2020-11-19 14:04

Millions of Australians to be forced to wear MASKS to sing Christmas carols as sweeping changes are made to coronavirus rules in time for the festive season - here's all the restrictions you need to know CIs世界播



New South Wales will ease further coronavirus restrictions on outdoor events and religious gatherings in time for the festive season. CIs世界播


The latest string of rules relaxed for Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations come as the state recorded a 12th straight day of zero locally acquired COVID-19 cases. CIs世界播


'Controlled' ticketed outdoor events such as Christmas carols have been given the green light to go ahead with attendances of up to 3,000. CIs世界播


One person per two square metres will apply at events with allocated seating, while a four-square-metre rule will apply to those sitting on picnic rugs. CIs世界播



Coronavirus restrictions will be eased for outdoor events such as Christmas carols to go ahead CIs世界播


From Monday, choirs of up to 30 will be able to sing outdoors but must a wear a mask if over the age of 12 while capacity at outdoor church services will increase to 500. CIs世界播


The mask rule also applies to events and religious services outdoors. CIs世界播


From December, 300 will be allowed at funerals to bring them in line with the capacity at weddings and corporate functions. CIs世界播


'2020 has been a tough year for everyone and we want people to be able to look forward to the festive season in a COVID-Safe way,' NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said. CIs世界播

新南威尔士州州长格拉迪斯·贝里吉克利安(Gladys Berejiklian)说,2020年对每个人来说都是艰难的一年,我们希望人们能够以一种COVID安全的方式期待节日的到来。CIs世界播


Choirs of up to 30 singers will be able to perform outdoors but must wear a mask CIs世界播


She hinted the 20-person limit on visitors allowed in homes could be increased in the coming weeks to allow for large Christmas family celebrations. CIs世界播


'This can only work if all of us stick together and do the right thing,' Ms Berejiklian told reporters on Thursday. CIs世界播


'Even though we're easing these restrictions as one-offs, it doesn't reduce how contagious the virus is or how concerned we might be if suddenly an outbreak consumed a large number of people in a particular location,' she said. CIs世界播


The Premier also confirmed Sydney's famous New Year's Eve fireworks will go ahead but with restrictions. CIs世界播



Attendances at funerals will be increased to 300 in NSW from December (stock photo) CIs世界播


The fireworks speculated with be shortened to seven minutes with premium harbourside viewing spots reserved for frontline workers as a thank you for keeping the state safe in 2020. CIs世界播


You will not be able to enter designated zones around Circular Quay, North Sydney and the CBD unless you have a Service NSW permit. CIs世界播


'New Year's Eve is the chance for Sydney and NSW to shine on the world stage. Despite being a smaller celebration to normal, this New Years demonstrates that we are open for business and NSW will bring in 2021 with confidence,' tourism minister Stuart Ayres said. CIs世界播

澳大利亚旅游部长斯图尔特·艾尔斯(Stuart Ayres)说,新年前夕是悉尼和新南威尔士州在世界舞台上大放异彩的机会。尽管与往常相比,今年的新年庆祝活动规模较小,但它表明我们已经开始营业,新南威尔士州将满怀信心地迎接2021年的到来。CIs世界播

NSW Health recorded five COVID-19 cases on Thursday, who were all returned travellers in hotel quarantine. CIs世界播



Sydney's famous New Year's Eve fireworks will go ahead this year despite the pandemic CIs世界播


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