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How Do Real-Estate Agents Show Homes During Covid? With Face Masks, Gloves and Some Ingenuity sfU世界播


Heather T. Roy & Learka Bosnak sfU世界播


Real-estate agents, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Beverly Hills sfU世界播

房地产经纪人,道格拉斯·艾利曼房地产公司(Douglas Elliman Real Estate),比佛利山(Beverly Hills)。sfU世界播

Ms. Bosnak: Heather and I have been working together for 15 years and we are very comfortable doing showings together. Then Covid shut everything down. We did a showing and I came back completely frustrated, because we were wearing masks. I felt muzzled. I was constantly running around saying, “I’m smiling under here!” This business is all about rapport, comfort level. sfU世界播


Ms. Roy: We’re like, “We need new skills. We need people to know what we’re thinking, and we also need to know what they’re thinking.” It was almost like we needed a body language expert. I am single and I had met with a couple of matchmakers in L.A. One had her clients meet with a body language expert—Mark Edgar Stephens. sfU世界播

罗伊女士:我们说,“我们需要新的技能。我们需要人们知道我们在想什么,我们也需要知道他们在想什么。“。就好像我们需要一位肢体语言专家。我是单身,我在洛杉矶见过几位媒人。其中一位让她的客户见了肢体语言专家马克·埃德加·斯蒂芬斯(Mark Edgar Stephens)。sfU世界播

Ms. Bosnak: Heather’s still single, but we love this guy. sfU世界播


Ms. Roy: So we called Mark and told him what we were after, and we had a two-hour Zoom meeting with him and our operations manager, Matthew Ingraham. sfU世界播

罗伊:所以我们打电话给马克,告诉他我们在找什么,我们和他和我们的运营经理马修·英格拉汉姆(Matthew Ingraham)开了两个小时的Zoom会议。sfU世界播

Ms. Bosnak: Matthew had gotten us “Heather and Learka” masks—very classy—black with white letting along the cheekbone. sfU世界播


Ms. Roy: Mark said, “Get your masks out, let’s do this.” He had planned exercises for us. He put a mask on and he was like, “OK, I’m just seeing this house. How do I feel?” And he’d make us tell him what we thought he felt. All three of us would be shouting, “Oh my God, you don’t like it!” He explained how much is communicated through eye movement, like crinkles and stuff like that. sfU世界播


Ms. Bosnak: One of his other big tips was to make sure your whole body is working. Face the person and make sure your feet are in the right place. Otherwise you are signaling that you are not listening. Now it’s become so rote, I don’t even think about not facing a client when I’m talking to them. If they are behind me and ask a question, I will turn around and look at them. sfU世界播


Ms. Roy: The thing we’ve had to be careful with is I forget I have sunglasses on. This is L.A. and we all have multiple pairs. We wear them all the time, they match our cute outfits. But if we have masks and sunglasses on, that becomes very challenging. Now we have to take our sunglasses off. sfU世界播


Ms. Bosnak: Absolutely. sfU世界播


Real-estate agent, Wish Sotheby’s International Realty, Sherman Oaks, Calif. sfU世界播

房地产经纪人,Wish Sotheby‘s International Realty,加利福尼亚州谢尔曼橡树。sfU世界播

A lot of the rules were changing week to week: You’ve got to have a face covering or a mask, you’ve got to have gloves, booties and hand sanitizer. In that time period, everyone at a showing had to have gloves. You could get in trouble—and I’m a rule-follower. sfU世界播



Illustration: Domenic Bahmann sfU世界播

插图:多梅尼克·巴曼(Domenic Bahmann)sfU世界播

The hard thing to get was gloves. This was in May when you couldn’t find anything. My dad had sent me the remainder of his gloves and I had just used them up. But business was pretty slow then. I ordered some gloves online, thinking, “I’m sure they’ll be here at some point.” And then I get a call from an agent who wanted to see a listing in the Valley. Her client was in New York, and they wanted to do a FaceTime tour. It was, “Can I meet you in one hour?” and I said, “Of course.” sfU世界播


Four days before, I had ordered food online from this Mexican restaurant, Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill in Studio City. I was scrolling down their menu and for “dessert” the only thing they had was “a box of gloves.” I was like, “That is genius,” but I didn’t order them because I had gloves coming. I clocked it in my brain though. “Note to self: Sharky’s has gloves.’ And then this agent calls. sfU世界播

四天前,我在Studio City的一家墨西哥餐厅Sharky‘s Woodfred墨西哥烧烤店在线订餐。我向下滚动他们的菜单,他们唯一的“甜点”就是“一盒手套”。我说,“太有才了”,但我没有点,因为我有手套送来。不过,我把它记在了我的脑子里。“自言自语:鲨鱼有手套。”然后这个探员打来电话。sfU世界播

I was nervous that Sharky’s maybe sold out all their gloves. I called them minutes before I had to leave, and I’m getting ready at the same time. While I’m calling my thought was, “Please say ‘yes,’ please say ‘yes’ that you still have gloves for dessert.” And the woman who answered the phone was like, “Yes we do!” She was so nice. She could probably sense my frantic energy. sfU世界播


I said, “Perfect! I’ll take a box of gloves and an ice tea.” They were on the way, 10 minutes from the showing. sfU世界播


Those gloves lasted about two months. It was a big box. sfU世界播


—Edited from interviews sfU世界播


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