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Sir Anish Kapoor prints offered to museum fund donors Jt0世界播



Kapoor and Himid won the Turner Prize in 1991 and 2017 respectively Jt0世界播


Signed prints by Sir Anish Kapoor and others are being offered as rewards to people who donate to a fund to help coronavirus-hit museums. Jt0世界播

阿尼什·卡普尔爵士(Sir Anish Kapoor)和其他人的签名指纹被提供给向一个基金捐款帮助遭受冠状病毒袭击的博物馆的人作为奖励。Jt0世界播

Lubaina Himid and Michael Landy prints can also be claimed by those who donate to the Art Fund's Together For Museums crowd funding appeal. Jt0世界播

卢贝娜·希米德(Lubaina Himid)和迈克尔·兰迪(Michael Landy)的作品也可以被那些为博物馆众筹呼吁捐赠给艺术基金的人认领。Jt0世界播

Rewards include a set of David Shrigley tea towels for a donation of 25. Jt0世界播

奖励包括捐赠25英镑的一套David Shrigley茶巾。Jt0世界播

Higher up the scale, donors who contribute 4,000 can receive a limited edition Kapoor print. Jt0世界播

在更高的级别上,捐献4000 GB的捐赠者可以获得一张限量版的卡普尔印刷品。Jt0世界播

A 100 donation will earn a print of Landy's Look Around logo, while a signed Himid print will set you back 500. Jt0世界播


The appeal hopes to raise 1m for UK museums and galleries facing financial problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Jt0世界播



Sir Anish is offering limited edition prints of his 2019 work Omo Jt0世界播


The Art Fund charity has already distributed 2.25m in "Respond and Reimagine" grants to help institutions cope. Jt0世界播


Last month it decided to split its 200,000 Museum of the Year prize five ways, rather than give it to a single recipient. Jt0世界播


According to the Art Fund's own research, six out of every 10 museums are worried about their survival. Jt0世界播


Nine out of 10 institutions say that they will need to adapt and innovate in order to survive the virus and its aftermath. Jt0世界播



Hill said he often visits museums when he is performing around the country Jt0世界播


Harry Hill may seem an unlikely advocate for visiting museums. Yet the comedian says such institutions provide a much-needed "mental workout". Jt0世界播

哈里·希尔(Harry Hill)似乎不太可能是参观博物馆的倡导者。然而,这位喜剧演员表示,这样的机构提供了亟需的“心理锻炼”。Jt0世界播

"If I'm ever stuck for an idea, or just not in a particularly sunny mood, I'll go to an art gallery or a museum, because museums are full of ideas," he told the PA news agency. Jt0世界播


"Museums, on the whole, don't close," he said. "But we're in this bizarre situation where perhaps half of them are faced with closure if they don't get some sort of bailout. Jt0世界播


"When this pandemic is over, the last thing we want is for none of these places to be open. We're not going to go abroad and we'll want something to do." Jt0世界播


'Hugely inspiring' Jt0世界播


Over the last six months the Art Fund received funding applications from more than 450 organisations amounting to more than 16.9m. Jt0世界播


The Postal Museum in London, the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire and Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art are among the institutions to benefit from its latest round of grants. Jt0世界播

伦敦邮政博物馆、白金汉郡的罗尔德·达尔博物馆(Roald Dahl Museum)和格拉斯哥现代艺术画廊(Gallery Of Modern Art)等机构都从最新一轮拨款中受益。Jt0世界播


Art lovers can claim a print of Michael Landy's Look Around for a 100 donation Jt0世界播


Art Fund director Jenny Waldman said the "innovative" ideas put forward by museums had been "hugely inspiring" and that it had been "heartbreaking" not to be able to support them all. Jt0世界播


"We are urging everyone who loves and uses museums to come together now to help so many more museums thrive," she continued. Jt0世界播


Museums and galleries also have the option of applying for money from the 1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund that the government unveiled in July. Jt0世界播


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