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What small business owners really need from the next president wUW世界播



FILE - In this Sept. 2, 2020, file photo, a passerby walks past a business storefront with store closing signs in Boston. The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 7.9% in September, but hiring is slowing and many Americans have given up looking for work, the government said Friday, Oct. 2, in the final jobs report before the voters decide whether to give President Donald Trump another term. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, File) wUW世界播

文件-在今年9月。2020年2月2日,资料照片,一名路人走过波士顿一家挂着关店招牌的商业店面。美国政府在10月2日(周五)发布的最终就业报告中表示,美国9月份失业率降至7.9%,但招聘正在放缓,许多美国人已经放弃找工作,之后选民将决定是否让唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统连任。(美联社照片/Steven Senne,文件)wUW世界播

New York (CNN Business)Tim Burgess came up with creative ways to keep his Charlottesville, Virginia, restaurants running after reopening in May, following a nearly two-month shutdown during the pandemic. wUW世界播

纽约(CNN商业报道)蒂姆·伯吉斯(Tim Burgess)想出了一些创造性的方法,让他位于弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔(Charlottesville)的餐厅在大流行期间关闭了近两个月后,于5月份重新开业。wUW世界播

He expanded outdoor seating at his two full-service restaurants, Bizou and Bang, by taking over nearby parking spaces and an empty lot next door. As the weather cooled off, he installed heaters and tents with roll-up sides. While restaurants in Virginia can now serve limited numbers of customers indoors, Burgess' restaurants will remain outdoors-only, out of concern for his staff and customers. wUW世界播


But as Burgess thinks about how to keep the business afloat in the coming months: "We keep thinking of Game of Thrones — winter is coming," he said. "We're staring at winter, and we're scared." wUW世界播


It's a concern shared by business owners across the country, as colder weather and the possibility of converging flu and Covid-19 outbreaks threaten the makeshift operating models that have helped keep revenue flowing during the pandemic. Still other business owners have yet to be able to safely reopen at all, like Scott Hammontree of Grand Rapids, Michigan, whose concert venue, The Intersection, has been closed since March. wUW世界播

这是全国企业主共同的担忧,因为更冷的天气以及流感和新冠肺炎疫情聚合的可能性威胁到了临时运营模式,这种模式在疫情期间帮助保持了收入的流动。还有其他企业主还没有能够安全地重新开放,比如密歇根州大急流城(Grand Rapids)的斯科特·哈蒙特里(Scott Hammontree),他的演唱会场地交叉口自3月份以来一直关闭。wUW世界播




"I'm 48 years old, I am an owner of this business, and I am now accepting unemployment," Hammontree said. "I can't do delivery or takeout for concerts ... We have zero revenue and still have to pay rent, taxes, utilities." wUW世界播


Such concerns have left business owners wondering what more they can expect in the way of government assistance — financial and otherwise — especially after the Paycheck Protection Program ended months ago. Those questions have intensified following a recent breakdown in talks on Capitol Hill over a second round of stimulus. wUW世界播

这些担忧让企业主们想知道,他们还能期待政府提供更多的援助-财政和其他方面-特别是在支付宝保护计划(Paycheck Protection Program)几个月前结束之后。最近国会山关于第二轮刺激计划的谈判破裂后,这些问题变得更加严重。wUW世界播

The type of help that business owners can expect may depend in part on the outcome of the election: Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have presented differing visions for how to repair the economy and help businesses recover. wUW世界播

企业主能期待的帮助类型可能在一定程度上取决于选举结果:共和党总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)和民主党挑战者乔·拜登(Joe Biden)就如何修复经济和帮助企业复苏提出了不同的愿景。wUW世界播

How Trump and Biden plan to help wUW世界播


During the first presidential debate, Trump and Biden laid out starkly different plans for helping businesses survive. wUW世界播


Trump's vision centers on reopening the country as quickly as possible, a call he has made repeatedly that is at odds with the guidance of health experts. wUW世界播


"People know what to do — they can social distance, they can wash their hands, they can wear a mask, they can do whatever they want — but they've got to open these states up," Trump said. "People want their schools open. They don't want to be shut down. They don't want their states to be shut down. They want their restaurants." wUW世界播


The President repeated claims, which have been questioned by health experts, that a coronavirus vaccine would be ready soon. He said that the military is "all set up" to deliver the vaccine around the country. wUW世界播


Biden, by contrast, emphasized a desire to get the pandemic under control, and to provide funding to help businesses reopen safely. wUW世界播


"We should be providing all of the protective gear possible," Biden said. "We should be providing the money the House has passed in order to be able to go out and get people the help they need to keep their businesses open ... The way to open businesses is give them the wherewithal to be able to open." wUW世界播


