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What to expect from Apple’s iPhone 12 event izA世界播



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Apple’s next fall event kicks off tomorrow at 1PM ET, when the company is widely expected to reveal its new iPhone 12 lineup of smartphones. Rumors have given us a pretty good picture of what we can expect to see with these new phones, and Apple’s official “Hi, Speed” tagline for the event suggests that one of the iPhone 12’s main features could be support for fast 5G cellular speeds. izA世界播





Rumors have circulated about a number of potential products in Apple’s pipeline, too, and there’s always the chance that the company could show some of those tomorrow. But we don’t know if Apple is going to make this event as tightly focused as last month’s Apple Watch and iPad event — which ran for just over an hour — so it’s hard to gauge just how many products we might expect to see. izA世界播

关于苹果即将推出的一些潜在产品的传言也在流传,公司明天总有可能展示其中的一些产品。但我们不知道苹果是否会像上个月的Apple Watch和iPad发布会那样密切关注这次活动-那次活动持续了一个多小时-所以很难估计我们可能会看到多少产品。izA世界播

Read on to learn more about what Apple might reveal during Tuesday’s event. izA世界播


The iPhone 12 lineup could include four phones, a new design, and 5G izA世界播


Apple’s next iPhone lineup could bring a lot of big changes to the company’s smartphone line. They’re expected to get a whole new design with flat edges, perhaps like an iPad Pro, or maybe even the beloved iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. There are also supposed to be four new models: a 5.4-inch model (which would be a new size that’s smaller than the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro), a 6.1-inch model, a high-end 6.1-inch model, and a high-end 6.7-inch model (which would likely make it the largest iPhone yet). izA世界播

苹果的下一代iPhone阵容可能会给该公司的智能手机产品线带来许多重大变化。预计他们将推出一款全新的平边设计,可能会像iPad Pro那样,甚至可能是心爱的iPhone4和iPhone5。还会有四款新机型:5.4英寸的机型(这将是一个比5.8英寸的iPhone 11 Pro更小的新尺寸),6.1英寸的机型,6.1英寸的高端机型,以及6.7英寸的高端机型(这可能会使它成为迄今为止最大的iPhone)。izA世界播

All of the iPhones are expected to support speedier 5G cellular networks (as long as 5G is available in your area, of course), and in the US, they could support both sub-6GHz 5G and the faster (though shorter range) mmWave 5G. Apple’s new iPhones are also all expected to have OLED screens this year, but recent rumors indicate that they won’t have 120Hz refresh rates. izA世界播

所有iPhone预计都将支持更快的5G蜂窝网络(当然,只要5G在你所在的地区可用),在美国,它们可以支持低于6 GHz的5G和更快(尽管范围更短)的mmWave 5G。苹果的新款iPhone预计今年也都会有OLED屏幕,但最近的传言表明,它们不会有120 Hz的刷新率。izA世界播

We also already have leaks that indicate the names of the new phones. The 5.4-inch model may be the iPhone 12 mini (which would be the first iPhone with the mini moniker), the standard 6.1-inch iPhone could be the iPhone 12, the high-end 6.1-inch version might be the iPhone 12 Pro, and the 6.7-inch model could be named the iPhone 12 Pro Max. izA世界播

我们也已经有了显示新手机名称的泄密信息。5.4英寸的机型可能是iPhone 12 mini(这将是第一款有迷你名字的iPhone),标准的6.1英寸iPhone可能是iPhone 12,高端6.1英寸的机型可能是iPhone 12 Pro,6.7英寸的机型可能会被命名为iPhone 12 Pro Max。izA世界播

The launch of the iPhone 12 might also mark the return of Apple’s beloved MagSafe charging tech, which you might remember on Apple’s older laptop charging cables, but in a new form. Apple plans to introduce an iPhone case and wireless chargers with built-in magnets, and those chargers could be called the MagSafe Charger and the MagSafe Charger Duo, according to a reliable leaker named Kang. izA世界播


That “Duo” name seems to suggest the ability to charge two devices at the same time on one mat. It wouldn’t quite be the three-device dream promised by the now-canceled AirPower, but the potential of magnet-assisted alignment could help make the chargers less finicky than others on the market. izA世界播

“Duo”这个名字似乎暗示了在一个垫子上同时为两个设备充电的能力。这并不完全是现在被取消的Air Power承诺的三个设备的梦想,但磁力辅助对准的潜力可以帮助使充电器比市场上的其他充电器更不挑剔。izA世界播

Apple could also announce the official release date for iOS 14.2, which is set to include new emoji and a way to use Shazam to identify audio playing in apps on your iPhone. izA世界播


