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Doctor Who, Call the Midwife and Mrs Brown on BBC Christmas TV line-up 87Y世界播



Call the Midwife filmed its Christmas special under coronavirus restrictions 87Y世界播


Doctor Who, Call the Midwife and Mrs Brown's Boys are among the shows that will be in this year's Christmas TV schedule, the BBC has revealed. 87Y世界播


It has been "a real struggle" to make the usual range of festive shows during Covid, the BBC's Charlotte Moore said. 87Y世界播

BBC的夏洛特·摩尔(Charlotte Moore)表示,在Covid期间制作一系列通常意义上的节日节目是一场“真正的斗争”。87Y世界播

But, she added, the stars and crews "pulled out all the stops". 87Y世界播


"Some of the big talent and the production teams have rallied together, and we feel it's really important to have a good Christmas." 87Y世界播



The Vicar of Dibley will return in three 10-minute lockdown-inspired episodes 87Y世界播


The BBC's Christmas TV line-up includes special episodes The Goes Wrong Show, Ghosts, Not Going Out, King Gary, Motherland and the return of The Vicar of Dibley. 87Y世界播


Miranda Hart will host a one-off celebrity game show, and there will be Christmas editions of shows ranging from The Repair Shop and The Great British Sewing Bee to The Hit List, The Wall and Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing. 87Y世界播

米兰达·哈特(Miranda Hart)将主持一档一次性的名人游戏节目,并将推出圣诞版节目,从《修理店》(The Repair Shop)、《英国缝纫大蜜蜂》(The Great British Sewing Bee)到热门单曲《墙》(The Wall)和《摩梯末与怀特豪斯:消失的钓鱼》(Mortimer&。87Y世界播


The Goes Wrong Show will tackle the nativity story 87Y世界播


The vast majority have been filmed under Covid restrictions. 87Y世界播


"Trying to work out what we could actually manage to pull off for Christmas... I can't pretend it's been relaxing or without its challenges," said Moore, who is the BBC's chief content officer. 87Y世界播



The Doctor Who Christmas episode was filmed before coronavirus struck. 87Y世界播


Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks, in which John Barrowman returns as Captain Jack Harkness to help the Doctor battle her age-old enemies, was one of the few to have been filmed before coronavirus struck. 87Y世界播


Executive producer Chris Chibnall promised "an epic and emotional feature-length episode". 87Y世界播

执行制片人克里斯·奇布纳尔(Chris Chibnall)承诺“这是一集史诗般的、情感丰富的故事片”。87Y世界播

Call the Midwife, another perennial favourite, was among the shows that had to be shot after the first UK lockdown. "We were so relieved when they sent me a picture of them finishing production," Moore said. 87Y世界播


"With some shows it's been easier than others to get talent and everyone together, and with some shows it's taken a lot of effort. But I sensed a real camaraderie to make this happen." 87Y世界播



Black Narcissus stars Gemma Arterton (left) and Dame Diana Rigg 87Y世界播


The pandemic interrupted filming for two major drama series, requiring "herculean efforts" in the editing room, Moore said. 87Y世界播


One was Black Narcissus, which stars Gemma Arterton as a nun in the Himalayas in the 1930s and Dame Diana Rigg in her final role. 87Y世界播

其中一部是《黑色水仙》,由杰玛·阿特顿(Gema Arterton)在20世纪30年代在喜马拉雅山饰演一名修女,戴安娜·里格(Dame Diana Rigg)在她的最后一个角色中饰演女神。87Y世界播

The other, The Serpent, stars Jenna Coleman in the real-life story of the unsolved murders of young Western travellers in India, Thailand and Nepal in the 1970s. It completed its filming after the first lockdown. 87Y世界播



Jenna Coleman and Tahar Rahim star in The Serpent 87Y世界播


But some shows proved impossible in the current conditions. The Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special will be a compilation of the 25 most memorable dances of all time, rather than the usual dancefloor contest. And there will be no Top of the Pops. 87Y世界播

但事实证明,在目前的条件下,一些节目是不可能的。Stricly Come Dance圣诞特辑将汇集有史以来最令人难忘的25种舞蹈,而不是通常的舞蹈比赛。也不会有流行音乐之巅。87Y世界播

Last year's biggest ratings hit was the return of Gavin and Stacey. Moore said a follow-up had never been planned for this Christmas. "That wasn't something that was going to happen this year," she said. "One day." 87Y世界播



Danny Dyer will host a celebrity edition of The Wall 87Y世界播


Other highlights this year will include: 87Y世界播


*William Shakespeare will be in lockdown in comedy Upstart Crow, set in plague-hit London in 1603 87Y世界播

*威廉·莎士比亚(William Shakespeare)将在喜剧《暴发户乌鸦》(Upstart Crow)中被封锁,故事发生在1603年瘟疫肆虐的伦敦。87Y世界播

*A one-off comedy, Pandemonium, stars Katherine Parkinson and Alison Steadman as a family who were forced to cancel their holiday of a lifetime to California, so go on holiday to Margate in December instead 87Y世界播

*一次性喜剧Pandemonium由凯瑟琳·帕金森(Katherine Parkinson)和艾莉森·斯蒂德曼(Alison Steadman)主演,他们一家人被迫取消了去加州度过一生的假期,所以改而在12月去马盖特度假。87Y世界播

*There will be special editions of Michael McIntyre's new game show The Wheel plus Blankety Blank, hosted by Bradley Walsh, and a celebrity edition of Danny Dyer's The Wall 87Y世界播

*将有由布拉德利·沃尔什(Bradley Walsh)主持的迈克尔·麦金太尔(Michael McIntyre)新游戏节目The Wheels plus Blankty Blank的特别版,以及丹尼·戴尔(Danny Dyer)的名人版《墙》(The Wall)。87Y世界播

*Masterchef will have two outings - one with celebrities and one with professionals - while Mary Berry Saves Christmas 87Y世界播

*主厨将有两次出游-一次是与名人一起,另一次是与专业人士-而玛丽·贝瑞(Mary Berry)拯救了圣诞节。87Y世界播

*For children, there will be Worzel Gummidge, Zog and the Flying Doctors, The Dumping Ground - Sasha Claus and Christmas in Storyland, and festive episodes of The Dog Ate My Homework and Crackerjack 87Y世界播

*对于孩子们来说,将会有Worzel Gummidge,Zog和The Fly Doctors,斯托兰的垃圾场-Sasha Claus和圣诞节,以及狗吃我的作业和Crackerjack的节日插曲。87Y世界播

*The Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet will both stage All Star Galas, to be shown on BBC Four 87Y世界播

*皇家歌剧院和皇家芭蕾舞团都将举办全明星晚会,在BBC 4台播出。87Y世界播

*With church services limited, Sunday Worship will run for six weeks, and there will be the usual Carols from King's 87Y世界播


*The star-studded Big New Year's In will see in 2021 on New Year's Eve 87Y世界播


Moore added: "It's been a real struggle but I think people have really wanted to make sure these shows could get on air." 87Y世界播

摩尔补充说:“这是一场真正的斗争,但我认为人们真的很想确保这些节目能够播出。”87Y世界播 87Y世界播世界播

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