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Billy Barratt: Responsible Child star 'honoured' by International Emmys win 0wo世界播



Billy Barratt as Ray in BBC Drama Responsible Child 0wo世界播


Billy Barratt is only 13 years old and he's just become the youngest person to win an International Emmy. 0wo世界播


On Monday, Billy won best actor for his performance in the hard-hitting BBC drama series Responsible Child. 0wo世界播


And the drama itself, which tells the story of a young boy put on trial for the murder of his father, won the prize for best TV movie or miniseries. 0wo世界播


Speaking in his school lunch hour on Tuesday, Billy said he was "honoured and very happy". 0wo世界播


The ceremony was conducted virtually, hosted by veteran US TV, film and stage actor Richard Kind, known for Mad About You and Hereafter. 0wo世界播


"Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully the last virtual International Emmy Awards!" Kind said, raising a glass of champagne to viewers. 0wo世界播



Glenda Jackson plays Maud, who has Alzheimer's and is determined to discover what has happened to her friend 0wo世界播


The other big winners on the night were Glenda Jackson, who won best actress for Elizabeth Is Missing, based on Emma Healey's best-selling novel. 0wo世界播

当晚的其他大赢家是格伦达·杰克逊(Glenda Jackson),她凭借根据艾玛·希利(Emma Healey)畅销小说改编的《伊丽莎白失踪》(Elizabeth Is Missing)获得最佳女主角奖。0wo世界播

It tells the story of an elderly woman suffering from dementia while struggling to solve a murder mystery - a role which previously earned Jackson a Bafta. 0wo世界播


Netflix won best drama series for its Indian programme Delhi Crime, while Brazilian show Nobody's Looking took the best comedy award. 0wo世界播


Billy was watching the ceremony at home with his family and his win came as a big shock, he told BBC News from his stage school Sylvia Young. 0wo世界播


"They were playing the clips and I was watching and saying, 'They've won', and was getting ready to clap and then they said 'Billy Barratt' and I was so confused. My whole family was like, 'Oh, my god', so it's very exciting. 0wo世界播


"And it's kind of crazy (to be the youngest winner), I don't know what to think about it. 0wo世界播



Ray's step-dad Scott was played by Shaun Dingwall 0wo世界播


"But my teachers and the other students are all really supportive and really nice about it and happy for me." 0wo世界播


Responsible Child was a one-off BBC drama that was shown in December last year. 0wo世界播


It followed 12-year-old Ray who, along with his 23-year-old older brother Nathan, was arrested for murdering their abusive stepfather. 0wo世界播


Both are tried as adults, as the minimum age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 and the series explores the issues surrounding the law. 0wo世界播


Billy played the central role of Ray and his brother Nathan was played by James Tarpey. It was a tough part for a 12-year-old but Billy said he had plenty of help. 0wo世界播


"I had a lot of people around me like the director, Kudos [the production company], the BBC, all my cast mates, they were all really supportive and in between takes it was all fun and jokes, trying to keep things as light as possible. 0wo世界播


"We had an acting coach and she was really good and she told us how to get in and out of character and leave Ray onset and get back to our lives when we went home." 0wo世界播



Ray's lawyer is played by Games of Thrones star Michelle Fairley (left) 0wo世界播


Responsible Child was loosely based on the real life case of 14-year-old Jerome Ellis and his older brother Joshua, 23. Both said they killed their stepfather because he was abusive and had previously threatened to kill Joshua, who struggled with depression. 0wo世界播


It also featured Owen McDonnell (Killing Eve), Shaun Dingwall (Noughts and Crosses, Top Boy), Debbie Honeywood (Sorry We Missed You, Vera) and Angela Wynter (EastEnders, Les Miserables). 0wo世界播


Billy said making the drama was particularly "challenging" at times, especially one of the last scenes. 0wo世界播


"Ray is having a freak out and noticing what he's done and that particular scene was very powerful and I had to take a minute afterwards and everyone sat down and had a think about it and readjusted. 0wo世界播


"It was all very challenging and it is a true story so if I got it wrong I would have offended quite a lot of people. That was quite hard." 0wo世界播


Billy has also starred in The White Princess and Blinded By The Light. 0wo世界播


Two days of Billy's week is taken up with learning acting, dancing and singing whilst the other three are for academic work. 0wo世界播


Once he's finished at Sylvia Young, Billy says he hopes to go the London Screen Academy, which teaches everything about film-making, including directing, lighting, producing and costume design alongside acting. 0wo世界播

比利说,一旦他在西尔维娅·杨(Sylvia Young)毕业,他希望去伦敦电影学院(London Screen Academy)学习,该学院教授电影制作的一切,包括导演、照明、制作和服装设计,以及表演。0wo世界播

And his dream is to star in an action film and also a comedy. 0wo世界播


The 2020 International Emmy Awards winners: 0wo世界播


*Drama Series: Delhi Crime 0wo世界播


*Comedy: Nobody's Looking 0wo世界播


*TV Movie/ Miniseries: Responsible Child 0wo世界播


*Best Performance by an Actor: Billy Barratt in Responsible Child 0wo世界播


*Best Performance by an Actress: Glenda Jackson in Elizabeth Is Missing 0wo世界播


*Documentary: For Sama 0wo世界播


*Arts Programming: Vertige de la Chute (Ressaca) 0wo世界播

*艺术节目:Vertige de la Chant(Ressaca)。0wo世界播

*Non-English Language US primetime: 20th Annual Latin Grammy Awards; La Reina del Sur - Season 2 0wo世界播

*非英语语言的美国黄金时间:第20届年度拉丁格莱美奖;《南宫歌剧院》(La Reina Del Sur)-第二季。0wo世界播

*Telenovela: Orphans of a Nation 0wo世界播


*Nonscripted Entertainment: Old People's Home for 4-Year-Olds 0wo世界播


*Shortform Series: #martyisdead 0wo世界播


*International Emmy Founders Award: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his Covid-19 briefings 0wo世界播

*国际艾美奖创办人奖:纽约州州长安德鲁·科莫(Andrew Cuomo)为新冠肺炎做简报。0wo世界播

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