Cheer‘s Jerry Harris涉嫌强奸一名15岁男孩

2020-10-14 11:31

Jerry Harris Allegedly Raped A 15-Year-Old Boy In A Bathroom At A Cheerleading Event 3bN世界播



Cheer star Jerry Harris "exploited and violated" at least 10 boys, federal prosecutors alleged in a new court filing Tuesday. 3bN世界播


The new allegations were made in a government motion for pretrial detention against Harris, who rose to fame earlier this year in the Netflix docuseries chronicling the cheerleading team at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. 3bN世界播

新的指控是在一项针对哈里斯的审前拘留政府动议中提出的。今年早些时候,哈里斯在Netflix的纪录片中一举成名,纪录片记录了德克萨斯州科西卡纳纳瓦罗学院(Navarro College)的啦啦队。3bN世界播

Harris, 21, was arrested and charged last month with one count of producing child pornography for allegedly soliciting nude photos from minors. He is currently being held in a Chicago jail. 3bN世界播


Casting him as a "brazen sexual predator" who could not control his urges, prosecutors said it would be unsafe to release him into the community before his trial. They said that since his arrest they had spoken with "multiple other victims who all describe near identical criminal conduct by Harris involving the sexual exploitation of minors." 3bN世界播


"Harris must not be allowed to harm another child," the prosecutors wrote. 3bN世界播


Attorneys for Harris did not respond to a request for comment. He has previously denied the claims against him to media. 3bN世界播


In his Sept. 14 interview with authorities, Harris allegedly admitted to having oral and anal sex with a 15-year-old at a 2019 cheer event. 3bN世界播


Tuesday's filing made clear that authorities had now interviewed that alleged victim, indicating more charges were possible. 3bN世界播


The filing described how Harris followed the boy into an unlocked bathroom at an event "attended by dozens of responsible adults" before allegedly sodomizing him. 3bN世界播


The documents also alleged Harris exploited the fame and money he earned from Cheer to target more minors by offering them money — sometimes more than $1,000 — to perform sexual acts over FaceTime or Snapchat for his sexual gratification. 3bN世界播


"As Harris' fame grew through his acting career, Harris appears to have added to his predatory arsenal by using money to exploit his minor victims," the federal prosecutors alleged. 3bN世界播


"Harris exhibits all the signs of a serial child predator and unless and until he receives significant mental health sex offender treatment, he will remain a danger to any child he encounters, either online or in person," they added. 3bN世界播


If convicted of the one count he is currently facing, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years imprisonment. 3bN世界播


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