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A Brief Trip Through Clare Crawley's History With the Bachelor Franchise wSG世界播



LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 16: Clare Crawley Visits EXTRA at Westfield Century City on April 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images for Westfield) wSG世界播

加利福尼亚州洛杉矶-4月16日:2014年4月16日,加州洛杉矶,克莱尔·克劳利(Clare Crawley)在韦斯特菲尔德世纪城(Westfield Century City)参观Extra。(David Buchan摄/Getty Images for Westfield)wSG世界播

Clare made her debut in 2014, when she was a contestant on Juan Pablo Galavis's season of The Bachelor. She made a big impression, and, in fact, she made it all the way to the finale, where she and Nikki Ferrell were the last two women competing for Juan Pablo's heart. In the end, though, he didn't choose her as the winner, choosing Nikki instead. Upon learning this news, Clare refused a "comforting" goodbye hug from Juan Pablo, instead calling him out, apparently over something he'd said to her that viewers never got to hear. wSG世界播

克莱尔在2014年首次亮相,当时她是胡安·巴勃罗·加拉维斯(Juan Pablo Galavis)的单身汉赛季的参赛者。她给人留下了深刻的印象,事实上,她一路走到了决赛,在决赛中,她和尼基·费雷尔是最后两个争夺胡安·巴勃罗的心的女人。不过,最终他没有选择她作为获胜者,而是选择了尼基。得知这一消息后,克莱尔拒绝了胡安·巴勃罗“安慰”的告别拥抱,而是把他叫了出来,显然是因为他对她说了一些观众从未听到的话。wSG世界播

"What I thought was going to be sweet, kind, loving words was not what came out of his mouth, and I'm shocked," she said. "He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. That he doesn't know me, and some sexual thing, I don't even want to repeat it. It was insulting, it was offensive, and it just made me feel awful." Although the exact thing he said to her was never shown, we did get to hear her telling him off after the breakup. "I though I knew what kind of man you were, but I would never want my children to have a father like you!" wSG世界播


Fun fact: Clare is actually the second contestant from Juan Pablo's season to become a Bachelorette! For the cycle immediately following his season, Andi Dorfman — who self-eliminated during the final three — became the Bachelorette. wSG世界播


Clare joined the inaugural season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2014. She kicked things off with a (minorly disastrous) date with Robert Graham, a contestant from Desiree Hartsock's Bachelorette season, but soon began regularly "dating" Zack Kalter, another contestant from Desiree's season. They dated for a few weeks, although they had to deal with some drama when housemate AshLee Frazier's nasty comments about Clare were caught on camera and circulated throughout the house. Ultimately, Clare was too bothered by the drama and decided to quit halfway through the show. wSG世界播

克莱尔在2014年参加了“天堂里的单身汉”第一季。她以与罗伯特·格雷厄姆(Robert Graham)的约会(几乎是灾难性的)拉开了序幕,罗伯特·格雷厄姆是德西里·哈索克(Desiree Hartsock)单身汉赛季的参赛者,但很快就开始定期与扎克·卡尔特(Zack Kalter)约会,扎克·卡尔特(Zack Kalter)是德西里所在赛季的另一名。他们约会了几个星期,尽管他们不得不处理一些戏剧性的事情,因为室友阿什利·弗雷泽(AshLee Frazier)对克莱尔的恶毒评论被摄像机捕捉到,并在整个房子里流传开来。最终,克莱尔被这出戏弄得心烦意乱,在演出进行到一半时决定退出。wSG世界播

That wasn't the end of her BIP journey, though. Clare returned the following season to try to find love yet again. She made it through a couple of dates, although it was clear her heart wasn't quite in it. At one point, she complained about the cast in general, claiming that the previous season's cast had been more "genuine." Needless to say, she didn't exactly make any friends from that statement, and she was eliminated by week four. wSG世界播


In 2018, Bachelor Winter Games included Clare in the cast, which brought together contestants from several international versions of the franchise. During her time on the show, she seemed to really hit it off with Canadian Benoit Beauséjour-Savard, but she quickly became involved in something of a love triangle with him and Christian Rauch of the German and Swiss versions of the show. Ultimately, Benoit quit the show and Clare was eliminated soon after, and on the After the Final Rose special, they revealed they'd gotten back together off screen and Benoit had proposed. Their relationship only lasted a few months before they called it off. But this one, at least, seems to have ended with a minimum of fuss: Benoit even posted an Instagram picture to wish Clare luck on her Bachelorette season! wSG世界播

2018年,单身汉冬奥会将克莱尔纳入演员阵容,汇集了来自几个国际版本的特许经营权的参赛者。在她参加节目期间,她似乎与加拿大人Benoit Beauséjour-Savard真的很投缘,但她很快就与他以及该剧德国版和瑞士版的克里斯蒂安·劳赫(Christian Rauch)陷入了某种三角恋。最终,伯努瓦退出了节目,克莱尔很快就被淘汰了,在最后一集罗斯特别节目之后,他们透露他们已经在银幕下复合了,伯努瓦向他求婚了。他们的关系只维持了几个月就取消了。但这一次,至少这一次似乎以最小的小题大做结束了:Benoit甚至在Instagram上发布了一张照片,祝愿克莱尔在她的单身女郎季节好运!wSG世界播

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