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Netflix no longer offers free trials in the US 6AO世界播



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Netflix has removed the option for potential subscribers in the United States to test the service with a free trial, the company confirmed to The Verge. 6AO世界播

Netflix向The Verge证实,该公司已经取消了美国潜在订户通过免费试用来测试服务的选项。6AO世界播

The company started phasing out the option for US-based subscribers this month, but has spent the last couple of years phasing out the option in a number of countries around the world. To replace the free trial, Netflix is introducing new ways to try and attract potential subscribers, including posting some educational content on YouTube for free and other forms of content sampling. 6AO世界播


“We’re looking at different marketing promotions in the US to attract new members,” a Netflix spokesperson told The Verge. 6AO世界播

Netflix的一位发言人告诉The Verge:“我们正在考虑在美国开展不同的营销促销活动,以吸引新会员。”6AO世界播

With the free trial offer gone, Netflix is going to test even more forms of content sampling promotions for people within the United States. Recently, Netflix launched a portal to watch a number of episodes from its top series for free. Netflix also made one of its films, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, available to watch without a Netflix subscription. 6AO世界播


Netflix’s decision to cancel its free trial comes at a time when other streaming services are leaning heavily on trials to build their initial subscriber bases. Apple just extended the initial free period for Apple TV Plus subscribers by three months to February 2021, while services like Quibi and Disney Plus launched while touting free trials. 6AO世界播

Netflix取消免费试用的决定,正值其他流媒体服务严重依赖试用来建立最初的订户基础之时。苹果刚刚将Apple TV Plus订户的最初免费期限延长了三个月,至2021年2月,而Quibi和Disney Plus等服务在兜售免费试用的同时推出。6AO世界播

For Netflix, the company is exploring other ways to try and build out that subscriber base. Those experiments will continue into 2021. 6AO世界播


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