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'Belushi' director reflects on the comedian's legacy: 'His life was nothing if not complex' Vd7世界播



John Belushi's life story is the subject of the new Showtime documentary . (Photo: Richard McCaffrey/Courtesy of Showtime) Vd7世界播


John Belushi died of a drug overdose in 1982, but his comic spirit lives on whenever comedy lovers re-discover his work, whether it’s through classic episodes of Saturday Night Live or drive-in double bills of Animal House and The Blues Brothers. Contemporary viewings of the comedian’s old hits can also be a double-edged (samurai) sword, though. Even as you’re laughing at Belushi’s antics, you might also experience a sense of sadness as you notice signs of the personal demons that resulted in his early death. Vd7世界播


“It’s tough to watch the moments in The Blues Brothers where you can see he’s not doing well,” admits R.J. Cutler, director of the new documentary, Belushi. “But he was also doing well for a lot of his life — a lot of the comedy you see in Animal House and Saturday Night Live was happening [without drugs]. I think you’re putting your finger on a great complexity, and his life was nothing if not complex.” Vd7世界播



Belushi played Bluto Blutarsky in the 1978 comedy classic . (Photo: :copyright:Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection) Vd7世界播

贝鲁什在1978年的经典喜剧中扮演布鲁托·布鲁塔斯基(Bluto Blutarsky)。(图片来源::copyright:环球/礼遇埃弗雷特收藏)Vd7世界播

Premiering on Nov. 22 on Showtime, Belushi eschews standard-issue talking head interviews for a collage of archival news footage, home movies, vintage scenes from the big and small screen and new animated segments. All of this imagery is accompanied by the voices of Belushi’s family, friends and colleagues that were preserved on tapes recorded by Tanner Colby, who published the oral history Belushi: A Biography in 2005. Vd7世界播

贝鲁什将于11月22日在Showtime首播,避免接受标准问题的头部访谈,而是将档案新闻片段、家庭电影、大小屏幕上的复古场景以及新的动画片段拼接在一起。所有这些图像都伴随着贝鲁什家人、朋友和同事的声音,这些声音被保存在由坦纳·科尔比(Tanner Colby)录制的磁带上,他于2005年出版了口述历史《贝鲁什:传记》。Vd7世界播

Colby produced that book in collaboration with Belushi’s widow, Judith Belushi Pisano — one of the few people that Cutler interviewed for the film. “When I started working on the film, I wanted to get a sense of the stories that people had to tell,” he explains. “And I found most of what everyone had to say to be lost in the foggy haze of memory, as opposed to immediate and raw. It was like, ‘These are my stories about John Belushi that I’ve told 10,000 times. That’s not what I was looking for.” Vd7世界播


Fortunately for Cutler, Colby’s tapes were filled with the kind of raw storytelling he knew would animate his documentary, whether it was Dan Aykroyd revisiting Belushi’s final days or the late Carrie Fisher — who also famously wrestled with drug addiction — discussing the excesses of the era in frank terms. “The tapes had hundreds of hours of raw material. I was so struck by Jim Belushi talking about his big brother; so moved by Carrie Fisher’s insights into the nature of addiction; and so compelled by Dan speaking so beautifully about the nature of his relationship with John. It was all really, really exciting to me.” Vd7世界播

对卡特勒来说,幸运的是,科尔比的录像带里充满了他知道会让他的纪录片充满活力的原始故事,无论是丹·艾克罗伊德(Dan Aykroyd)重温贝鲁什最后的日子,还是已故的凯莉·费舍尔(Carrie Fisher)-她也以与毒瘾作斗争而闻名-坦率地讨论那个时代的过度行为。“录像带的原材料长达数百小时。吉姆·贝鲁西(Jim Belushi)谈论他的哥哥时让我印象深刻;凯莉·费舍尔(Carrie Fisher)对上瘾本质的洞察力让我感动;丹如此美妙地谈论他与约翰的关系本质,让我如此着迷。这一切对我来说都是非常非常令人兴奋的。“。Vd7世界播

Cutler also drew on his own childhood memories of Belushi, who he remembers hearing for the first time on the National Lampoon Radio Hour when he was 13 years old. The future documentarian followed the comedian from Lampoon to SNL when it debuted in 1975. “Like so many others, my mind was blown,” he says of those not-ready-for-primetime early seasons of NBC’s late-night institution. “I had never seen anything like it, and in the midst of it all was this guy, John Belushi. Everyone on the show was funny, but John was the kind of exposed wire that you couldn’t help but be attracted to, while also recognizing the danger in the anarchic spirit he represented.” Vd7世界播

卡特勒还利用了自己童年时对贝鲁什的回忆,他记得13岁时第一次在国家讽刺电台小时里听到贝鲁什。这位未来的纪录片在1975年首次亮相时,跟随这位喜剧演员从Lampoon一直到SNL。“像其他许多人一样,我的头脑被震撼了,”他在谈到NBC的深夜节目中那些没有准备好进入黄金时间的前几季时说。“我从来没有见过这样的事情,其中就有一个叫约翰·贝鲁什(John Belushi)的家伙。节目中的每个人都很有趣,但约翰是那种暴露出来的电线,你会忍不住被吸引,同时也意识到他所代表的无政府主义精神中的危险。Vd7世界播

