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NorCal rapist faces life in jail for a string of attacks dating back to 1991 after California prosecutors used the same DNA websites that helped bring the Golden State killer to justice two years ago tBu世界播



A man once nicknamed the NorCal Rapist has been convicted of raping nine women in their homes between 1991 and 2006 after investigators used DNA technology to identify him. tBu世界播


A jury in Sacramento found Roy Charles Waller, 60, guilty on all 46 counts on Wednesday after two and a half hours of deliberations a day earlier. tBu世界播

萨克拉门托的一个陪审团在一天前经过两个半小时的商议后,于周三裁定60岁的罗伊·查尔斯·沃勒(Roy Charles Waller)所有46项指控均有罪。tBu世界播

Waller was eventually found using the same DNA and genealogy websites that helped solve the Golden State Killer case in 2018. tBu世界播


He showed no emotion and looked down at the defendant's table when the jury's decision was read, theSacramento Bee reported. tBu世界播


He faces life in prisonwhen he is sentenced on December 18. tBu世界播



Roy Charles Waller - nicknamed the NorCal Rapist - was convicted on Wednesday of raping nine women in their homes between 1991 and 2006 tBu世界播

绰号诺卡尔强奸犯的罗伊·查尔斯·沃勒(Roy Charles Waller)周三被判在1991年至2006年期间在家中强奸9名妇女的罪名成立tBu世界播


Waller was reportedly emotionless as the 46 guilty counts were read out. Pictured: Waller (right) gestures while sitting next to his lawyer Joseph Farina (left) tBu世界播


Waller raped women in six Northern California counties, from Sacramento to Chico, during his 15-year crime spree. tBu世界播


Sometimes he would kidnap the women and force them to withdraw money from ATMs and steal their personal items. tBu世界播


Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn described the crimes as 'horrific,' saying the victims were terrorized for hours at a time. tBu世界播

萨克拉门托警察局长丹尼尔·哈恩(Daniel Hahn)将这些罪行描述为“可怕”,称受害者一次被恐吓数小时。tBu世界播

Prosecutors said they used the same DNA and genealogy websites to zero in on Waller that they used to arrest former police officer Joseph DeAngelo in the Golden State Killer case. tBu世界播

检察官表示,他们使用了与在金州杀手案中逮捕前警官约瑟夫·德安吉洛(Joseph DeAngelo)相同的DNA和家谱网站来锁定沃勒。tBu世界播

The controversial new method compares DNA found at crime scenes to public databases. tBu世界播


In the case of the Golden State Killer, his son's DNA had been sent to a genealogy website and was a partial match, enabling detectives to narrow their search. tBu世界播


The method has breathed new life into cold cases worldwide but has also raised questions about whether it's ethical to use DNA from genealogy sites in this way. tBu世界播


DeAngelo pleaded guilty in June to 13 murders and 13 rape-related charges stemming from crimes spanning the 1970s and 1980s.He was sentenced in August to multiple life terms. tBu世界播


Prosecutors credited the DNA evidence with ensuring Waller's conviction. tBu世界播


'DNA technology is the greatest tool given to the justice system to exonerate the innocent and convict the guilty,' Sacramento County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi said in a statement. tBu世界播

萨克拉门托县首席副地区检察官格里皮(Steve Grippi)在一份声明中说,DNA技术是司法系统为无辜的人洗脱罪名、给有罪的人定罪的最好工具。tBu世界播

'Law enforcement officers and detectives involved in the investigation never stopped searching for the truth.' tBu世界播


Juror Number 7 told reporters that the DNA evidence made deciding the case much easier, saying: 'We all knew it was a slam dunk case.' tBu世界播


They added that Waller's own testimony was especially damaging because he could not explain how his DNA had been found at the crime scenes, the Sacramento Beereported. tBu世界播


'That really hurt him,' the juror said. 'Your DNA can’t show up at every rape case if you’re innocent - and DNA don't lie.' tBu世界播



Nicole Earnest-Payte was among Waller's victims present in court. She was attacked in 1991 and is his first known victim tBu世界播



Earnest-Payte said she felt 'amazing' after her 29-year wait for justice, describing Wednesday as 'a good day' tBu世界播


At least two of Waller's victims had been present in court during the trial and spoke to media. tBu世界播


Nicole Earnest-Payte, Waller's first known victim, who was attacked inside her Rohnert Park home in 1991, said she felt'amazing' after a 29-year wait for justice, the Sacramento Bee reported. tBu世界播


'A lot of work went into solving this case,' Earnest-Payte said, adding that she was 'grateful to all involved.' tBu世界播


'It's a good day'. tBu世界播


NBC reported that Theresa Lane said it was gratifying to watch Waller as the guilty verdicts were read out. tBu世界播


'I just feel like there's some things that will never go away,' she said of her 1992 attack in Vallejo. 'But he's going away.' tBu世界播



Police released a detailed map (pictured) outlining where Waller carried out his attacks tBu世界播


Waller was arrested in September 2018 at the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked for 25 years as a safety specialist in the office of environment, health and safety. tBu世界播

沃勒于2018年9月在加州大学伯克利分校(University of California,Berkeley)被捕,他在那里的环境、健康和安全办公室担任了25年的安全专家。tBu世界播

He has maintained his innocence ever since and was reportedly married at the time of his arrest. tBu世界播


During the trial, defense attorney Joseph Farina accused authorities of overreach by taking a straw and half-eaten pear from garbage outside Waller's home to get his DNA, and he questioned whether DNA found at the crime scenes had been preserved properly over the years. tBu世界播

庭审期间,辩护律师约瑟夫·法里纳(Joseph Farina)指责当局越权,从沃勒家外的垃圾中拿出一根稻草和吃了一半的梨来提取他的DNA,他质疑多年来在犯罪现场发现的DNA是否得到了妥善保存。tBu世界播

Farina declined to comment as he left the courthouse Wednesday. tBu世界播



Police used the same tactic to arrest former police officer Joseph DeAngelo (pictured) in the Golden State Killer case, which is connected to at least a dozen rapes and killings throughout the state in the 1970s and 1980s [File photo] tBu世界播


Prosecutors portrayed Waller as an organized and cunning criminal who stalked potential victims and collected information about their appearance, movements and vehicles and kept it in computer databases that he still had when he was arrested. tBu世界播


Investigators also found 'rape kits' - zippered bags filled with duct tape, zip ties, handcuffs and other items used in the attacks - in Waller's two storage lockers. tBu世界播


Prosecutors said he sought out women of Asian descent, grading them on their appearance and build and studying their daily routines until he could slip into their homes and attack them. tBu世界播


They also described Waller's penchant for pornography depicting bound, nude Asian women.Farina pointed out that there was nothing illegal about Waller's sexual predilections. tBu世界播


The jury was also shown a video taken on the day of Waller's arrest in which he tried to hang himself three times when left alone in a police interview room. tBu世界播


Prosecutors said the attempted suicides were effectively an admission of guilt. tBu世界播


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