生产,这使得发展端到端电动汽车行业的任务更具挑战性,而印尼在研发支出方面落后于一些邻国。他在4月份的一份报告中表示,需要采取更多措施来刺激当地对电动汽车的需求。lSV世界播

Existing efforts to lift production of nickel materials for batteries through development of four high pressure acid leaching sites - plants that're able to convert Indonesia's lower quality ores into battery-grade chemicals - are advancing, Mr Seto said in the interview last week. At least one of the plants could begin production before the end of next year, if environmental approval and waste management plans are completed, he said. lSV世界播


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