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'The cow can't tell my secrets' - UK care farms a lifeline during pandemic hSp世界播



LONDON (Reuters) - Care farms nestled in the British countryside are providing a lifeline for people struggling with mental health during the pandemic, allowing them to swap therapy sessions on Zoom for the joys of fresh air, mucking out cow sheds and cuddling donkeys. hSp世界播


With vital public services for vulnerable people shut down or reduced to video calls because of social distancing measures, care farms have been able to stay open as activities take place in wide open spaces. hSp世界播


At Future Roots in the southern county of Dorset, 14-year-old Liam Holt has found that spending time outdoors working with animals and other people has had a transformational effect on his state of mind. hSp世界播

在南部多塞特县的Future Roots,14岁的利亚姆·霍尔特(Liam Holt)发现,在户外与动物和其他人一起工作对他的精神状态产生了转变。hSp世界播

"It's made a huge impact for me," he said. hSp世界播


"I had a lot of stress issues, high stress levels, quickfire snaps, anger, just a lot of anger and that, and lockdown did not help me ... I had no control over it. The person that was helping me, I couldn't see her face-to-face." hSp世界播


On a sunny, blustery November day when Reuters reporters visited the farm, children in muddy boots were busy cleaning a cow shed, feeding chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits, stroking cows and donkeys, even driving tractors. hSp世界播


Future Roots has been functioning as a care farm since 2006. Children and young people can be referred there by their schools for animal-assisted therapy and training in agriculture and cookery skills. hSp世界播

自2006年以来,Future Roots一直是一个护理农场。儿童和年轻人可以由他们所在的学校转介到那里接受动物辅助治疗以及农业和烹饪技能培训。hSp世界播

"I'd even be dead or in prison if it wasn't for this place, because in no way I would have been able to cope in society if I hadn't come here," said Abi Edmed, 25, who used to come as a child and is now a trainee nurse. She still comes to help out, as a friend. hSp世界播

25岁的艾比·埃德迈德(Abi Edmed)说,“如果不是因为这个地方,我甚至已经死了,甚至会进监狱,因为如果我没有来到这里,我根本无法适应社会。”艾比·埃德迈德小时候经常来这里,现在是一名实习护士。她仍然以朋友的身份前来帮忙。hSp世界播

Edmed said she endured a lot of trauma as a child, resulting in her becoming aggressive. She said the care farm had helped her to process her trauma. hSp世界播


"It was actually just being able to wander off, go chat to a cow, (I’m) very known for doing that," she said, smiling. "The cow can't tell my secrets." hSp世界播




Julie Plumley, a Dorset farmer's daughter and professional social worker who founded the care farm, said Future Roots has helped young people for whom social distancing was devastating. hSp世界播

朱莉·普卢姆利(Julie Plumley)是多塞特郡农民的女儿,也是专业社会工作者,她创立了这个关怀农场。她说,Future Roots帮助了年轻人,对他们来说,社交距离是毁灭性的。hSp世界播

"The young people here can't take it. They couldn't take Zoom therapy sessions because they need a relationship with people, and that's really hard on a computer," she said. hSp世界播


For Emily Trice, 15, the farm has been a safe haven from struggles at home and at school. "The best bit is seeing how everybody is enjoying it and having fun with all the animals," she said. hSp世界播

对于15岁的艾米丽·特里斯(Emily Trice)来说,这个农场是一个安全的避风港,可以躲避家里和学校的挣扎。她说:“最棒的一点就是看到每个人都很享受,和所有的动物一起玩得很开心。”hSp世界播

At another care farm, Pathways in the eastern county of Suffolk, founder Geoff Stevens was on a mission against loneliness. hSp世界播

在东部萨福克县的另一个护理农场Path,创始人杰夫·史蒂文斯(Geoff Stevens)正在执行一项对抗孤独的使命。hSp世界播

"Isolation is gripping people. They're stuck away in their house," he said. "You bring them out here and they start mixing with 5, 10, 12 people, they've got relationships going, they've got conversations going, they're using their grey matter." hSp世界播


Sally Payne, 31, was filling troughs with feed for llamas, grooming donkeys and clearing out animal pens, alongside her mother Susan. Both smiled and laughed as they worked. hSp世界播

31岁的萨莉·佩恩(Sally Payne)和她的母亲苏珊(Susan)一起在水槽里装满骆驼的饲料,给驴子梳毛,清理动物围栏。工作时,两人都面带微笑,大笑不已。hSp世界播

"I have autism and anxiety and depression, so I like coming here because it gives me structure, which is good for the autism, and fresh air and exercise that is good for the mental health," said Payne. hSp世界播


Susan Payne said the care farm was a bulwark against loneliness for her too. hSp世界播

苏珊·佩恩(Susan Payne)说,护理农场也是她抵御孤独的堡垒。hSp世界播

"It has given me a sort of back-up team, you know. You can feel very alone when you're dealing with a child with difficulties." hSp世界播


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