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Learning Vikings Defense Takes Another Lesson In Defeat nlO世界播



MINNEAPOLIS: For the sixth time in the last eight games, the Minnesota Vikings had their under-construction defense on the field down the stretch on Sunday with the opportunity to seal a victory. nlO世界播


Three times, this group of mostly inexperienced players made the stop it needed for a Vikings win. This game against Dallas went down as one of the failures. nlO世界播


Andy Dalton led the Cowboys on an 11-play, 61-yard drive over a span of 2:23 for the go-ahead touchdown pass in a 31-28 decision that halted Minnesota’s three-game winning streak. After thwarting late rallies at Houston, Green Bay and Chicago, the defense again showed its vulnerability against Dallas, similar to earlier lapses in losses to Tennessee and Seattle. nlO世界播


Its disappointing. I thought we were getting better defensively after the last three weeks, but that didnt show up yesterday, coach Mike Zimmer said. nlO世界播


The 42-yard touchdown run by Tony Pollard in the fourth quarter was a devastating allowance, with cornerback Chris Jones whiffing badly on what was a lax attempt at a tackle. The 2-yard toss from Dalton to tight end Dalton Schultz was the type of communication breakdown befitting of a cornerback group currently featuring two rookies and a second-year player in the top three spots. nlO世界播

托尼·波拉德(Tony Pollard)在第四节42码触地得分是一个毁灭性的禁区,角后卫克里斯·琼斯(Chris Jones)在铲球时松懈地抽打。从道尔顿到紧端道尔顿·舒尔茨的2码传球是一种沟通崩溃的类型,适合目前以两名新秀和一名二年级球员为前三名的角后卫团队。nlO世界播

The pre-snap motion caused confusion between cornerbacks Jeff Gladney and Cameron Dantzler about who had which receiver, leaving Schultz to break wide open on a crossing route. On the whole, Zimmer surmised there was some overconfidence in play after the recent improvement. nlO世界播


I think a little bit had to do,” the coach said, with these guys feeling their oats a little bit. nlO世界播




The star trio of running back Dalvin Cook and wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen have helped quarterback Kirk Cousins thrive again this month after a rough start to the season. nlO世界播

跑卫达尔文·库克(Dalvin Cook)和边锋贾斯汀·杰斐逊(Justin Jefferson)和亚当·蒂伦(Adam Thielen)这三位明星帮助四分卫柯克·考辛斯(Kirk Cousins)在经历了本赛季的艰难开局后,本月再次蓬勃发展。nlO世界播

Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak called another shrewd game against the Cowboys, effectively using a collection of bootleg rollouts and play-action fakes to put Cousins in positions of strength despite facing a steady pass rush. nlO世界播

进攻协调员加里·库比亚克(Gary Kubiak)在对阵牛仔的比赛中又打了一场精明的比赛,他有效地利用了一系列盗版和假动作,让库辛斯在面临稳定的传球热潮的情况下处于有利地位。nlO世界播

The Vikings were particularly sharp on first downs, with 17 runs for 82 yards by Cook and 10-for-12 passing for 184 yards by Cousins for an average of 9.85 yards per first-down snap. Cousins completed five passes of 20-plus yards. For the season, the Vikings have gained 40% or more of the yardage needed for a first down or a touchdown on 55.8% of their first-down plays to rank seventh in the NFL. nlO世界播




For all the success Cousins and the offense have enjoyed after the bye, either inside the 20-yard line or in the middle of the field, two-minute situations have continued to be an issue. nlO世界播


The Vikings got the ball with 97 seconds left, one timeout and 75 yards to go for the win, or just 40 or so yards to reach field-goal range, But Cousins threw three straight incompletions to end the drive before it started. Jefferson dropped what would’ve been a first-down catch over the middle. Thielen was tightly covered on a sideline throw on third down. The last try was overthrown. nlO世界播




In the past four games, Cousins with assists credited to Kubiak and Cook has nine touchdown passes, a 71% completion rate and an average of nearly 10 yards per attempt. He’s taken only five sacks and produced two turnovers during that span. nlO世界播




Kris Boyd replaced undrafted rookie Dan Chisena in the gunner spot on the punt coverage team and had quite the sequence in the second quarter, negating his 23-yard reception on a fake punt with an illegal shift, then giving Dallas prime field position with an illegal push during the re-kick. nlO世界播


Boyd played the second-most snaps among cornerbacks, but the return of Dantzler will likely eat into his usage time down the stretch. Boyd also dropped a potential game-sealing interception at the goal line, two plays before Dalton threw the go-ahead touchdown pass. nlO世界播




Thielen was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list on Monday, leaving him enough time to be cleared through virus protocols for the upcoming game against Carolina. nlO世界播


Though the Vikings still have four original starters on defense on injured reserve, with defensive end Danielle Hunter (neck) and linebacker Anthony Barr (pectoral) done for the season, and the likelihood of cornerbacks Holton Hill (foot) and Mike Hughes (neck) returning for meaningful contributions dwindling by the day, they had Dantzler (concussion) in the lineup again on Sunday after a two-game absence. nlO世界播


Right guard Ezra Cleveland (ankle) was missed, replaced by Brett Jones, against a Cowboys defensive line that presented plenty of problems. Tight end Irv Smith Jr. (groin) returned to action after being sidelined for one game. nlO世界播

右后卫埃兹拉·克利夫兰(脚踝)缺阵,被布雷特·琼斯取代,对阵牛仔的防线带来了很多问题。紧端小伊夫·史密斯(Irv Smith Jr.)。(腹股沟)在缺席一场比赛后重返赛场。nlO世界播

Cook stayed down on the field for several seconds after a jarring blow to his midsection from safety Donovan Wilson forced a fumble during a reception in the second quarter. He didn’t miss any time. nlO世界播

库克在第二节的一次招待会上被安全多诺万·威尔逊(Donovan Wilson)刺耳的腹部击中后,在球场上躺了几秒钟。他没有错过任何一次。nlO世界播

Its football,” said Cook, who has averaged 31 touches over the last four games. “I cant count the hits, but the one across the middle was a good hit. nlO世界播




11 Thielen not only leads the NFL in touchdown receptions but is the first player in Vikings history with 11 or more catches for scores over the first 10 games. The franchise season record is 17, shared by Cris Carter (1995) and Randy Moss (1998 and 2003), both Hall of Famers. nlO世界播




The Vikings (4-6) will be favored to win their last three home games against Carolina on Sunday, Jacksonville on Dec. 6, and Chicago on Dec. 20. With daunting visits to Tampa Bay on Dec. 13 and New Orleans on Dec. 25, there’s no room for more losses at home if they want to stay in postseason contention. They’ll probably also have to beat either the Buccaneers or the Saints to get in. nlO世界播


Thats our ultimate goal, to get to the playoffs, Cook said, but we have to get better as a whole, and thats our mindset. nlO世界播


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