Business Insider母公司Nears达成协议购买Morning Brew控股权

2020-10-14 12:00

Business Insider Parent Nears Deal to Buy Controlling Stake in Morning Brew gju世界播

Business Insider母公司Nears达成协议购买Morning Brew控股权gju世界播


Morning Brew co-founders Alex Lieberman, left, and Austin Rief in a handout photo from 2018. gju世界播


Business Insider parent Insider Inc. is nearing a deal to acquire a controlling stake in Morning Brew, a news startup known for a popular email newsletter on business and finance, according to people familiar with the situation. gju世界播

Business Insider母公司Insider Inc.。据知情人士透露,该公司即将达成协议,收购Morning Brew的控股权。Morning Brew是一家新闻初创公司,以一份关于商业和金融的热门电子邮件时事通讯而闻名。gju世界播

The terms the companies are discussing would value Morning Brew at over $75 million, including certain performance incentives, the people said. The companies haven’t completed a deal, and the talks could still fall apart. gju世界播

知情人士说,两家公司正在讨论的条款将使Morning Brew的估值超过7500万美元,其中包括某些业绩激励。两家公司尚未完成交易,谈判仍有可能破裂。gju世界播

The sale of Morning Brew is a bright spot in a digital-media sector that has faced a number of challenges. The online-ad market was already under pressure before the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated the situation. gju世界播


Newsletters, including those operated by companies like Morning Brew, theSkimm and traditional media outlets, are viewed as attractive, partly because they can help companies expand the reach of their content and recruit new subscribers. Newsletters often command higher advertising rates than traditional display ads in news articles because they allow advertisers to reach engaged users directly in their email inboxes. gju世界播

时事通讯,包括由Morning Brew、The Skimm和传统媒体运营的通讯,被视为有吸引力,部分原因是它们可以帮助公司扩大其内容的覆盖范围,并招募新的订户。时事通讯通常比新闻文章中传统的展示广告要求更高的广告费,因为它们允许广告商直接在他们的电子邮件收件箱中接触到参与的用户。gju世界播

Morning Brew was founded in 2015 at the University of Michigan by Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief, who raised less than $1 million in capital to launch the startup. The company has nearly 3 million subscribers for its business newsletters. About 2.5 million people subscribe to its flagship daily newsletter, Morning Brew, which serves up pithy summaries of business and technology news. gju世界播

Morning Brew于2015年由亚历克斯·利伯曼(Alex Lieberman)和奥斯汀·里夫(Austin Ref)在密歇根大学(University Of Michigan)创立,他们筹集了不到100万美元的资本来启动这家初创公司。该公司的商业通讯拥有近300万订户。大约有250万人订阅了其旗舰每日时事通讯Morning Brew,提供商业和技术新闻的简明摘要。gju世界播

Morning Brew is on pace to meet its revenue target of $20 million and is profitable, one of the people said. The company, which is aimed at young professionals, has signed up advertisers including Fidelity Investments Inc., Oracle Corp. and sustainable footwear company AllBirds Inc. gju世界播

其中一位知情人士说,晨酿有望实现2000万美元的收入目标,并实现盈利。该公司面向年轻专业人士,已与富达投资公司(Fidelity Investments Inc.)、甲骨文公司(Oracle Corp.)和可持续鞋类公司AllBirds Inc.等广告商签约。gju世界播

Morning Brew also publishes a popular podcast, “Business Casual,” which has featured business newsmakers including former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, Quibi Chief Executive Meg Whitman and Netflix co-Chief Executive Reed Hastings. gju世界播

Morning Brew还出版了一个广受欢迎的播客“Business Casual”,其中有包括谷歌前首席执行长埃里克·施密特(Eric Schmidt)、Quibi首席执行长梅格·惠特曼(Meg Whitman)和Netflix联席首席执行长里德·黑斯廷斯(Reed Hastings)在内的商业新闻人物。gju世界播

Insider Inc., which is owned by German media conglomerate Axel Springer SE, is looking to increase its investment in email newsletters to attract more readers to its news and entertainment platforms. The company isn’t planning to integrate Morning Brew with any of its other businesses, which include Business Insider, data firm eMarketer and Insider TV, one of the people familiar with the situation said. gju世界播

德国媒体集团Axel Springer SE旗下的Insider Inc.正寻求增加对电子邮件时事通讯的投资,以吸引更多读者访问其新闻和娱乐平台。一位知情人士说,该公司不打算将Morning Brew与其他任何业务整合,这些业务包括Business Insider、数据公司eMarketer和Insider TV。gju世界播

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