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'I didn't want to shoot it': Terrifying moment young hunter comes face to face with a hissing mountain lion alone in the woods Fkd世界播



A young female hunter alone in the woods came face to face with a hissing mountain lion and was forced to shoot it when she failed to scare it off. Fkd世界播


Heart-stopping footage shows the lion stalking the woman in the mountains ofGunnison, Colorado, earlier on November 1. Fkd世界播


The young woman, identified only as McKenzie, from Duncan, South Carolina, had separated from her father on a hunting trip when she encountered the predator. Fkd世界播



Video footage captured the young female hunter, named McKenzie, coming face to face with a growling mountain lion in the woods of Gunnison, Colorado, on November 1 Fkd世界播


She was following some deer tracks in a remote part of the woods when she looked up in a clearing and saw a mountain lion standing so close to her she could see it had blue and green eyes. Fkd世界播


McKenzie started filming on her phone when she spotted the cougar as it growled and hissed aggressively at her. Fkd世界播


In the video she tries to intimidate the big cat by shouting, snarling and waving her arms, saying: 'Get outta here, go away!' Fkd世界播


It stands there, mostly unfazed, until she pretends to charge at it and itbegins to retreat back into the woods. Fkd世界播



Mckenzie explainsshe tried to scare it away by yelling and waving her arms but eventually shoots it in self-defense when it looks ready to pounce. 'I didn't want to shoot it,' she said. 'It was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen up close' Fkd世界播


However, it turns around in the shadows of the trees and starts coming toward her again. Fkd世界播


She throws down her phone and grabs her gun as the lion standson a log eight yards (24ft) away and she continues to try to scare it away. Fkd世界播


The cougar's body language only becomes more threatening, until it appeared it was ready to pounce. Fkd世界播


In captions on the video, she descries how the lion looks like it's about to charge at her as it puts its ears back and flicks its tailso she shoots in self-defense. Fkd世界播


She fires a gunshot at the lion and it jumps into the air and runs off. Fkd世界播


'I had to shoot him, she says moments later. 'I was afraid he was going to pounce on me. Fkd世界播


'I'm shaking so bad. He ran away.I don't know if he's going to die or not.I'm not going to look for him. That was the craziest moment of my life.' Fkd世界播


After the incident, she said she ran off in the opposite direction to find her father. Fkd世界播


They had to report the incident to the Colarado Parks and Wildlife office who handled the situation from here. Fkd世界播


'The mountain lion did ultimately die and I'm very sad about that,' said McKenzie. Fkd世界播



According to wildlife officials, a total of 22 attacks by mountain lions on humans have taken place in Colorado since 1990, including three fatalities (stock image) Fkd世界播


'I wanted it to keep living, that's why I tried to hard to scare it away. I didn't want to shoot it. Fkd世界播


'It was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen up close like that so I was very sad that it ended up dying. Fkd世界播


'But I'm also just very, very grateful that I was able to get through that situation.' Fkd世界播


It comes after a hiker was followed by a cougar in Utah last month after he accidentally stumbled across her cubs. Fkd世界播


Kyle Burgess, 26, was stalked and lunged atby the mother cougar for a terrifying six minutesat Slate Canyon near Provo onOctober 10. Fkd世界播

10月10日,26岁的凯尔·伯吉斯(Kyle Burgess)在普罗沃附近的板岩峡谷(Slate Canyon)被美洲狮妈妈跟踪和猛扑了6分钟,令人毛骨悚然。Fkd世界播

Luckily, he survived as he managed to scare the protective animal away after hurling a rock at it. Fkd世界播


CNN reported that according to wildlife officials, a total of 22 attacks by mountain lions on humans have taken place in Colorado since 1990, including three fatalities. Fkd世界播


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