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Heatwave to hit for three days starting TOMORROW as Aussies prepare for a scorching weekend in the sun - so what's the weather like in your town? Bse世界播



A scorching heat wave will sweep across swathes of Australia over the next three days, bringing unseasonably hot temperatures and dry conditions. Bse世界播


Parts of New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, will suffer through a severe heat wave over the weekend with the mercury set to soar into the 40s in some regions. Bse世界播


In northern New South Wales, Moree will reach 38C on Saturday and continue to climb, hitting 40C on Monday, while Bourke sits at highs of 41C across all three days. Bse世界播


Narrabri will sizzle through 38C on Saturday and 39C on Sunday and Monday. Bse世界播


Even major cities such as Melbourne will hit 34C, while Sydney will top 30C on Friday. Bse世界播



Several heatwave warnings have been issued as parts of Australia brace for a long run of unusually hot and dry days (pictured, the weather on Friday) Bse世界播


A severe heatwave warning is also in place for the Carpentaria and Northern Peninsula Area in Queensland, with temperatures in the high 30s over the weekend. Bse世界播


In the Northern Territory, Jabiru, in Kakadu National Park, will remain at highs of 40C with lows of 27C over the next four days. Bse世界播


Meanwhile, a lower intensity heatwave will hit other parts of the Northern Territory, northern and south west Queensland, Northern New South Wales and areas in northern South Austraila. Bse世界播


In the Northern Territory, the long run of hot weather will stretch from the north to Top Springs, with minimums in the high 20s to the high 30s. Bse世界播


The north western corner of New South Wales will experience similar conditions, with temperatures in the 30s to 40s for the majority of the region until Monday. Bse世界播


Southwest Queensland cities Roma, Longreach, Mount Isa and Charleville will sweat in 36 to 39 degree heat, while Birdsville boils at 42C over the weekend. Bse世界播


The heatwave will also hit Momba in South Australia and Oak Valley further west, with tops in the 40s. Bse世界播



A map shows the severe and low intensity heat warnings in place for the next three days Bse世界播



Unseasonably warm temperatures are being felt across many parts of Australia, as shown in this temperature map Bse世界播


A heat spell steaming across southeast parts of the country saw temperatures reach into the 30s and 40s across South Australia, Victoria and into north western New South Wales on Thursday, with Melbourne hitting 34C. Bse世界播


Heatwaves occur when minimum and maximum temperatures are unusually hot over a three day period, through out both the day and at night, with severe and extreme heatwaves claiming more lives than any other natural hazard in Australia. Bse世界播


While most people can withstand low intensity heatwaves, severe conditions pose a risk for vulnerable groups such as the elderly or those with medical conditions. Bse世界播


The blistering heat is just a taste of more to come, with experts warning of a hot summer as a marine heatwave drives up air temperatures. Bse世界播



Pictured: People flocked to Coogee Beach, in Sydney's east, on Sunday to enjoy the hot weather Bse世界播



Sydney siders can expect a hot Friday with a maximum of 30, before the mercury dips over the weekend to highs of 24 and 25 degrees Bse世界播


Meteorologist Ben Noll said the Tasman sea is 1.6C hotter than normal for this time of year, at 18 to 21 degrees indicating next month will be warmer than usual. Bse世界播

气象学家Ben Noll说,塔斯曼海在一年中的这个时候比正常温度高1.6摄氏度,18到21度,表明下个月将比正常温度更高。Bse世界播

'Now that we’ve come into November, you can see the ocean temperatures have maintained that warmth,' he told Stuff. Bse世界播


'It’s fair to say if the warm ocean temperatures persist as we go into summer, chances are we’re in for a pretty warm summer here on land as well.' Bse世界播


Sydneysiders can expect a hot Friday with a maximum of 30C, before the mercury dips over the weekend to warm highs of 24 and 25C. Bse世界播


The harbour city will see cloud cover on Saturday with a possible showers on Sunday afternoon, with more rain leading into early next week. Bse世界播


Brisbane will enjoy warm weather from Friday through to Monday with top temperatures sitting around 30 and lows basking in the high teens. Bse世界播


The sunny streak will be broken on Tuesday, with a possible storm predicted for the afternoon or evening. Bse世界播


Melbourne will be partly cloudy throughout the weekend with moderate temperatures ranging from 13 degree to 25 on Saturday. Bse世界播



A temperature map shows the blistering temperatures sweeping across the country's south east Bse世界播



Melbourne enjoyed a max of 34 degrees on Thursday as temperatures soar across the region Bse世界播


Sunday will see a low of 17 and a high of 26, with showers developing and carrying into Monday and Tuesday morning. Bse世界播


Perth residents will need sunscreen on hand over coming days as the mercury soars into the 30s. Bse世界播


Temperatures will top 27 on Saturday and 28 on Sunday, continuing to rise to a scorching 32 and 33 degrees on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Bse世界播


Those in Adelaide are in for a cloudy but hot weekend with highs in the low 30s. Bse世界播


Monday will see the maximum drop to the low 20s, with clouds remaining until Tuesday brings some sunshine and a top of 25. Bse世界播


Minimums will hover from the low teens in Hobart over the weekend, only climbing to 20 on Saturday and 21 Sunday. Bse世界播


Showers will sweep over the city on Sunday and Monday, before clearing on Tuesday. Bse世界播


A warm weekend is in store for Canberra, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees both days. Bse世界播


There will be a slight reprieve from the heat on Sunday, with showers forecast for the afternoon that will continue into Monday and Tuesday. Bse世界播


Darwin will sizzle through scorching heat this week as the mercury bounces from 26 to 35 degrees from Friday until Monday. Bse世界播


The boiling temperatures will be matched with sporadic downpours as the northern city enters the start of wet season. Bse世界播


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