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Youngest victim, 14, of the country's most prolific serial murderer the Green River Killer is identified 40 years after she was found dead thanks to genetic genealogy DJN世界播



SEATTLE (AP) - Genetic genealogy helped identify the youngest known victim of one of the nation's most prolific serial killers almost 37 years after her remains were discovered near a baseball field south of Seattle. DJN世界播


Wendy Stephens was 14 and had run away from her home in Denver before Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, strangled her in 1983, the King County Sheriff's Office announced Monday. DJN世界播

金县警长办公室周一宣布,温迪·斯蒂芬斯(Wendy Stephens)14岁,在1983年绿河杀手加里·里奇韦(Gary Ridgway)勒死她之前,她从丹佛的家中逃跑。DJN世界播

Ridgway terrorized the Seattle area in the 1980s, and since 2003, he has pleaded guilty to killing 49 women and girls. Four of the victims - including Stephens - had not been identified. DJN世界播


"Ridgways murderous spree left a trail of profound grief for so many families of murdered and missing women," King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said in a written statement. "We are thankful that Wendy Stephens family will now have answers to their enormous loss suffered nearly 40 years ago." DJN世界播

金县检察官丹·萨特伯格在一份书面声明中说:“里奇韦的杀戮狂欢给这么多遇害和失踪妇女的家庭留下了深深的悲痛痕迹,”金县检察官丹·萨特伯格(Dan Satterberg)在一份书面声明中说。“我们很感谢温迪·斯蒂芬斯的家人现在能为他们近40年前遭受的巨大损失找到答案。”DJN世界播

Researchers at the DNA Doe Project, a volunteer organization that uses publicly available DNA databases to find relatives of unidentified victims, helped make the identification. DJN世界播

无名氏DNA项目(DNA Doe Project)的研究人员帮助进行了身份确认,该项目是一个志愿者组织,使用公开的DNA数据库来寻找身份不明的受害者的亲属。DJN世界播

Genetic genealogy has increasingly been used to track down unidentified criminal suspects and help solve scores of cold cases in recent years, some of them more than a half-century old or involving other serial killers. It unmasked the Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo, who pleaded guilty to 13 murders and 13 rape-related charges that spanned much of California between 1975 and 1986. DJN世界播

近年来,基因谱系越来越多地被用来追踪身份不明的犯罪嫌疑人,并帮助破获数十起悬案,其中一些案件已经有半个多世纪的历史,或者涉及其他连环杀手。它揭露了金州杀手约瑟夫·迪安吉洛(Joseph DeAngelo),他承认在1975年至1986年期间犯有13起谋杀案和13项与强奸有关的指控,这些指控横跨加州大部分地区。DJN世界播


FILE - In this Feb. 18, 2011, file photo, Green River Killer Gary Ridgway listens during his arraignment on charges of murder in the 1982 death of Rebecca "Becky" Marrero at the King County Regional Justice Center in Kent., Wash. Genetic genealogy helped identify the youngest known victim of Green River Killer Gary Ridgway - the Pacific Northwest serial killer who admitted killing dozens of women and girls - after her remains were found almost 37 years ago near a baseball field south of Seattle. Wendy Stephens was 14 and had run away from her home in Denver in 1983, the King County Sheriff's Office announced Monday, Jan. 25, 2021. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File) DJN世界播

档案-在这张2011年2月18日的档案照片中,绿河杀手加里·里奇韦(Gary Ridgway)在华盛顿州肯特郡的金县地区司法中心(King County Region Justice Center)接受传讯时,听取了1982年丽贝卡·贝基·马雷罗(Rebecca“Becky”Marrero)死亡的谋杀指控。近37年前,绿河杀手加里·里奇韦(Gary Ridgway)的遗体在西雅图南部的一个棒球场被发现后,基因谱系帮助确定了已知的最年轻的受害者。里奇韦是太平洋西北部的连环杀手,承认杀害了数十名妇女和女孩。2021年1月25日星期一,金县警长办公室宣布,温迪·斯蒂芬斯14岁,1983年从丹佛的家中离家出走。(美联社照片/伊莱恩·汤普森,档案)DJN世界播

Stephens' remains were found in a wooded area next to a baseball field in what is now the suburb of SeaTac on March 21, 1984, after the groundskeeper's dog came home with a leg bone. She had been killed a year or more earlier, investigators believe, and she is thought to have been Ridgway's youngest victim. DJN世界播


The remains of another Ridgway victim, Cheryl Wims, were discovered at the same time. DJN世界播


Stephens' family requested privacy and declined to speak with reporters, said Sgt. Tim Meyer, a spokesman for the sheriff's office. DJN世界播

警长办公室发言人蒂姆·迈耶(Tim Meyer)中士说,斯蒂芬斯的家人要求隐私,并拒绝与记者交谈。DJN世界播

Cairenn Binder, who led the DNA Doe Project team that identified Stephens, said that by entering her DNA information into a genealogy website, they were able to locate distant cousins on both her mother's side and father's side. By building out a family tree with census, birth and other records, they pinpointed where the families intersected - Stephens' parents. DJN世界播


Investigators found a missing person report for Stephens that had been filed in 1983, and they matched her DNA directly with one of her parents. DJN世界播


It only took a few weeks for Binder's team to come up with Stephens' name. But it could have been even quicker: Years ago, one of Stephens' parents entered DNA into the database GEDmatch, in hopes of finding her or any children she might have had, Binder said. DJN世界播


That would have provided a quick DNA hit. But in 2019, GEDmatch changed its policies, better protecting the privacy of users by requiring them to opt in if they wanted law enforcement to be able to use their DNA in investigations. Because the parent had provided their DNA before the policy change, and they had not subsequently opted in, Binder's team didn't see the parent's DNA profile when they searched. DJN世界播


Researchers at the DNA Doe Project don't contact victims' families, Binder said, but as the mother of a 14-year-old daughter, she could imagine the trauma they endured. DJN世界播

Binder说,DNA Doe项目的研究人员不会联系受害者的家人,但作为一个14岁女儿的母亲,她可以想象他们所遭受的创伤。DJN世界播

"It was a lot to think about how youthful this victim was and what she had gone through in her life," Binder said. "It's really upsetting her youth was taken away from her, but it also gives me some measure of comfort and a feeling of success because we were able to restore her name." DJN世界播


Ridgway preyed on young women in vulnerable positions, including sex workers and runaways, mostly from 1982 to 1984. He sometimes showed them photos of his own young son to gain their trust. DJN世界播


He was long a suspect in the Green River killings - so called because the first victims were found in the Green River, which runs through several south Seattle suburbs. Detectives were unable to prove his role until 2001, when advances in DNA technology allowed them to link a saliva sample they had obtained from him in 1987 to semen found on several victims. DJN世界播


Ridgway claimed to have killed dozens more women than he was charged with - so many he said he lost count. He pleaded guilty in a deal to avoid the death penalty after agreeing to help investigators find additional remains. He is now 71, spending the rest of his life at the Washington State Penitentiary. DJN世界播


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