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Business Doesn’t Stop for the Election RwK世界播



The Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Sept. 30. RwK世界播


Readers understand why the Trump furies have been center stage in this column but here are some business controversies for those who have missed them. RwK世界播


Get ready for an unlooked-for sideshow in the presidential election in coming days, in the form of a patent dispute between two South Korean battery giants before the deservedly obscure U.S. International Trade Commission. RwK世界播

准备好迎接未来几天总统选举中一场意想不到的杂耍吧,两家韩国电池巨头之间的专利纠纷将以理所当然的默默无闻的美国国际贸易委员会(U.S.International Trade Commission)的形式出现。RwK世界播

This underappreciated fight could be a wild card in the must-win Trump state of Georgia, where a ruling on Oct. 26 could scuttle 2,000 jobs and a $2.6 billion lithium-ion battery plant. It could also have spillover in reddish Tennessee, where VW needs the batteries to produce a slate of electric vehicles starting next year. RwK世界播


It could even influence the up-for-grabs state of Michigan, where Ford is depending on batteries for a promised electric F-150 pickup truck. Electric vehicle batteries “cannot simply be swapped like batteries in a flashlight,” Ford griped to the U.S. trade tribunal, which can block the import of items and technology subject to patent disputes. RwK世界播


The commission, apparently with an eye for the main chance, rescheduled the ruling from Oct. 5, when the world was preoccupied by Donald Trump’s Covid case, to a week before the election. A preliminary “default judgment” has already gone against the plant’s owner, SK Innovation, allegedly because it destroyed documents involved in its dispute with fellow South Korean rival LG Chem. A final judgment could put the plant out of business. RwK世界播

该委员会显然着眼于最大的机会,将裁决从10月5日重新安排到大选前一周,当时全世界都在关注唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的科维德(Covid)案。初步的“违约判决”已经对该工厂的所有者SK创新不利,据称是因为它销毁了与韩国竞争对手LG化学争端中涉及的文件。最终判决可能会让这家工厂倒闭。RwK世界播

If this story starts popping up on your news screen, here’s why. Everybody knows Donald Trump would likely overrule a harsh decision that jeopardizes U.S. jobs (as a president is entitled to do). A flurry of news reports in coming days may be aimed at reminding LG of its incentive to settle this game of chicken before a presidential intervention takes away the leverage the company has won so far by exploiting U.S. trade law. RwK世界播

如果这篇报道开始出现在你的新闻屏幕上,原因如下。每个人都知道唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)可能会否决一项危及美国就业的严厉决定(这是一位总统有权这么做的)。未来几天的一系列新闻报道可能旨在提醒LG,在总统干预夺走该公司迄今通过利用美国贸易法赢得的杠杆之前,它有动机解决这场胆小鬼游戏。RwK世界播

Is anything more implausible than a major bureaucratic organization pledging that it just transformed itself? Disney’s reorganization this week is meant to signal an “all in” bet on streaming and yet the announced changes don’t simplify its mélange of streaming offerings in Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and a forthcoming international outlet called Star. Unresolved is the conundrum of how Disney-produced content will be prioritized for streaming vs. sale to others or delivery in theaters or via Disney’s cable and broadcast channels. RwK世界播


Most of all, as outside agitator Dan Loeb has been proselytizing, the changes don’t provide money to create enough new shows for Disney to be anything but ancillary in a streaming market dominated by Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. RwK世界播

最重要的是,正如外部鼓动者丹·勒布(Dan Loeb)一直在鼓吹的那样,这些变化并没有提供足够的资金来创造足够的新节目,让迪士尼只能在由Netflix、亚马逊和YouTube主导的流媒体市场上充当辅助角色。RwK世界播

Don’t we still get the feeling Disney is just praying for the pandemic to end and revive theme-park attendance, resurrect ESPN’s traditional sports franchise, and make possible again blockbuster opening nights for Disney’s theatrical releases? RwK世界播


And yet a bigger, more disruptive tidal wave might be just a year or two behind the pandemic. This is the long-heralded arrival of virtual and augmented reality, online gaming and role playing, which promises to push aside the traditional passive entertainment experience that’s already losing the battle for our attention against our smartphones. RwK世界播


AT&T’s struggles with its own legacy media business, acquired through the giant Warner Media merger, seem more interesting in this light. The company has also announced entertainment-related layoffs and restructurings. If it succeeds in rationalizing its own mélange into a sensible streaming proposition, video will still remain a mere add-on to AT&T’s core connectivity business, which seems destined to become only more central to society and consumers in the dawning virtual-reality age. RwK世界播

美国电话电报公司(AT&T)通过合并巨人华纳传媒(Warner Media)收购了自己的传统媒体业务,在这一点上,AT&T的挣扎似乎更有趣。该公司还宣布了与娱乐相关的裁员和重组。如果AT&T成功地将自己的杂乱无章合理化为合理的流媒体主张,视频仍将仅仅是AT&T核心连接业务的附加业务,在虚拟现实时代的曙光中,这项业务似乎注定只会对社会和消费者变得更加核心。RwK世界播

Which brings us to a second reason late October will be a red-letter moment in the annals of the administrative state. Ajit Pai, chief of the Federal Communications Commission, has scheduled an Oct. 27 vote to finalize repeal of a politicized Obama-era order turning the internet into a regulated utility. Has any furor in the history of the republic proved more fraudulent and illusory than the “death of the internet” hysteria whipped up by HBO twit John Oliver, Democrats and left-wing interest groups? RwK世界播

这给我们带来了第二个原因,10月下旬将是这个行政国家历史上一个值得纪念的时刻。联邦通信委员会(Federal Communications Commission)主席阿吉特·派(Ajit Pai)已安排在10月27日进行投票,以最终废除奥巴马时代将互联网转变为受监管公用事业的政治化命令。事实证明,共和国历史上还有比HBO笨蛋约翰·奥利弗(John Oliver)、民主党人和左翼利益集团挑起的“互联网之死”歇斯底里更具欺骗性和虚幻性的吗?RwK世界播

Since the Trump FCC acted, internet speeds have doubled in the U.S. The rate of new wireless cell site construction has increased sevenfold. The absence of utility-like regulation is a reason our internet, unlike Europe’s, has survived the pandemic without having to throttle speeds to accommodate millions working at home during the day and bingeing on Netflix at night. RwK世界播


For 20 years, a bipartisan consensus favored a light touch to encourage internet innovation. Expect the Oct. 27 vote to be 3-2 as Democratic commission members reproduce the mindless partisanship that overtook internet regulation in the late Obama era and threatens to return under a Joe Biden presidency. RwK世界播

20年来,两党达成的共识是鼓励互联网创新的轻描淡写。预计10月27日的投票结果将是3比2,因为民主党委员会成员将重现奥巴马时代末超越互联网监管的盲目党派之争,并威胁要在乔·拜登(Joe Biden)担任总统期间卷土重来。RwK世界播


Potomac Watch: Vice President Mike Pence lays out an effective campaign formula: Point out the Biden-Harris radicalism and contrast it to a positive Trump agenda. RwK世界播

波托马克观察:副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)列出了一个有效的竞选方案:指出拜登-哈里斯(Biden-Harris)激进主义,并将其与特朗普的积极议程进行对比RwK世界播

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