He added: "You can't fix the economy until you fix the Covid crisis." wUW世界播


The stakes are high for an effective solution: Yelp estimates that around 60% of the businesses that closed their doors during the pandemic will never reopen. Although optimism among US small businesses has returned to pre-pandemic levels, the situation is tenuous, according to Oxford Economics' September 2020 NFIB Small Business Optimism Index. It said that small businesses are "highly vulnerable to a renewed downturn" if the outbreak worsens, especially given that additional fiscal support is likely to be smaller than the initial package. wUW世界播

有效的解决方案的赌注很高:Yelp估计,在大流行期间关闭的企业中,约有60%将永远不会重新开张。牛津经济研究院(Oxford Economics)2020年9月的NFIB小企业乐观指数显示,尽管美国小企业的乐观情绪已恢复到大流行前的水平,但形势依然脆弱。报告称,如果疫情恶化,小企业“很容易受到新一轮经济低迷的影响”,特别是考虑到额外的财政支持可能比最初的一揽子计划要小。wUW世界播

What businesses need to survive wUW世界播


Many business owners face massive declines in revenue because of coronavirus-related closures and changes this year. wUW世界播


Revenue from Hammontree's venue has fallen about 95% this year, he said — an expected decline of around $4 million. To manage, Hammontree and his business partner furloughed their 76 employees and dipped into savings. wUW世界播


Still, he said Trump's plan to return to normal operations doesn't make sense during an ongoing pandemic. wUW世界播



More than half of businesses that closed during the pandemic won't reopen wUW世界播


"I personally am not in favor of opening right now and I believe that if you talked to 80% of other venues, they would say the same thing," Hammontree said. "One of my rooms has a 1,500-person capacity. How do you put people in there and keep them six feet apart and keep them masked, and keep them from shouting and sweating? ... It's not safe right now." wUW世界播


Many business owners say they're wary of returning to business as usual at a time when Covid-19 rates are rising in many states. Some even said they'd be willing to close again temporarily, if it meant bringing an end to the pandemic. wUW世界播


"I would like to shut my restaurant, I would like to be closed until this thing is under control," said Ellen Tomiye, owner of takeout restaurants Ellen's Homestyle & BBQ in Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, Virginia. Tomiye, a Black woman with preexisting medical conditions — compounding risk factors — said she's is fearful of contracting coronavirus. But without additional funds to cover rent and other costs, she said closing is not a realistic option. wUW世界播

弗吉尼亚海滩和弗吉尼亚州朴茨茅斯的外卖餐厅Ellen‘s Homestyle&BBQ的老板艾伦·托米耶(Ellen Tomiye)说:“我想关闭我的餐厅,我想关闭餐厅,直到事情得到控制。”Tomiye是一名黑人妇女,她有既往的健康状况-复合风险因素-说她害怕感染冠状病毒。但她说,如果没有额外的资金来支付租金和其他成本,关闭是不现实的选择。wUW世界播

"Everyday we make it, people are still coming through those doors, but it would be better if people didn't have to be scared," Tomiye, 54, said. wUW世界播


Deborah Reed, owner of Cloud & Leaf Bookstore in Manzanita, Oregon, has limited the number of customers allowed in the store, installed a plexiglass shield at the checkout stand and placed hand sanitizer throughout the store. But she still worries about being exposed to the virus and what that could mean for her husband, who has stage four cancer. wUW世界播

俄勒冈州曼扎尼塔市Cloud&Leaf书店的老板黛博拉·里德(Deborah Reed)限制了允许进入该店的顾客数量,在结账台安装了有机玻璃盾牌,并在整个商店放置了洗手液。但她仍然担心暴露在病毒中,以及这对她患有四期癌症的丈夫意味着什么。wUW世界播

"We're just terrified that he's going to get this virus," Reed, 56, said. "It would be helpful to get this virus under control, that's the most important thing ... I am also more than happy to close my bookstore for a month or two if it meant we could get this thing under control." wUW世界播


And as Oregon's rainy season approaches, Reed isn't sure many customers will be willing to wait in line outside to comply with social distancing measures. wUW世界播


Business owners urged whichever candidate wins to push for more financial support to shore up likely sales losses over the winter. Additional stimulus could also help cover the costs of investing in personal protective equipment, setting up outdoor dining and other operational changes. wUW世界播


Burgess said that while sales at his sit-down restaurants are down 50%, he's had to spend around $10,000 each month on tents, heaters, disposable serving products and other pandemic-related costs. wUW世界播


"All this rushing to send kids to school and open up businesses, it's all for money," Tomiye said. "We should never put money over people. But if I'm not open, I will lose this place and the landlord will still want their money ... As small businesses, we are so overlooked." wUW世界播


Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled the last name of Scott Hammontree. wUW世界播

更正:这个故事的早期版本将Scott Hammontree的姓氏拼错了。wUW世界播

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