If you want to read more about what’s expected for the new iPhones (which, for the two high-end models, could include a LIDAR sensor), then check out our full iPhone 12 rumor roundup right here. izA世界播


Apple could release a smaller HomePod and new over-ear AirPods headphones izA世界播


Apple might reveal a smaller HomePod, which has apparently been in the works for some time. The device could have fewer speakers than the full-size $299 HomePod, according to Bloomberg, and it might be half the size of the currently available HomePod with a design similar to the original, per another Bloomberg report. izA世界播


On Friday, Kang shared some additional details about what we might expect to see from this rumored new HomePod. It could be called the HomePod mini, have an onboard S5 processor (which first debuted in the Apple Watch Series 5), cost $99, be available for preorder on November 6th or 7th, and officially go on sale on November 16th or 17th. If you were hoping for a refresh to the full-size HomePod, though, that apparently isn’t in the cards for this year, according to leaker @L0vetodream. izA世界播

周五,康分享了一些额外的细节,关于我们可能会从这个传言中的新HomePod中看到什么。它可以被称为HomePod mini,搭载机载S5处理器(首次在Apple Watch Series 5中亮相),售价99美元,11月6日或7日开始接受预订,11月16日或17日正式开售。不过,根据Leaker@L0vtoDream的说法,如果你希望全尺寸HomePod更新换代,那显然不会出现在今年的卡片上。izA世界播

Apple has also reportedly been working on new high-end, over-ear headphones for some time, so there’s always the chance they could be revealed on Tuesday. One key aspect of the product could be swappable parts, including ear pads and headbands that attach magnetically to the frame of the headphones. The headphones may also have noise cancellation, onboard Siri controls, and built-in touch controls. izA世界播


The new headphones might also be able to know which ear is which in order to route sound appropriately, 9to5Mac reported in May. They could also be able to tell if they’re placed on your head or on your neck, according to 9to5Mac. That might mean they can automatically start and stop music depending on whether they’re on your ears, similar to how AirPods start or stop music depending on if they’re in your ears. And the headphones will apparently have Apple branding instead of being Beats-branded. izA世界播


It’s also worth pointing out that Apple recently stopped selling audio products from Bose, Sonos, and Logitech; now, Apple’s “Headphones & Speakers” section on its website only offers Apple products. That move could have paved the way for Apple to introduce these rumored new audio products on Tuesday. izA世界播


Apple may finally reveal AirTags, its Tile-like tracking tags izA世界播


Rumors have swirled about an Apple-made Tile-like item tracker for some time — references to them even appeared in iOS 13 beta code last year — and Apple could finally reveal them on Tuesday. In theory, the trackers, which will apparently be small, circular discs, will allow you to track things like your backpack or wallet using Apple’s Find My app. izA世界播

关于苹果制造的类似瓷砖的物品跟踪器的传言已经流传了一段时间-去年iOS13测试版代码中甚至出现了对它们的引用-苹果最终可能在周二公布它们。从理论上讲,追踪器显然是小的圆盘,可以让你使用苹果的Find My应用程序追踪你的背包或钱包等东西。izA世界播

The AirTags might also have Apple’s U1 ultra-wideband chip built in, which could mean that you’ll be able to track them more precisely than if they used other wireless technologies. Apple first introduced the U1 chip with the iPhone 11 lineup, but it doesn’t do much right now beyond letting you take advantage of a more accurate version of AirDrop. izA世界播


And I’d just like to say that Apple’s event invite, which we’ve included earlier in this post, does have imagery of a small circular disc that seems to be radiating signals outward like a tracking beacon. Interesting. izA世界播


The new iPad Air might get a release date izA世界播

新款iPad Air可能会有发布日期。izA世界播

Apple officially unveiled a new iPad Air that looks like an iPad Pro during September’s event, but it didn’t give a more specific release date than “October.” Perhaps Apple will announce when you can actually buy the new tablet at Tuesday’s event. izA世界播

苹果在9月份的活动中正式发布了一款新的iPad Air,看起来像iPad Pro,但它没有给出比“10月”更具体的发布日期。也许苹果会在周二的发布会上宣布你什么时候可以真正买到这款新平板电脑。izA世界播

The new tablet has a 10.9-inch screen, up from the previous generation’s 10.5 inches. But there’s no home button on this new iPad Air — the Touch ID fingerprint sensor has been moved to the power button. The tablet is powered by Apple’s new A14 Bionic processor, which is a 5nm chip with a six-core CPU. izA世界播

