Girl Up 10周年纪念日改造者专访

2020-10-14 07:32

7 Young Leaders and Activists Open Up About What the Girl Up Organization Means to Them wu6世界播



Since 2010, Girl Up has given 75,000 girls worldwide the tools needed for them to become leaders, advocates, and activists for gender equality. As part of its 10th anniversary, Girl Up launched the Girls Equal Change campaign, which highlights the important work the girls are doing and encourages others to support them in making a difference in the world. POPSUGAR had a chance to chat with a handful of Girl Up's Changemakers, including Selin Ozunaldim, Melissa Simplicio, Luana Lira, Mofiyin Onanuga, Rebecca Fairweather, Kristen Corlay, and Angeline Eugenia, to discuss how the organization has not only affected their lives but their communities as well. wu6世界播

自2010年以来,Girl Up已经为全球75000名女孩提供了必要的工具,让她们成为性别平等的领导者、倡导者和活动家。作为成立10周年的一部分,Girl Up发起了女孩平等改变运动,强调了女孩们正在做的重要工作,并鼓励其他人支持她们改变世界。PopSugar有机会与Girl Up的几位改革者聊天,包括Selin Ozunaldim、Melissa Simplicio、Luana Lira、Mofidin Onanuga、Rebecca Fairweet、Kristen Corlay和Angeline Eugenia,讨论该组织如何不仅影响了他们的生活,也影响了他们的社区。wu6世界播

Something that many of the girls touched on is the fact that Girl Up helped them with their self-confidence. Selin, the founder of Girl Up Istanbul and the youngest representative of UN Women's HeForShe, said that before Girl Up, she "wasn't very confident." She added, "I always had self-doubts and was facing imposter syndrome." However, all of that changed once she became part of the Girl Up family. "I knew that there were thousands of young girls all around the world who would be there for me and who would support me. With Girl Up, I have developed self-confidence, and whenever I feel like I'm not enough, fellow members are always there to hype me up and show what I can do for change." wu6世界播

许多女孩提到的事实是,Girl Up用她们的自信帮助了她们。“伊斯坦布尔女孩”的创始人、联合国妇女组织HeForShe最年轻的代表塞林说,在“女孩起来”之前,她“不是很自信”。她补充说,“我一直有自我怀疑,面临着冒名顶替综合症。”然而,当她成为Girl Up家庭的一员后,一切都改变了。“我知道世界各地有成千上万的年轻女孩会支持我,支持我。有了Girl Up,我培养了自信,每当我觉得自己不够的时候,其他会员总是会大肆宣传我,展示我能为改变做些什么。”wu6世界播

Girl Up prides itself on its network of resources, enabling girls to start their own movements with the support of like-minded thinkers. "With Girl Up, I had so much more guidance on what I can do with my life, both personally and career-wise," said Melissa, a young activist from Brazil who founded her school's Girl Up club. Luana, a gender-equality advocate who is also from Brazil, was able to learn more about her community because of the organization's efforts. "We met girls from all across the world that are amazing, but I also met girls inside my own community that I never thought that I would be so close with. We really became a family, and even though I've met people across the world, it's awesome having people near you that you can hug sometimes and really be yourself with." wu6世界播

Girl Up以其资源网络而自豪,使女孩们能够在志同道合的思想家的支持下发起自己的运动。来自巴西的年轻活动家梅丽莎(Melissa)创建了学校的Girl Up俱乐部,她说:“有了Girl Up,我对自己的生活有了更多的指导,无论是个人还是职业方面都是如此。”同样来自巴西的性别平等倡导者卢安娜(Luana)能够更多地了解她的社区,这要归功于该组织的努力。“我们遇到了来自世界各地的女孩,她们令人惊叹,但我也在自己的社区里遇到了我从未想过会与之如此亲密的女孩。我们真的成了一家人,尽管我在世界各地遇到了一些人,但有一些人在你身边,你有时可以拥抱,可以真正做回自己,这真是太棒了。”wu6世界播

