2020-10-22 17:33

BBC expands representation drive for expert contributors M3y世界播



Countryfile is among the programmes taking part in the 50:50 Project M3y世界播


The BBC is to expand a project aimed at getting more female contributors on air to encompass race and disability. M3y世界播


The 50:50 Project launched in 2017 in an attempt to make sure half of experts and other contributors were women. M3y世界播


It is now used by outlets ranging from The One Show to the BBC News Channel, Countryfile, Newsbeat and Radio 5 Live. M3y世界播

它现在被从One Show到BBC新闻频道、Countryfile、NewsBeat和Radio 5 Live的各种媒体使用。M3y世界播

Now, the broadcaster has set a target for 20% of contributors to be black, Asian or from other minority ethnic backgrounds, and 12% to be disabled. M3y世界播


The BBC is also calling on other parts of the media to adopt the project, initially focusing on achieving a gender balance. M3y世界播


Director general Tim Davie said he was seeking "as wide a possible group of partners" to gather and publish data about the gender of their contributors next March. M3y世界播

总干事蒂姆·戴维(Tim Davie)表示,他正在寻求“尽可能广泛的合作伙伴群体”,以便在明年3月收集并发布有关撰稿人性别的数据。M3y世界播

"It's really important that the storytelling comes from across the whole of society," he said. "It's not the preserve of one type of person." M3y世界播


'Reshaping our output' M3y世界播


Media organisations including Australia's ABC and the Financial Times have already signed up to The 50:50 Project. M3y世界播


"To me it's utterly critical that we get women on air, that we seek out all of the talent from across our community," Mr Davie added. M3y世界播


"We've felt it's been so important in reshaping our output, but absolutely this is about the whole industry and making sure modern media companies are really connecting with everyone out there." M3y世界播


The BBC said 66% of its outlets recorded 50% female contributors in March 2020, up from 34% when those teams started counting. M3y世界播


Nina Goswami, the BBC's Creative Diversity Lead for 50:50, said: "When it comes to women's representation, 50:50 enriches our storytelling with new voices and the data helps us think differently meaning we're uncovering new stories. M3y世界播

BBC 50:50创意多样性负责人尼娜·戈斯瓦米(Nina Goswami)表示:“当谈到女性的代表性时,50:50让我们用新的声音丰富了我们的故事,数据帮助我们以不同的方式思考,这意味着我们正在发现新的故事。”M3y世界播

"By applying 50:50's core principles for disability and ethnicity representation we believe we can amplify a wider range of voices and discover more content that reflects our world. We've a long way to go but together it is achievable." M3y世界播


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