新款平板电脑的屏幕为10.9英寸,高于上一代的10.5英寸。但是这款新的iPad Air没有主页按钮--Touch ID指纹传感器已经移到了电源按钮上。这款平板电脑由苹果新的A14仿生处理器驱动,这是一款5纳米的芯片,配有六核CPU。izA世界播

The new iPad Air comes in five colors and starts at $599. izA世界播

新款iPad Air有五种颜色,起价599美元。izA世界播

It’s unclear if we’ll see a new Apple TV izA世界播

目前还不清楚我们是否会看到一款新的Apple TV。izA世界播

Apple hasn’t updated its streaming box since the release of the Apple TV 4K, which came out more than three years ago. There are some rumors that indicate a new Apple TV is on the way, but it’s hard to know if we’ll be seeing it soon. izA世界播

自从三年多前发布Apple TV 4K以来,苹果就没有更新过流媒体盒子。有传言称,新款苹果电视即将问世,但很难说我们是否会很快看到它。izA世界播

A new Apple TV with a faster processor as well as an “upgraded” remote control might be in the works, Bloomberg reported in August. But that report also said the new box may not be released until next year, throwing some cold water on the potential of seeing it at tomorrow’s event. izA世界播

彭博社(Bloomberg)8月份报道,一款拥有更快处理器和“升级”遥控器的新苹果电视(Apple TV)可能正在研发中。但该报道还表示,新盒子可能要到明年才会发布,这给在明天的活动中看到它的可能性泼了一些冷水。izA世界播

And leaker @choco_bit suggested that Apple could have two Apple TV devices in the works and a controller for gaming, which could mean that Apple might be positioning the Apple TV to take on other home consoles. izA世界播

Leaker@choco_bit表示,苹果可能正在开发两款Apple TV设备和一个用于游戏的控制器,这可能意味着苹果可能会将Apple TV定位为与其他家庭游戏机竞争。izA世界播

Apple Arcade is getting BIG money poured into it. There are currently titles in the works that are aiming to rival the likes of Breath of the Wild, which is why new A12X/Z AppleTV, "A14X-like" AppleTV, and Controller are in the works.Some games will require A13 and up to run — Fudge (@choco_bit) October 3, 2020 izA世界播

苹果拱廊(Apple Arade)正在投入大笔资金。目前有一些游戏的目标是与“野性的呼吸”之类的游戏相抗衡,这就是为什么新的A12X/Z应用程序电视、“类似A14X”的应用程序电视和控制器都在开发中。一些游戏将需要A13或更高版本的-FUGY(@CHOKO_BIT)于2020年10月3日开始运行,这就是为什么新的A12X/Z应用程序电视、“类似A14X”的应用程序电视和控制器都在研发中。izA世界播

The rumors about new Apple TV(s) remain murky, so it’s hard to make a bet on whether we’ll be seeing any updates to that product line at Apple’s event tomorrow. izA世界播

关于新的Apple TV的传言仍然很模糊,所以很难打赌我们是否会在明天的苹果发布会上看到该产品线的任何更新。izA世界播

Apple’s first ARM-based Mac probably won’t make an appearance izA世界播


If you’ve been waiting for Apple’s first ARM-based Mac that takes advantage of the company’s custom silicon, you unfortunately might have to keep waiting. Apple isn’t set to reveal those Macs until November, according to Bloomberg. While that might be disappointing, Apple has only committed to releasing its first Apple silicon Mac by the end of this year, so the company still has two and a half months to make that deadline. izA世界播

如果你一直在等待苹果第一款基于ARM的Mac,它利用了苹果公司定制的硅片,不幸的是,你可能不得不继续等待。据彭博社(Bloomberg)报道,苹果要到11月才会发布这些Mac。虽然这可能令人失望,但苹果只承诺在今年年底前发布第一款Apple Silicon Mac,因此该公司仍有两个半月的时间来完成这一最后期限。izA世界播

Given that we could be waiting until November for an ARM-based Mac, it also seems unlikely that Apple will mention anything about the release of macOS Big Sur, the next major update for the Mac’s operating system, at tomorrow’s event. Apple has said that Big Sur is coming sometime this fall, so it’s technically still on schedule. izA世界播

考虑到我们可能要等到11月份才能推出基于ARM的Mac,苹果似乎也不太可能在明天的发布会上提到MacOS Big Sur的发布,MacOS Big Sur是Mac操作系统的下一个重大更新。苹果公司表示,Big Sur将在今年秋天的某个时候上市,因此从技术上讲,它仍在按计划进行。izA世界播

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