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2020-11-19 19:33

Paul Hollywood: Trolling Bake Off finalists 'disgusting' FQs世界播



Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has defended the decision to put Laura through to next week's final FQs世界播


The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has defended finalist Laura after she was criticised by viewers online after the semi-final. FQs世界播


Laura faced negative comments on social media after narrowly avoiding elimination this week, at the expense of Hermine. FQs世界播


In a lengthy Instagram post, Hollywood labelled it as "disgusting behaviour". FQs世界播


He stressed that he and fellow judge Prue Leith make their decisions based purely on the food in front of them. FQs世界播

他强调,他和同为评委的Prue Leith纯粹是根据他们面前的食物做出决定的。FQs世界播

"Those of you who may not be aware how Bake Off works or new to the series may have missed what we have always done on Bake Off judging," wrote Hollywood. FQs世界播


"Each week stands on its own!! It never matters what any baker has done in previous weeks. FQs世界播



Hermine, pictured with presenter Matt Lucas, was a real fan's favourite before her exit this week FQs世界播


"Even if you win 4/5 star bakers and then have a bad week you will be at risk of going sadly. It's the rule that has been in place for 11 years!!" FQs世界播


He added: "Also I only give out handshakes in signature [rounds] not in Showstopper or technical, there was one exception three years ago... stop trolling any of the bakers!! FQs世界播


"Remember Prue and I can actually smell and eat the bakes... Bring on the final X" FQs世界播


Hollywood's post came after Laura posted on Twitter: "It's OK to be sad your favourite person didn't go through, but please remember it's not my fault. I don't make the decisions. GBBO is all about kindness and I haven't seen much of that on here." FQs世界播


She added: "It's easy to sit there on your sofa and judge. But I am a real person with feelings. Please take a moment to consider your words before you judge someone you've never met and whose food you've never tasted." FQs世界播


Hermine also posted on Instagram encouraging viewers not be abusive on her behalf. FQs世界播


"Please don't be unkind in my name. I am all about love and kindness. Honour my time in GBBO by showing love and kindness," she said. FQs世界播


'Thank you Paul' FQs世界播


Replying to Hollywood's post on Instagram, Laura showed her appreciation. "Thank you Paul that really means a lot to me," she wrote. FQs世界播


Rahul Mandal, who won Bake Off in 2018, added his support. "Thanks so much for clarifying this Paul," he posted. FQs世界播

拉胡尔·曼达尔(Rahul Mandal)在2018年赢得了Bake Off,他补充了自己的支持。“非常感谢你澄清这一点,保罗,”他发帖说。FQs世界播

"It means so much for all of us bakers. I hope people will understand and try to be kinder with bakers." FQs世界播


The remaining bakers - Laura, Peter and Dave - will compete in the 2020 final on Tuesday 24 November. FQs世界播


This year's show was pre-recorded in the summer, due to the pandemic, with the contestants forming a "bubble" together following Covid-19 guidelines. FQs世界播


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