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'I am being wrongfully terminated for upholding the law': Ousted Virgina Police Chief Angela Greene will sue after she was dismissed amid outrage for charging Democrat State Senator and protesters with destroying Confederate statues Wca世界播

“我因为维护法律而被错误地解雇”:被罢免的弗吉尼亚州警察局长安吉拉·格林(Angela Greene)将提起诉讼,此前她因指控民主党州参议员和抗议者破坏南部邦联雕像而被解职。Wca世界播


Ousted Virginia Police Chief Angela Greene decried her Monday dismissal from office saying, 'I am being wrongfully terminated for upholding the law.' Wca世界播

被赶下台的弗吉尼亚州警察局长安吉拉·格林(Angela Greene)谴责她周一被免职一事,她说:“我因为维护法律而被错误地解雇。”Wca世界播

Greene, the chief of the Portsmouth Police Department, was given the boot on Monday moments after criminal charges were dropped against a prominent state senator and several local black leaders who had been accused of conspiring to damage a Confederate statue during a protest earlier this year. Wca世界播


She says that her removal is politically motivated and she plans to file a lawsuit against her dismissal. Wca世界播


'Unfortunately, right now, I believe I am a highly qualified, educated, competent black woman in a profession that is race-neutral as the chief of police… And right now I am being wrongfully terminated because I upheld the law and my belief that no one is above the law,' she said Wednesday night on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight. Wca世界播

周三晚上,她在福克斯新闻的《今夜塔克·卡尔森》节目中说,不幸的是,现在,我相信自己是一名资历很高、受过良好教育、有能力的黑人女性,身处一个种族中立的行业--…警察局长,而现在我被错误地解雇了,因为我维护了法律,而且我相信没有人可以凌驾于法律之上,“她在福克斯新闻的《今夜塔克·卡尔森》(Tucker Carlson Tonight)节目中说。Wca世界播

'I was also punished because I refused to treat criminal behavior by alleged perpetrators based on their race, creed, gender, or political affiliations,' she added. Wca世界播



Ousted Virginia Police Chief Angela Greene decried her Monday dismissal from office saying, 'I was fired for upholding the law' during an interview on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday Wca世界播



Greene, the chief of the Portsmouth police department, was given the boot on Monday moments after criminal charges were dropped against a prominent state senator and several local black leaders who had been accused of conspiring to damage a Confederate statue during a protest earlier this year Wca世界播


In the case state Sen. Louise Lucas, a high ranking Democrat who is Virginia's most senior black legislator, and 18 other plaintiffs including members of the local NAACP chapter and a school board member were charged for trying to vandalize the controversial statue during a protest on June 10. Wca世界播

在该案中,弗吉尼亚州最资深的黑人议员、民主党参议员路易丝·卢卡斯(Louise Lucas)和其他18名原告被控在6月10日的抗议活动中试图破坏这座有争议的雕像,其中包括当地NAACP分会的成员和一名学校董事会成员。Wca世界播

At the Portsmouth protest protesters ripped off the heads of some of the city's Confederate statues and toppled another one. Police said that fallen statue fell and critically injured a demonstrator. Wca世界播


Portsmouth Police charged Lucas and the 18 other plaintiffs in August with conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000. Wca世界播


When Greene announced the charges she said Lucas and others 'conspired and organized to destroy the monument as well as summon hundreds of people to join in felonious acts.' Wca世界播


In a probable cause statement police said that Lucas was with people who had cans of spray paint and she told cops they were going to vandalize the statues adding 'and you can't stop them... they got a right, go ahead!' Wca世界播


In a motion to dismiss the case filed by the Portsmouth Commonwealth Attorney's Office, it argued that there was no 'proper evidence' to support the charges brought by the police that the plaintiff's actions 'rise to the level of felony destruction of property or conspiracy.' Wca世界播


Protests had unfolded in Portsmouth, a predominantly black city, following the police killing of George Floyd in May. Wca世界播



Virginia state Senator Louise L. Lucas, who is Virginia's most senior Black legislator, was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000 for ripping the head off a Confederate statue. The charges were dropped on Monday Wca世界播

弗吉尼亚州参议员路易丝·L·卢卡斯(Louise L.Lucas)是弗吉尼亚州最资深的黑人议员,她被控密谋犯下重罪,并因撕下南部邦联雕像的头部而对一座纪念碑造成超过1000美元的伤害。这些指控在周一被撤销Wca世界播


She is seen celebrating alongside her co-defendants who were also cleared Wca世界播



Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Morales (front) and members of her prosecution team reveal why they dropped the case Wca世界播


Host Carlson noted how the former governor of the commonwealth of Virginia condemned Greene in a statement for issuing warrants for the protest. Wca世界播


'In Virginia, you're still allowed to arrest officeholders if they commit felonies, right?' Carlson asked. Wca世界播


'That is correct, sir, yes,' Greene replied. Wca世界播


'So I guess my question stands. How in the world could you have been fired for this?' he asked. Wca世界播


'That is why we are going to pursue legal remedies in this matter,' she replied. Wca世界播


On Monday during a news conference she said that officials didn't give her a reason for the firing other than she was an 'at-will employee.' Wca世界播


'I will say that I am an at-will employee, but there are recognized exceptions to the at-will employee doctrine and some of those exceptions cannot be terminated for upholding the law or for me refusing to listen to a request to ignore laws,' she replied to Carlson. Wca世界播



The Confederate Monument in Portsmouth, Virginia (pictured) was built between 1876 and 1881, and is located in the town square Wca世界播



During the protests on June 10, police said they saw protesters with spray cans and that senator Lucastold police to allow them to vandalize the statue, saying they had every right.At the protest in Portsmouth, demonstrators were able to rip off the heads of some of the city's confederate statues (pictured), and topple another, which police said fell on top of a demonstrator, critically injuring them Wca世界播



A view of protesters trying to tear down Confederate statues in Portsmouth above on June 10 Wca世界播


On Monday a city spokeswoman declined to say whether Greene's firing was a result of the initial charges. Wca世界播


A judge dismissed the charges against the group on Monday and questioned why police brought the charges. Wca世界播


City leaders had also questioned Greene’s involvement in investigating the Confederate statue protest and local activists called for her resignation or firing. At the same time rallies took place in Portsmouth in support of her. Wca世界播


In September Greene took an indefinite leave of absence. She became chief in 2019. Wca世界播


In response to the news, Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe tweeted: 'Our hero Louise Lucas and her fellow proud Portsmouth citizens deserve our admiration. Grateful this despicable political persecution is over.' Wca世界播


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