"Without Girl Up, I probably would've stopped actively working towards things like gender equality," said Mofiyin, a Girl Up leader from London. "With Girl Up in place, I found my feet and was surrounded by people who were able to guide me through the steps to actually work towards accomplishing these goals." Much like the communities of the rest of the Girl Up Changemakers, the organization has managed to make a difference in Mofiyin's local community. "I think that local communities are in dire need of [programs like Girl Up] because we have so many girls, and children, who are passionate about many things but have no clue what to do because there's no direction." wu6世界播

“如果没有Girl Up,我可能会停止为性别平等之类的事情积极努力,”来自伦敦的Girl Up领导人莫菲因说。“有了Girl,我就站稳了脚跟,周围的人都能引导我走完每一步,为实现这些目标而努力。”就像Girl Up Changemaker的其他社区一样,该组织成功地在莫菲因的当地社区做出了改变。“我认为当地社区非常需要(像Girl Up这样的项目),因为我们有太多的女孩和孩子,他们对很多事情充满热情,但却不知道该做什么,因为没有方向。”wu6世界播




Girl Up isn't just looking to make a change when it comes to gender equality; it wants to unite young leaders as a force for social good. "Girl Up literally gives you the tools to be the best leader possible, whether you want to continue the fight for gender equality or move on to other causes, like climate change," said Rebecca, a Latina youth activist based in NYC who founded Buzzcut Post. "When you have Girl Up clubs in different communities, you have girls that understand the context. It's a really adjustable model, and it really attests that social change looks different for everyone," Kristen, a Girl Up club founder in Northern Mexico, told POPSUGAR. wu6世界播

Girl Up不仅希望在性别平等问题上做出改变,它还希望将年轻领导人团结起来,成为一股社会公益力量。纽约拉丁裔青年活动家丽贝卡(Rebecca)是Buzzcut Post的创始人,她说,“Girl Up真的为你提供了成为最好的领导者的工具,无论你是想继续为性别平等而战,还是想要转向其他事业,比如气候变化,”丽贝卡是纽约的一名拉丁裔青年活动家,也是“Buzzcut Post”的创始人。墨西哥北部的Girl Up俱乐部创始人克里斯汀告诉POPSUGAR:“当你在不同的社区开设Girl Up俱乐部时,你会有理解背景的女孩。这是一个非常可调整的模式,它真的证明了社会变化对每个人来说都是不同的,”克里斯汀是墨西哥北部的Girl Up俱乐部创始人。wu6世界播

Angeline, who is the founder and leader of Girl Up Universitas Gadjah Mada, discussed how the fight for gender equality is still not recognized by the government and people of Indonesia. "I'm hoping that by advocating with Girl Up in my country, the people of Indonesia will start having more awareness that there is gender inequality, injustice, and discrimination still around us." wu6世界播

Angeline是Girl Up University Gadjah Mada的创始人和领导人,她谈到了争取性别平等的斗争仍然没有得到印尼政府和人民的承认。“我希望,通过在我的国家倡导与Girl Up合作,印尼人民将开始更多地意识到我们周围仍然存在性别不平等、不公正和歧视。”wu6世界播

Girl Up was first established in 2010 by the UN Foundation, and since then, it has launched the Teen Advisor class for the creation of Girl Up Clubs worldwide, invested in UN programs that work to increase girls' access to education, and was named one of the first partners for Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn. Whether girls are able to make a change within their local community, on a national level, or even globally, Girl Up is there to support them in everything they do. We can't wait to see what else it accomplishes in its next 10 years and beyond. wu6世界播

Girl Up由联合国基金会于2010年首次成立,从那时起,该基金会推出了青少年顾问课程,在全球范围内创建Girl Up俱乐部,投资于致力于增加女孩接受教育机会的联合国项目,并被米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama)的“让女孩学习”(Let Girls Learning)任命为首批合作伙伴之一。无论女孩们是否能够在当地社区、国家层面甚至全球范围内做出改变,Girl Up都会在那里支持她们所做的每一件事。我们迫不及待地想看看它在未来10年和以后还会取得什么成就。wu6世界播




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