“Kya Fayda?”:Shikhar Dhawan搞笑地在酒店房间练习的巨魔Ajinkya Rahane

2020-11-26 20:11

'Kya Fayda?': Shikhar Dhawan Hilariously Trolls Ajinkya Rahane for Practicing in Hotel Room R6t世界播

“Kya Fayda?”:Shikhar Dhawan搞笑地在酒店房间练习的巨魔Ajinkya RahaneR6t世界播


The much-awaited India-Australia series is only a day away from commencing and Indian squad is gearing up to leave no stones unturned to keep their opponents on their toes even if it involves them polishing their skills in the confines of their hotel rooms. R6t世界播


India's Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane showed just that on Tuesday when he shared a video of himself batting in the hotel room. Captioning the video, Rahane wrote: "Off day from the nets means I find other ways to keep batting. Can’t stay away from my bat for too long. Sorry neighbours." R6t世界播

印度测试副队长Ajinkya Rahane周二分享了一段自己在酒店房间击球的视频,就证明了这一点。在为视频配文时,拉哈恩写道:“休息一天不上网意味着我会找到其他方法继续击球。我不能离开我的球棒太久。对不起邻居们。”R6t世界播

While Rahane's quirky practice session video went viral on Instagram in no time, it was his teammate Shikhar Dhawan's response that stole the show. R6t世界播

虽然拉哈内古怪的训练课视频很快就在Instagram上疯传,但他的队友希哈尔·达万(Shikhar Dhawan)的回应抢占了风头。R6t世界播

"Bhai maan gaye ek din pahle practice match khela tha. Usme tune 50 mare, yeh prac se kya fayda?? Beti ko khila room pe bhai, (We got it that you're in good form seeing you score 50 in the practice match. What's the point of this practice? Go play with your daughter instead)". R6t世界播

Bhai Maan Gaye ek din pahle练习赛Khela tha。Usme Tune 50 mare,yeh Prac se kya Fayda??Beti Ko Khila Room pe bhai,(我们知道你在练习赛中得了50分,这场练习的意义是什么?去和你的女儿玩吧)。R6t世界播

Earlier, Dhawan had shared a photo of himself donning the retro jersey ahead of the limited-overs series in Australia. R6t世界播


While the retro kits were generally well-received by fans, but this time around the new Indian jersey evoked mixed emotions among fans. For many, the colours of the iconic 1992 World Cup jersey brought back fond memories, while for many the size and placement of sponsor names was a big put off. R6t世界播


Meanwhile, ever since the team departed from UAE to Australia, the squad has been quarantining at the Sydney Olympic Park's Pullman Hotel. The team, however, was granted permission to practice during the quarantine. R6t世界播

与此同时,自从球队离开阿联酋前往澳大利亚后,球队就一直隔离在悉尼奥林匹克公园的普尔曼酒店(Pullman Hotel)。然而,该团队获准在隔离期间进行练习。R6t世界播

The tour will commence with three one-day internationals followed by three Twenty20’s at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and Canberra’s Manuka Oval. R6t世界播

巡回赛将从三场为期一天的国际比赛开始,然后是悉尼板球场(SCG)和堪培拉的曼努卡·奥瓦尔(Manuka Oval)举行的三场Twenty20比赛。R6t世界播

The first Test, which is also a Day-Night contest, will begin on December 17 at the Adelaide Oval. R6t世界播


While some social distancing restrictions remain in Australia despite COVID-19 infections slowing to a trickle, organisers are planning for crowds at all the matches. R6t世界播


CA said it was working with the MCG and the local government on safely hosting spectators for the Boxing Day test in Melbourne. R6t世界播


You can check the entire schedule of Australia tour here. R6t世界播


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