But as we know now, that anarchic spirit was fueled by a casual drug habit that grew increasingly serious as Belushi’s star rose in the wake of Animal House’s blockbuster success. “I’m not saying anything particularly original here, but I think a lot of comedy comes from a place of pain, and finding ways to mitigate that pain is not uncommon,” Cutler says. “A lot of those guys were kids in the ‘60s when drug use was seen as recreational, and the implications for someone who was an addict were not completely understood. So recreational drug users who suffered from addiction didn’t necessarily know that they were setting themselves on a destructive path.” Vd7世界播


Belushi’s addictions came to a head on The Blues Brothers, which celebrated its 40th anniversary over the summer. Reflecting on the film four decades later, Aykroyd told The Guardian that cocaine was omnipresent on the movie’s Chicago set. “At the time, cocaine was a currency. For some of the crew working nights, it was almost like coffee. I never liked it myself but I wasn’t going to police others’ behavior,” he said, adding that the rampant drug use irritated the movie’s director, John Landis. “Sometimes he didn’t know whether we were going to show up for work after the parties.” Vd7世界播

贝鲁什对布鲁斯兄弟的痴迷达到了顶点,今年夏天,布鲁斯兄弟庆祝了成立40周年。四十年后,艾克罗伊德回想起这部电影,他告诉《卫报》,在电影的芝加哥布景里,可卡因无处不在。他说:“当时,可卡因是一种货币。对于一些上夜班的船员来说,这几乎就像咖啡一样。我自己从来都不喜欢这样,但我不会去监管别人的行为,“他说,并补充说,猖獗的吸毒行为激怒了这部电影的导演约翰·兰迪斯(John Landis)。“有时候他不知道聚会结束后我们会不会去上班。”Vd7世界播


Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in . (Photo: Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection) Vd7世界播


Landis is heard in Belushi commenting on the star’s off-screen behavior. “There was a lot of indulgence and excess, even though John and Dan were at their peaks of life,” Cutler acknowledges. “The thing about John Belushi is that he was always reinventing himself, and trying something new. As a sketch comedian his greatest achievements were on SNL; as a comedic actor his greatest achievement was Animal House; and as a performance artist his greatest achievement were all the manifestations of the Blues Brothers.” Vd7世界播


As Cutler’s film illustrates, Belushi did get clean in the wake of The Blues Brothers, and sought to reinvent himself again, accepting more challenging roles in films like the darkly funny Neighbors and the romantic comedy Continental Divide. But difficult working experiences, negative reviews and Hollywood’s indifference to his passion projects contributed to the relapse that eventually resulted in his fatal overdose. Asked where he thinks Belushi’s career might have gone had he lived, Cutler admits that he can’t predict what the comedian’s present-day filmography would look like. “People always ask ‘How would Wilt Chamberlin be if he was playing basketball today?’ Those are fun things to think about, but I’m not quite sure. I don’t know what John would be doing now.” Vd7世界播

正如卡特勒的电影所展示的那样,贝鲁什在布鲁斯兄弟之后确实戒掉了毒瘾,并试图再次重塑自己,接受了更具挑战性的角色,比如黑色搞笑的《邻居》和浪漫喜剧《大陆分水岭》(Continental Divide)。但艰难的工作经历、负面评论以及好莱坞对他热爱的项目的漠不关心导致了他的复发,最终导致了他致命的服药过量。当被问及他认为如果贝鲁什还活着,他的职业生涯可能会走向何方时,卡特勒承认,他无法预测这位喜剧演员现在的拍摄会是什么样子。“人们总是问‘如果威尔特·张伯林今天打篮球,他会是什么样子?’这些都是值得思考的有趣的事情,但我不是很确定。我不知道约翰现在会做什么。“。Vd7世界播

Belushi’s legacy is arguably felt most strongly at SNL, which has seen numerous Not Ready for Primetime Players anointed as the next John Belushi over the show’s 46 (and counting) seasons. And some of those performers have perhaps taken the comparison too far. Chris Farley famously felt a kinship with Belushi, and channeled both his onscreen anarchic spirit and his off-screen excesses. (Farley died of a drug overdose in 1997, fifteen years after Belushi’s passing.) Vd7世界播

可以说,贝鲁什留下的遗产在SNL感受最深,在该剧的46个赛季(而且还在继续),已经有许多球员没有准备好迎接黄金时间的到来,被指定为下一个约翰·贝鲁什(John Belushi)。这些表演者中的一些人可能把这种比较做得太过分了。克里斯·法利(Chris Farley)与贝鲁什(Belushi)有一种亲密无间的感觉,他在银幕上的无政府主义精神和银幕下的过度行为都是出了名的。(法利于1997年死于吸毒过量,也就是贝鲁什去世15年后。)。Vd7世界播

“I don’t want to judge other people and what they may or may not have learned [from John],” Cutler says of performers like Farley. “I suspect their desire to see themselves in him is a desire to see themselves in one of the greatest comedic geniuses of all time. So I don’t think of this film as a corrective: The story we tell is a story about John, not about the lessons others may have taken from him. And John Belushi was John Belushi: a visionary who suffered from addiction at a time when the resources that are available now weren’t available. That’s what this film is about.” Vd7世界播


Belushi premieres Sunday, Nov. 22 at 9 p.m. on Showtime. Vd7世界播


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